Othello Ryhme

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Othello Ryhme

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Othello is a quite bold fellow

When he is with Desdemona he is very mellow

Is he not honest

As Casio arrives it becomes Apollo 13- Metaphor

Iago has shattered a once in a lifetime dream- Metaphor

At the Casino

Hope I get some luck at Ballyhoo

Othello’s loot is the size of a Potato – Metaphor

Uh-oh Desdemona just got bingo

My life upon her faith

Iago is obtaining all of the agro

His plan was Aficionado

Cassio is curio about is lord Othello- Rhyme

Yet he doesn’t know the motto- Ryhme

Reputation is Idle, A False impression

Ditto if I don’t say so myself

I’ve seem to have gotten myself into a Cuckoo- Rhyme

Iago has made Othello’s mind move like Jojo- Ryhme

Man Cassio you’re a straight homo

What, did they never whisper

Yet a while ago you were my loyal lieutenant

Well your not Nomo- Anagram

 Now lets put this in slow mo

You steal my boo- Rhyme

Disturb me in my condo- Rhyme

For a stupid Gizmo

Your wife’s a widow

At least I don’t have a wife that smells like BO- Similie

Maybe she should try a new brand of shampoo

Lucky I ran out of ammo

I am not what I am

Come on now this peaceful town is like a rodeo- Allusion

Or your wife will be in my new Demo

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Oh gosh I’m sounding like Romeo

Roderigo is a superhero

He can handle this solo

Turns the storyline around

Almost like an alter ego

Just a pitch of evil Mojo

Iago has turned you into dumbo

Do you even know which ear to hear out of

Ill send Iago to Pluto- Rhyme

I hope he crashed into a UFO- Ryhme

Cut his face out of the photo

Overdo this corruption

My master plan will be hard over the radio- Rhyme

Oh my lord you’re turning into Dante’s inferno- Rhyme

All you need is to get a hairdo

Yo I don’t have hair for your info

Domo is my main logo

Follow my memo

Oh wait your brain is to micro

Time to undo this typo

The two of you should undergo the wraith

Of  Teemo

We should make this a play and put it on audio

I am not what I am



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