''Something that Ammini forgot to remember''.

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''Sometimes losing consciousness is a blessing even if it makes others restless''.

Submitted: September 26, 2014

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Submitted: September 26, 2014




 Something that Ammini forgot to remember...


Whenever I saw her, she was carrying a big sac made of jute filled with some used clothes on her shoulder.Sometimes it was dragged by herself. I felt, 'She is fond of bangles' when I saw her wrists.Both hands were tightly well 'packed' with different and colourful  bangles. Metallic bangles  were also mixed up with glass bangles. Her lips were always wet with the red juice of betel leaves. Her nails were dirty as they were occupied with left over dried food.


She is Ammini. People say after some unforgettable and mysterious experiences of her life left these scars on her body as well as in her mind. I don't know what happened to her exactly but I tried to believe the stories which were told . There were some links in the story had been  missed out but I tried to join those with my own imagination as I could. She started her days from the early morning everyday and reached back very late. She had many complaints about her family, the society sometimes with everyone even the small kid who passed by.


I used to think about her complicated personality. Sometimes she offered me some fruits or nuts. No one was allowed to take anything from her as they thought she had begged it from someone. I couldn't get the courage even to have a look at her in my childhood days. Whenever she came across I moved swiftly to the safest place where I could. Childhood days were messed up with these kind of mysterious characters. My mother had taken my fear as an advantage for feeding me or sometimes to make me doing my works properly.


Years passed by. One day I heard some women were talking to each other about Ammini in a low voice near the public well.I understood from them that Ammini was going to be a mother!!!. I became so happy. I ran back to my house in search of mother. When I shared my happiness that a baby was getting ready to come I got immediately on my both hands with the long stick that she could take fast as I carried over something that children should not do.There was a strange kind of mannerisms for each age category. I was totally unaware of it.


The news spread like a fire. My mother and father's sister visited Ammini's house for just an informal meeting with the family. They both were upset after coming from there.

" Oh, It's true!''. My mother said.

''If so, Who will be?''. My aunt said.

It is bitter joke. People are more anxious about the paternity of the baby instead of the happiness of  a new visitor's  arrival!.


Ammini's brother was insulted everywhere. He became a completely drunkard. All evenings, he messed up with his problems and made his house as an another toddy shop. Ammini didn't come out of the house for many days. I was waiting for her eagerly to see her little bit fatty belly!!.. After a few days, My mother ran to where we were having the lunch and screamed like,

" Ammini started vomiting''.

My father looked at her angrily and then to my face. It was a sign. I slowly left the place with the enthusiasm to find out the significance of vomiting!. I kept the doubt in my mind till I met Ummutti umma. She explained to me that it was the good sign for her baby. I got relaxed, ' the baby is safe'.


It should say, the village women are wonderful in every aspects!. Even though they will cook stories about everything under the sky they will take care of others feelings as well. They started to make some tasty food for Ammini but they justified their action like this,

''Not for her, Hey..but for the baby in her stomach..It's God's gift''...

Some ladies put a few chairs together on each and made a ladder like then climbed on the tamarind tree to pluck some for Ammini.


Amminy's belly bulged out day by day. All had started to look at her sympathetically as forgetting the past.Ammini gave birth to a baby boy after a few days. It was a rainy day. People brought the doctor to her house.I was waiting eagerly in front of my house. I felt the moments like bombing as I couldn't get any kind of information from inside of the house.After sometime I saw my mother came out of the house followed by my aunt.They called my father and said something secretly. I couldn't hear anything.All faces were totally confused.Finally putting a pause for my anxieties I heard the baby's cry!!..

Oh God, It was marvelous!!..


The happiness didn't last for long. After the delivery Ammini lost her memory. Even she forgot her own child also. Her mother carried the baby whole time and followed her wherever she went. It was pathetic sometimes the baby cried the whole night in search of its mother!!..But Ammini didn't look at the side but she cried a lot continuously. I became so upset on this kind of change in her. I prayed for her death innocently as she was not taking care of the baby!.


After a few days, Ammini started to show some strange - looking expressions. Sometimes some kind of  mystic behaviours.  One day, one of the children who were playing in the field, once the harvest got over children make it as their field to play games, came and told in the evening that Ammini was running behind the toddy shop and crying loudly. Everyone ran towards the toddy shop. It was heart- breaking scene. She was crawling down onto earth and searching for someone as her dearest! People got shocked on seeing that. One of the children came and told like this,

''We have seen Ammini here most of the evenings before her delivery with someone''.

''Who was that?''..Many faces turned towards the children with the same question. They got scared.

''I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...'' The helpless answers came out slowly.


I also don't who has done that and went away into the darkness but I still feel he should have shown the courage to show at least the paternity of the child if he was a man!. The great father might be playing a hide and seek in front of the child as he is growing up or He might not be aware of the great truth that he had become a father in the universe!!..But I have a doubt still 'Was she loved by someone really as she was scolded everywhere'! I don' know but the child has become a man now.I hope he will not be like his father ever!.


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