Columbus Warp: A Night In Without TV

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Trans-dimensional explorers Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien spend the night in in a parallel world where TV has not been invented.

Submitted: August 17, 2019

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Submitted: August 17, 2019



We arrived back at the Lakeside Motel at Lake Taupo, New Zealand, in a parallel world. Debra and I were trans-dimensional explorers working for a New Zealand Company called Columbus Warp. Michael McCallum and his sister, Stephany, were our hosts to this parallel world. Debra and I had been dating for over a year.

Michael unlocked the motel unit. We followed him into the unit. Each unit had two bedrooms. But in this universe each motel room had a radio where the TV would be. That’s because we were in a parallel world where TV had not been invented. Constantine Persky never introduced the concept of transmitting moving images across large distances. So John Logie Baird never invented the TV set. So there were no TVs in this world.

“Phew, I’m tired” said Debra as she plopped her bag on the couch.

Debra had a short medium build with brown curly hair and glasses. She wore a light brown coat with jeans and white sneakers. Stephany had long brown curly hair with a slender build. Michael had short blonde hair with a lean built.

“So,” said Stephany clapping her hands together “What should we do tonight? Now that it’s getting dark and all”. 

“Lets have a quiet night in,” suggested Michael “Listen to some radio”.

Because TV had not been invented in this world, radio was king. Just like radio was king in our world before TV had been invented. Off course I wasn’t born when TV had been introduced to the world.

“Yeah,” I said “That would be fine. Let’s listen to the radio”.

I was an overweight Maori of Ngati Porou ancestry. 

“Should we order us some pizza?” suggested Stephany.

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea” said Debra.

“Fine by me” I said.

“Lets order us some pizza” said Michael picking up his cell phone. 

We looked up the Dominoes Pizza website to selected what pizzas we wanted. Then Michael rang Dominoes, placing our orders as we told him what we wanted. I placed my arm round Debra’s waist as we sat on the couch next to Stephany.

“Hi,” said Michael “I’d like to order a Hawaiian, pepperoni, meat lovers and cajin chicken please. Medium size, then crust. We’re in room 11 at Lakeside Motel, next to the lake. Thanks. See you soon”. Michael hung up his phone and said “Pizza will be here in fifteen minutes”.

“Lets turn on the radio” said Debra.

“Great idea” said Stephany as she reached over and clicked on the radio. 

I kissed Debra on the lips. Michael sat down on the armchair. 

“Hello, I am Jono Pryer and this is Ben Boyce. We will be your hosts for the evening”.

“Now next up we have the Project with Kahlua, Jeremy Wells and Mike Hosking. So let’s get on with the show. Mike?”

In our world, they usually played music, talk shows, news and sport on the radio. In this world they also played radio programs, movies and made for radio movies on the radio. They also played documentaries on the radio too and live events.

“Good evening everyone. Today China spoke back about Prime Minister Jacinda Adern admonishing the Chinese delegates for interfering in the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests happening on university campuses across New Zealand”.

I has heard on the radio that people in Hong Kong had been protesting for democracy as they remembered the democracy they had before Hong Kong was handed over to the Chinese. From what I heard, the Prime Minister admonished the Chinese officials for interfering with the protests and telling the counter protestors that they were being patriotic. The Chinese accused the New Zealand and Australian governments of supporting Hong Kong separatists.

Kahlua said “Our Government is defending freedom of speech. As it is the right of our government to defend freedom of expression in OUR COUNTRY”.

“It is our right to defend our national sovereignty from the Chinese Government,” stated Jeremy Wells “If we don’t stand up to the Chinese then WE WOULD LOSE OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY TO THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. NEW ZEALAND WILL END UP BEING SUBSERVIENT TO THE CHINESE UNLESS WE STAND UP FOR OUR VALUES AND OUR NATIONAL IDENTITY AS A PEOPLE”.

“Right on,” said Mike “It is important to stand up for our values. If we don’t stand up to the Chinese then New Zealand will end up being a puppet state of the Chinese and we would end up losing our national sovereignty to the Chinese. We can’t have the Queen and the Chinese Dictator as our head of state. You can’t have TWO HEADS OF STATES”.

“Moving on,” said Kahlua. She was an islander. “Last week a young female student jumped out of the plane and fell to her death in Madagascar. Isn’t that a tragedy?”

“Yeah. It’s a sad tragedy,” said Mike “She was on drugs or something. The woman that was meant to mind her on the flight grabbed her legs to try and stop her from getting out of the plane. But she managed to slip through. And she fell to her death”.

“I read on the internet,” said Jeremy “That the villagers had just found her body in the jungle. They had to use machetes to hack through the bush. They’re transporting her body back to the UK right now”.

“Why did she jump out of the plane?” said Debra.

“She was paranoid, depressed,” I said “She had mental issues”.

We heard a knock on the door so Michael got up to answer the door. He yelled out “Pizzas here” as he looked over his shoulder. He paid for the pizzas, grabbed the pizzas and took them into the unit. We opened up the pizza boxes and dove into our pizzas. I picked out a slice of Hawaiian pizza.

“Next up we have the recent massacre at El Paso, Texas,” said Jeremy “The person who carried out the massacre was a white supremacist who was inspired by the Christchurch terror attack”.

“But why?” said Mike “What could drive a person to do that?"

“Apparently, he was complaining about the Latino invasion of America. As Trump says that the Latinos are invading America”.

“He’s also blaming the immigrants for the crimes. Calling them criminals,” said Jeremy “Trump is blaming radio, the internet and video games on the violence that happens across America”.

Oh I see. If TV hadn’t been invented, Trump would blame the violence on the radio instead. The Americans don’t want to do anything about gun laws which is why America has the highest number of gun massacres in the world.

“What do you think of the Tories losing their seat to the Liberal Democrats in Central Wales?” said Kahlua.

“Yeah,” said Jeremy “The farmers in the UK are threatening to protest if Boris Johnson does the Brexit with no deal. The British are getting fed up with it”.

“They are getting pissed off,” said Mike “Well, that’s it for the night. Good night. Turn in tomorrow for more great topics from the Project”.

Jeremy and Kahlua said “Good night” too.

“Next up,” said Jono “We have the next episode of Wentworth. Coming up next”.

By that time, we had finished our pizzas and washed it down with coke zero. The ads ran for about ten minutes, advertising the Warehouse, Wairakei Resort, Countdown, KFC, Dead Silent.

After the ads had finished, the program Wentworth came on the radio. I recognized the theme song from the previous universes I’d been to. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. 

On the radio programs, the narrator told the story along with the dramatic music, sound effects and dialogue. The same thing with made for radio movies. The narrator simply explained what was going on. To help our brain fill in the gaps.

“What does he have over you?” asked John.

The female guard replied “I owe him two thousand bucks”.

Steward had gotten his two accomplices dressed as prison guards. 

“Put the bag on the conveyer belt” said Stewart.

We heard the thud of a bag being plopped on the belt and the conveyer taking the bag though the x-ray machine. Stewart saw the guns in the x-ray machine. But he didn’t tell Vera about it. After it went through the machine, his accomplice picked up the bag.

Later on Stuart walked into the common area and said “Winter, come with me. You have a visitor”.

Stuart and his accomplices took Mira Winter down the hallway. There were sounds of footsteps on the concrete floor of the corridor. The sounds of prison doors being opened and closed with the jangling of the keys. They went into the holding facility, placed winters into the waiting room. Ruby saw this from the holding cell. Vera didn’t recognise the accomplices.

“Can I see your ids? And yours too” . All of a sudden they pulled a gun on her and held her hostage. “Wait. What are you doing?” Stewart moved the cameras with a broom so that the guards couldn’t see what they were doing. Bang. They shot another guard. Ruby was quite worried about it.

I heard Jackson saying “Put it in lockdown now!”

Stewart replied “Let us out or Vera will get it”.

“You don’t want to do anything stupid. Just let her go!”

“No. Open the airlocks!”

At that point Jackson had no idea that Winters was behind the escape. He thought that Winters was just an innocent victim because society had brainwashed people into believing that all men are evil and all women were harmless and innocent and needed rescuing and all men were dangerous. That’s how I figured out how the multiverse worked when Debra and I were held in the mental hospital in the world without clocks and calendars and the world without religion. And they said Christians were irrational when in fact atheists can be just as irrational.

Sorry about my ranting. After the psychiatrists had treated me like a dangerous psychopath because I told them I travelled to parallel worlds, claimed to be able to measure time and date, believed in god. I’m getting a bit side-tracked here for a bit. What I am saying is that this is how they entertained themselves in this world without TV.

Jackson said to the female guard “I’m going to unlock the airlock. You get the prisoners through the holding facility to the laundry room while I keep Stewart distracted”.

“OK,” said the prison guard “This is what we’re going to do”.

She conveyed what they were planning. They tried to get the prisoners past Stewart and his accomplices, whispering “Just sneak past very quietly. Make sure he does not catch us”.

I heard the guard and the prisoners sneaking past Winters and her accomplices. But Stewart caught them and pointed the gun on them saying “Hold it right there. Back into the kitchen now!”

Winters pretended to be one of the hostages. She was the top dog among the prisoners and Jacksons love interest. But John told Jackson that Winters was behind the escape so he said to Stewart “Give the phone to Winters. I want to speak to her now!”

Winters said to Stewart “Give me the phone”.

That was when Jackson found out that Winters was behind the escape. Just then the narrator said "To be continued …"

At that point the prisoners were held hostage. There was a stalemate between Winters and Jackson. They played the theme song for Wentworth.

Ben said “After the ads, we’ll play the movie Dead Silent”.

They played some more ads for the next ten minutes. They mentioned the Super Girl radio series, the Flash and John Wick 3. Then they mentioned the Prodigy concert.

After the ads they started playing the movie Dead Silent. They played the theme song to that movie which actually sounded awesome to be honest. The young couple heard a knock on the door. Unlike on the radio programs and made for radio movies, the cinema movies had no narration. So it was up to us to piece together what happened based on what we heard. They opened the door. 

Adam said “Somebody left us a dummy at our door. I wonder who it could be”.

“I don’t know,” replied the wife, Lisa “Awe, you adopted us a baby”.

Adam reminded Lisa about the legend of Mary Shaw. How she cuts out your tongue out if you scream. Lisa said in her dummies voice “I don’t know about you, but Lisa could sure use some Chinese”.

“My wife is going insane” said Adam. 

I heard the door slam, his footsteps in the rain. Lisa said “You stay there and give him a fright, deal? OK, Lisa”.

The kettle boiled, the boiling sound slowed until it stopped. The ticking of the clock slowed too. Then Lisa screamed as she was dragged into the bedroom. Eerie music sounding on the radio. The detectives talked about how Lisa had her tongue cut out. They held his husband as their suspect. He told them “It was the dummy that killed her” but the detective didn’t believe him. So he went back to his hometown to get some answers.

I heard tyres screeching on the driveway as he visited his father who had a wife that appeared to be the same age as Adam. He interviewed his dad. Then he went to the funeral parlour to arrange for his wife’s burial. He tried burying the dummy with Mary Shaw's body. As he got back to the car, he heard the dummy running around. The dummy followed him home.

Next day, the cop had let himself into the unit and asked Adam “Why would you try and get rid of the dummy? Perhaps you tried getting rid of the evidence. I’ll take that”.

But Adam took the dummy back. When he showed him to the funeral director he said “You don’t bring that into here. It’s cursed”. 

The funeral director explained how, as a young child, he went and watched Mary Shaw with her dummy. I heard the chest open. Then Mary said “Billy, where are you?”

Billy said “I’m over here, mummy. Try and find me?”

“You, boy, look under your seat. Bring him over here”.

A boy in the audience said “I saw her lips moving”.

Mary said “Who said that”.

Billy said “He says I’m not real. How is that?” and went into a rant. Then Mary said “Whose the dummy now?”

Henry disappeared at the time. Mary got murdered by the lynch mob and had her tongue cut out. Adam went to the old theatre. The boat paddling in the lake, the sound of an old piano playing. He went back to his dad where the detective caught up with him. The funeral director got killed by Mary Shaw. Adam received a call from him saying to meet him at the old theatre. He fought the detective, got into the car and drove back to the old theatre.

The detective followed him. They found Henry’s body. He was made into a dummy. Then I heard gun shots as they shot at the dummies. There was a sound of fire and glass smashing. The detective fell into the water, but Adam made it out alive.

By the end of the movie, Adam screamed. Mary Shaw’s ghost said “Now who’s the dummy?”

Then the theme music played. We were all scared throughout the movie. What Michael and Stephany didn’t know was that Adam had found out that his father had been made into a dummy at the end of the movie and that Adam was made into a dummy too. They wouldn’t know, as the movie was made for the big screen.

After about another ten minutes of ads, and I hate ads, Jono and Ben said “And now I present you with the Prodigy concert live from Sydney”.

We all cheered as we heard that on the radio. I wrapped my arms around Debra and kissed her on the lips. I heard the lead singer of Prodigy say “Now the first song we’re going play is smack my bitch up”.

So we danced in the living room to all the Prodigy songs. Like smack my bitch up, girls, Memphis bells, nayanna, fire starter, breath, hot ride, spitfire, path to Medusa, this is the way it is. All the good Prodigy songs.

“Prodigy is such a good band, aye?” yelled Stephany over the music.

“Yeah I know,” replied Debra “They’re awesome”.

Debra and I danced. I placed my arms around Debra, she placed her arms around my shoulders. We kissed on the lips. Debra led me into the bedroom, closing the door behind us. She smiled at me. I smiled back. The song Spit Fire playing in the room next door. Debra and I embraced as we kissed each other on the lips.

Debra ripped off my shirt and threw it on the floor. She took off her shirt and jeans. I undid my jeans. We took of our undies. We embraced as we kissed on the lips. I undid her bra, massaging her breasts. She dragged me onto the bed. I lay on top of her. We kissed as I messaged her breasts. She massaged my dick. Debra said “Stick it in”.

I penetrated her pussy, pumping hard against her as I kissed her on the lips. Debra orgasm. Arching her neck as I rubbed myself against her. Her pussy felt nice and warm. My dick was hard. I pulled out as I cum inside her. She cleaned my cum from her stomach. Then she leaned over, kissing me on the lips. We stuck our tongues in each other’s mouths as Serial Thriller played in the lounge.


© Copyright 2020 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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