The Daughter of a Communist

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''The communist sacrifices many things in his life because nothing is there than his loyalty towards the people but it is very difficult to survive as a communist''.
My father is a communist.

Submitted: September 24, 2014

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Submitted: September 24, 2014




Daughter of a Communist!..


''Twenty more cups of tea..strong!...''


The father rushed into the kitchen and ordered. The mother looked at him and slowly turned towards the stove. She started making tea fast.The nine year old girl who was sitting on a chair in the corner of the kitchen looked at her mother and on the way her father went away then continued to write on her note book.


Meanwhile in the varandha, a crowd was seriously listening to the father and shook their head as a reply to him .The father frequently tapped on the table to make the crowd quiet. The mother struggled to finish making tea and snacks for the crowd who were  sitting and shouting in the varandha.

After finishing the 'order', she knocked the main door gently.Two hands were stretched slowly  inside and took the tray from her. The door was closed again.The discussion continued .The mother started to teach the daughter in the kitchen!.


After a long time the varandha kept calm like a battlefield after the furious war. The mother opened the door and took all the cups those were scattered here and there.The father was indulged in a serious discussion with two of his reliable comrades .The rest had been gone. They smiled thankfully at the mother. She just nodded her head and came back to the kitchen. The door was closed again.Late at night the father opened the door and entered inside.The door was slammed!.


The mother was very  tired. The daughter was lying on her lap in half asleep. The father whispered ....a few  crumbs of words!


''I have decided to give up....''


The mother looked at him but didn't say anything.She patted slowly on the daughter's head who was completely slept!.


''Give the position for those who want and work until you die''. The mother said at last.

 The father's face lit up and his eyes glowed with emotions. The mother was looked as so proud on his decision.


''People die but Comrades not''! She whispered.




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