Just tonight my monkey

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Written for my daughter as she slept on the sofa next to me

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



Your smile lifted off the clouds

As we approached our home

You run and skip with such delight

Around all you've ever known


Can I stay up late please Daddy

You ask with hope and grace

Just tonight my monkey

A huge grin across my face


So we watch your favourite movie

Your toys across the floor

But the day quickly takes it's toll

And you begin to snore


I see that you are dreaming

Restless kicking at your feet

A troubled dream in strange lands

With the monsters that you meet


So I rest my hand upon you

And whisper in your ear

It's all right my sweet monkey

Don't you worry Daddy's here


Your restless feet stop kicking

And a tear falls from my eye

As you stretch out whilst still sleeping

And you breath a peaceful sigh


Shall I stay up all night long now

Just to make this moment last

For time stops when you're not here

When you are it's gone so fast


But I know you'll wake me early

Daddy please get out of bed

And my heart will feel the sunshine

As your voice spins round my head

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