My world, My tribulation

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The world as we know it is bleeding to premature death.

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013





Times like these I'm missing our heroes,

Times like these I really wish they were around.

It shouldn't have to be like this.


As I look through broken lenses from this worn out park bench,

Reflecting on the harsh realities of life. Warm tears trickle softly down my cheeks.

I think of the future of our children and grandchildren.

In a world so devoid of innocence,

I see no hope, I have lost all faith.


Our beloved Internet has murdered social interaction,

A pivotal part of socio economic progression.

Budding young minds polluted by this cancer.

The future of our nations hangs in the balance,

No hope peeks on the horizon.


Could there possibly be a way to heal a wound so deep

Or is the world I used to know just slowly bleeding to an untimely death.

School principals abusing the very children they are meant to protect.

Fathers bedding their own daughters,

Sons wedding their biological mothers.

What have we become,

How can we break a bond as sacred as blood.


Pedophiles running our churches,

Wolf in sheep's skin.

Taking a child's innocence has to be the most heinous of sins.

It baffles me how one manages to look himself in the mirror after defiling such purity.

Sometimes it seems there is no punishment enough.


Sitting here on this park bench watching them walk past,

Ignorant and self absorbed.

Never knowing, never suspecting,

Oblivious of their own self inflicted termination.

Have we reached the peak of so called evolution?

Have we discarded our morals to the point where

The word moral itself is just a fading reminder of what used to govern our daily commune.

Some of life's simplest questions that can never be answered.


We have classified animals in different groups and labelled ourselves superior and devine,

Yet the human animal happens to be the only animal that is cruel,

The only animal that kills for the mere pleasure of doing so.

I wonder then if we are even more superior than the lowly cockroach.

I cry out, bitter tears raining down but my voice is just a squeak in this sea of blaring speakers.


Politicians entice us with promises of brighter tommorow.

We sink deeper.

Our ingnorance makes us fall for their whispered promises of Valhalla through forked tongues.

The world I used to know is gone.

The world I was proud to call my own has faded to memory.

I'm left with a sophisticated planet full of easily manipulated ,earphone plugging robots with delusions of grandeur.

Truth and free will are lies we tell ourselves to sleep at night.

Technology truly is a blinding curse.

Noone will ever understand how much it hurts

To see the future that your forefathers fought so hard to avoid,

Unveil right before your eyes.

To see your species edging ever closer to its self authored doom.

Surely a revelation is at hand

We must rise again...




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