Luther the Gold Digger

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THIS IS NOT MY STORY!!!!! This my friends from English class. I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



There once was a guy named Luther, he was normal until one day his life was changed forever. He lived in a normal house where the tavern is now. He wasn’t very rich, he wore rags for clothes and didn’t have a father. He never did get a chance to see him and his mom didn’t even know where he went. His mother worked three jobs but she owed so much money from her husbands gambling she didn’t have very much money left for her family.

Years later she got really sick and had to quit her jobs and Luther just turned eighteen he said to his mother, “I’m going to get money to get you medicine to help you live.” So Luther started to head west to get money. He traveled for months and made all kinds of friends and one of the people even gave him a ride to northern California. Where he starts his quest for gold.

He tried to mine gold for weeks but he was just too weak. But one night he was walking through the forest and he heard music. He looked for where it was coming from. He looked for about fifteen minutes and he saw a little winged being. Luckily he had a jar so he sneaked up behind it and caught it. The winged being freaked out in the jar but it couldn’t get free. Then Luther headed to his wagon to rest for the next day.

The next day he woke up and saw the creature was still in the jar. He had no idea what it was so he just got ready to go to work. But he heard something. He turned around and noticed the winged being was talking. It said, “Hi there.” and Luther freaked out. He asked it, “How do you know English?” it said, “I don’t know I just always have ever since I was little.” The room was awkwardly quiet for a minute or so. Then it said, “Hey, if you let me go I’ll grant you a wish the only rule is that you can’t wish fro riches, you have to work for that.” Then Luther said, “Sure.” And let it go. It said, “Now, what do you want?” he said, “Great. So I get gold for me and my mother.” And POOF!!! Luther was the strongest man ever. Then the winged creature left and Luther never saw it coming. Then he left for work.

He was huge, all his friends were like, “What the crap? What the freak happened to you?” He just said it was a new work out he tried then he went to go mine some gold. He mined for two hours and he already had twenty pounds of gold and he said it was good day’s work, then he went to town and got something to eat for lunch. Afterward he went to his wagon and pretty much passed out. Then he heard a bang on the door an done of his friends he met on his trip said, “Your mother is getting really sick and she needs the money for the medicine by next week or…you know.” Luther sat down, he didn’t have all the money, he wasn’t even one fourth of the way there. He said, “I’ll get the money, no matter what it takes.” So he went to work.

He worked for five days straight and then he had all the money he needed. Then he ran all the two thousand miles home in one day and when he got home his mother was lying there dead.

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