That Moment ...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man s inner conflict when he falls in love at first sight

That Moment …


I am Ravi , 24 years old , a typical Chennai guy working as a Team leader at Intel . I love weekends , action movies and long drives . But there are 3 things which I hate the most ,


Heavy Rains


Santosh Supermarket


Today was a stressful day at the Office . Here I am on the phone with my mom , waging a battle over the most hated thing on my list , “ Santosh Supermarket” . I give up , 

“Okay ! Okay Amma ! I ll go to Santosh , I ll buy everything from there only “

I saw the folded shopping list lying innocently on my desk. I slowly opened and read the list .  I experienced the same fear I used to have when I looked at the question paper in the exam hall . Damn ! I hate shopping .

Brilliant ! My car is stuck in the traffic . Bikes and Cars all around me blasting their horns . Rain is pouring down heavily . Each drop hitting my car roof like gunshots . Traffic is moving at a snail’s pace . And here I am sitting inside the car with that shopping list on the passenger seat . I look at it and look towards the sky . I felt a connection to God , this was his way of saying “FUCK YOU” to me.

“Santosh Supermarket” the huge and intimidating sign read . This was not like your typical supermarket , this was the hugest in chennai . Always crowded with snooty people , you know the ones who buy low fat soy milk crap.  God I hate this place . I stood inside with the list in my hand , I looked like a lost tourist looking for directions in a new city . I could not wait to leave this place .

Pushing the trolley , ticking off the items in the list, 2 hours passed by . This is tiring. I looked at the list , few more items and I am done .  Where is this stupid Seetha pazham ?! I pushed the trolley to the fruits and vegetables section .


And then.. I saw her … In that crowded section ,  I saw… only her


Dark silky hair , beautiful big brown eyes , those perfect lips and complexion fair like the first snow . Dressed in a tailor made white churidhar which complemented her soft skin . Her dupatta falling behind her shoulders and high above her chest , defeating the whole purpose of a dupatta . I fell in love .

I have read it in novels , seen it in movies , heard it from friends but never believed in it ,till this moment . My moment , which shook my whole purpose of life .

She was at the fruits section .She picked up a peach fruit carefully, like it was the most delicate thing in the world. She examined it by turning it around like a detective looking for clues , she squeezed it gently , her slender fingers and nails painted in deep red  played around with that fruit .Oh my god ! I went crazy .

I have never eaten a peach before but I could bet my life that the one in her hand would be the tastiest peach ever existed.

I wanted to talk to her , hold those beautiful hands , kneel down and ask her to marry me ,wanted to hug her , kiss her . “ I might be going mad , I didn’t care”

My heart started beating fast . It could not handle all the excitement . I lost courage , How will I talk to her ? What will I say ? what if she hates me ?questions ?!! questions ?!

My heart spoke to me “Go ravi ! .. Do it ! Don’t think “

My brain joined in  “ Are you mad ? why will she even talk to you . Don’t go “

Heart pleaded“Don’t listen to him , You will regret it  . Just go talk to her

Brain reasoned  “This is not a movie you Idiot .girls don’t talk to random strangers “

I started sweating . I felt helpless . The fear of her rejecting me or just ignoring me was too much to handle . I felt like everyone around was looking at me , judging me , like all the cctv cameras were focused on me .

I was scared . You are a disgrace to men Ravi.

Its funny, not long ago , Men used to hunt and kill for living . They lived in caves and would kill animals with their bare hands .And here I am scared as hell to just go and talk to a girl .  Sigh ! My ancestors will be disappointed in me .

Oh oh .. she was leaving now . what was I thinking ? there is only so much time a girl shops for fruits .  Damnit ! she is walking towards me , I was standing on the way .  I got restless , anxious .  My heart and brain were having a fist fight .

“Don’t do it”

“Do it “

She was very near now . I had to move out of the way .


“yes “




“Excuse m..”  before she could complete her sentence I stopped her . “ I need to tell you something “


5 years later . I am sitting at the dinner table with my family . My wife across the table and my 2 year old kid , jen on my lap . Thanksgiving dinner . My wife suggested ,“Lets say what you are thankful for”

I looked at her , into those big beautiful brown eyes and said ,




 Santosh Supermarket”

She smiled at me . I smiled back . “ I feel like the luckiest guy in the world”


Submitted: October 20, 2013

© Copyright 2021 silvojax. All rights reserved.

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