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Lucas's older brother was murdered. But by what? A human? An animal? A... monster?

Submitted: May 06, 2011

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



It was a cold and dreadful night when Lucas’s brother, Leon was murdered. It was a night you would never forget. When you closed your eyes it’s like you were reliving it over and over. Lucas wondered how long it would take you to close your eyes without the images being there, stalking your every move. He wondered how long it would take him to forget. His parents already act like they have forgotten Leon, even though it only happened four days ago. If only he could do the same.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t the one who witnessed it. However, Lucas didn’t want to wish what he had seen upon anyone’s shoulders. The police questioned him about what he saw, but they didn’t believe him. Not that he blamed them, because he almost can not believe it himself... Almost. What he saw or thought he saw was ludicrous. Even, he, himself thought he was going crazy. Until last night of course.

Around midnight Lucas was awaked by a screeching sound. He looked around the room, fearful. Lucas looked at his window and what he saw brought a shiver down his spine. Claw marks across his window making a word or name. Where did they come from? How did they get there? He got out of bed and slowly walked over to the window. When he saw what the words formed he knew that he was going to die. It formed the name, Shadowin. Lucas knew it was the shadow monster who claimed Leon’s life.

Lucas didn’t actually think that the monster would come back for him. It already has tried once and failed, because of Leon. Leon saved him. The Shadowin was actually after Lucas, he didn’t know why but when it’s claws were mere inches from his chest, Leon jumped in between him and the shadowy claws that would have ended his life. Red crimson liquid was all around him, on his clothes, the floor, the walls and, on Leon.

Lucas stared at the dark, cloaked figure wondering what he should do. He couldn’t touch it. He can only see it in the light. So how can he stop it? The answer is that he couldn’t.

Lucas stood there quivering and waiting. Waiting for the same fate as his brother. He waited for the dark shadowy claws to rip open his chest. He can already imagine the excruciating pain, the blood seeping from his deep wounds, his heartbeat slowing down to a halt. He closed his eyes waiting and listening for anything to happen. But nothing did.

Lucas peaked through his right eye and saw someone he never thought he would see out of his nightmares…Leon. His older brother fighting the Shadowin, trying to save him once more. He watched his brother run off the dark monster. Then, Leon turned towards him, his face grave.

“Don’t ever do that again!,” Leon said, “Never give up. Promise me that you will move on, be happy, graduate from high school, get married, and have children. But don’t ever forget me.”

“I promise.” Lucas replied in a hoarse, weeping whisper.

Leon smiled and disappeared into nothing but air. For once Lucas felt as if ten thousand pounds has been lifted off his shoulders. Fort he first time in four days he felt safe. For the first time in four days he smiled. He knew Leon will be okay and that Leon will always be near.

Two years later on the night of Lucas’s graduation he awaked to a screeching sound of claws running across the wet window pane.

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