Columbus Warp: World Without Religion

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Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien arrive in a parallel world where there are no religions. After being arrested by the police, can they convince the Athiests that they are from a parallel world? Or would they end up in a mental hospital for the rest if their lives? Can they reason with the Atheists? In the world without religion.

Submitted: July 25, 2019

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Submitted: July 25, 2019



Debra O’Brien and I were travelling rapidly through the inter-dimensional wormhole in the Columbus Warp, a craft designed to travel between parallel dimensions. We were trans-dimensional explorers working for Columbus Warp New Zealand. We had been dating for over a year now.

The wormhole was made of a glowing blue mist that swirled around us, the force pressing against our chests. The fabric of the multiverse bending in all 11 dimensions. I could feel the Columbus shaking as we travelled through the wormhole. The whistling sound around us as we headed towards a membrane.

“Fred,” yelled Debra looking out the windscreen “We are approaching another world. It appears to be four dimensional”.

The fourth dimension referred to time. Debra was so beautiful with her short, medium build, short brown curly hair and glasses. She wore a purple shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers.

We entered the membrane, zoomed towards another universe. I said “Brace for impact, honey” as we penetrated the wall of the universe which was a bubble floating in the membrane. Suddenly we were surrounded by this white blinding light for a while. Then the light slowly faded away.

We found ourselves flying over the Penrose suburb in Auckland City in a parallel world. Debra disengaged the autopilot and took the joystick as I picked up the radio.

“This is Fred Watson and Debra O’Brien of Columbus Warp. We’ve just arrived from a parallel world. Repeat. We come from a parallel world” I said over the radio.

Then we heard a reply saying “This is Sarah Marshal and Steven McFerris of Paracrisis. Columbus Warp isn’t operational yet. Head over to Morningside Drive north of Shakespeare”.

“Shakespeare? Never heard of it”.

“It’s between Sandringham and Mt Albert on Shakespeare Road. You know where that is?”

“I’m not familiar with Shakespeare Road. I know a St Luke’s Road”.

“Bank left at Greenlane Road, fly over Balmoral and Sandringham Road. You’ll find the Shakespeare Mall. Then ...”

“Oh, now I know where it is. We call it St Luke’s back in our world. Over and out”. I hung up the radio and said to Debra “You know where we’re going?”

“Yes, honey. We’re heading there now” replied Debra.

We turned left at One Tree Hill, followed Greenland across Balmoral, turning right at St Luke’s, following Morning side Road until we spotted a red head waving her arms at Paracrisis Headquarters. We landed in the Paracrisis carpark by vertical landing. Once we had landed, Debra switched off the engines and popped open the cockpit.

Debra and I climbed out of the Columbus and jumped down onto the ground. Sarah Marshal and her boyfriend, Steven McFerris, walked up to us and introduced themselves to us.

“Welcome to our universe” said Sarah with her wavy red hair, medium build with brown jacket, jeans and brown boots. She looked like a young version of Gilliam Anderson in her 20s. Her boyfriend looked skinny with short brown hair and beard. He wore a black hoody, jeans and red sneakers.

“Thank you, dear” I replied. I was a part Maori with a heavy build.

“Nice to meet you” said Debra hugging Sarah.

“Pleasure having you here,” said Steven shaking my hand “Welcome”.

“Um, I think we better get going,” said Sarah “I have to say goodbye to grandma. Before they burn her in the incinerator”.

“Ah, you’re not going to hold a funeral for her?” asked Debra, her eyebrows raised.

“No,” said Sarah “We don’t have religions in this universe”.

“What about the other countries?,” I said “Don’t they have religions”.

“No” said Sarah as she unlocked her car by remote “No one has ever come up with any religion in this universe. No one has ever worshipped some what do you call those large powerful spirits?”

“We call them gods” replied Sarah. We climbed into the car, Sarah sat in the drivers seat”.

“Then how do you know what religion is?” I said “Where did you hear that before”.

Sarah backed out of the carpark and turned right onto Morningside Road towards New North Road. Steven replied “We’ve had visitors from parallel worlds before. They taught us about religions”.

“No one has taken up religions in this world,” said Sarah turning right onto New North Road. “People think it’s pointless praying to some invisible being that doesn’t exist. People say it’s stupid and irrational”.

We went through Kingsland, under Dominion Road Bridge and through Newton, shops on both sides of the street.

“Then how do people cope in an emergency or a crisis if there’s no religion” asked Debra.

“We tell each other positive things,” said Sarah “That everything will be all right. We support each other”.

We went over Symonds Street Bridge. I noticed that there was a primary school to the left where the Catholic and Jewish sections of Symonds Street Cemetery would be in our world. The rest of the cemetery to the right was a public reserve with a memorial and a bush trail. We turned right onto Grafton Bridge, going over the bridge, across Grafton Road turning left into Auckland City Hospital. Sarah parked the car in a parking lot.

We climbed out of the car, made our way towards the mortuary where Sarah’s family were waiting for us. The mortician lifted up the cover as Sarah cried into her handkerchief over her grandmother’s body. Steven placing his arm over her shoulder.

“I miss you, Grandma,” sobbed Sarah “It won’t be the same without you. I’ll always remember you. I love you”.

Sarah cried on Steven's shoulder. Steven said “She’ll always be in your heart, in your memories”.

“Just remember the good times” said Sarah’s mum.

I placed my left arm around Debra’s shoulder as she sobbed into her tissue. I said to her “Sad when a loved one dies”.

Debra nodded. We followed as the orderlies wheeled Sarah’s grandmother’s corpse to the incinerator and threw her body into the kiln, the smell of burning flesh as her body was reduced to ashes. It was a sad moment for everyone.




After we left the incinerator we followed Sarah’s family to the hospital cafeteria when we were confronted by Judith Colin’s with a group of police officers and men in white coats. They walked up me. Now why would Judith Colin’s want to arrest me? I’m sure the National Party is not in power in our universe.

“Fred Watson, I’m taking you and Debra to the Acute Adult Mental Health Unit,” said Judith “And I’m taking Sarah and Steven there too. So if you would please come with me”.

“What for?!” I demanded “What possible reason would I need a shrink?”

“Because, Fred, you have this idea in your head that you’re from a parallel earth. And you’re dragging Debra and Sarah into your fantasy. Steven knows it so I’m putting him in jail for failing to protect his girlfriend from your deluded fantasies”.

“I am from a parallel universe where we practice various religions!” I protested “I’m a Christian”.

“Yeah,” added Debra “Fred and I come from a parallel universe where we have religions and worship gods”.

“There are no gods and there are no spirits, “ retorted Judith “Everybody knows there no other dimensions. Only three, height, width and length”.

“He is telling the truth, Judith,” said Sarah as she and Steven put themselves between Debra and I and Judith Colin’s “there are other dimensions. Other worlds. Debra and Fred are from one of them”.

“Those demons you see are just delusions, Sarah. They’re a figment of your imagination“ said Judith “You need help!”

“If they’re a figment of her imagination,” said Steven “How come I’ve seen a demonic sheep, experienced a time loop, time leaps, time slowing down. My sister saw ghosts and so did my mum. Debra and Fred arrived in the Columbus Warp from a parallel world”.

“Arrest them!” shouted Judith.

“Run!” yelled Sarah.

We took off down the corridor towards the exit with the police and orderlies pursuing us. I heard Debra yell “Help, Put me down”.

I turned back to see one of the police pick her up and lift her off the ground. I yelled “Debra” as I ran to her but one of the visitors soccer punched me in the jaw and I ended up falling on the floor. The police were on top of me, putting me in handcuffs. Another man grabbed Sarah and dragged her to the police officers while a policeman shot a Taser into Steven's back.

The officer said “Get up” as he dragged me to my feet and escorted me and my companions to the mental health unit. One of the female patients yelled “Let them go. They’re telling the truth”. A man fling her towards the wall and punched her in the nose.

As we were dragged, kicking and screaming to the mental health unit, Sarah’s parents yelled “Let her go!”. The police restrained them as we were taken to the mental health unit. Judith in the lead. I always knew that Judith Collins and the rest of the National Party were anti-science.

I said “Judith Colin’s, how did you know who I am?”

“I picked up your call when you claimed to be from a parallel world” replied Judith as we entered the foyer and went past the receptionist to the lift. “I had one of the officers track you down. The psychiatrist will convince you that there are no parallel worlds”.

We entered the lift and went up to the top floor. Sarah whispered “Judith Colin’s is the minister of police and national security”.

“He should know that, Sarah. National has been in power since 2008” said Judith.

Once we reached the top floor, Judith led us to the nurses station and said “Is Jacky in?”

“Ill go get her” said the nurse. She disappeared out the back. A moment later, a woman with long brown hair and a white lab coat came out.

“Hello,” she said “What can I do for you, Your Honour?”

“Doctor Jacky. Here are some new patients for you. Fred and Debra seem to think they’re from a parallel world. Sarah and Steven believe them”.

“Oh dear,” said Jacky with an awkward grin “take them into the high security wing. I’ll get them fixed up as soon as possible”.

Jacky unlocked the door with her swipe card. The police released us, handing us to the orderlies as they took us into the unit.




Debra and I were in Doctor Jacky’s office sitting across from the desk from her. Sarah told us that she knew a lawyer that could help us out. So we didn’t try to escape. She looked over the reports before she looked at us.

“So, Fred, I read that you and Debra think you’re from a parallel world?”

“We are from a parallel world,” I said “We are trans-dimensional explorers from a parallel world. We come from a world where there are various religions. Some worship gods. Some believe in a cycle of rebirth which we call reincarnation”.

Jacky calmly sipped her coffee before placing it down on her desk. Psychiatrists appear to have no emotions. Jacky clasped her hands together and said “umm, there are no parallel worlds. There are no other dimensions. They’re just myths that certain ‘ghost hunters' came up with to fool people into thinking they’re ghosts. There is a psychological condition in which the patient thinks he woke up in a parallel world. Which is what you two are experiencing right now”.

“No, we did not wake up in a parallel world,” said Debra “Fred and I arrived in your world in the Columbus Warp. We travelled through a trans-dimensional worm hole”.

“There are no such thing as wormholes. There are no other dimensions. There’s only three dimensions” said Jacky.

“Four,” I corrected “plus seven hidden dimensions. The fourth one is time”.

“There is no space time continuum. Albert Einstein was placed in an asylum for suggesting such a thing. There’s only width, height and length. The theory of relativity is just myth”.

Trust an atheist to be closed minded. I asked “What do you know about space?”

“Well the Earth revolves around the sun” said Tracy leaning forward on her elbows. “When Galileo came up with that theory, he was placed in an asylum by the Austrian Empire. When enough evidence came out in support of the heliocentric theory, the Italians fought for independence from the Austrian Empire. Once they gained their independence in 1672, they discovered the ancient Roman knowledge in the ruins of an old Roman castle. They named their country the Roman Kingdom. That’s when the Renaissance began”.

“In our universe,” I said “Albert Einstein became a well respected professor of physics. His theories of general relatively, special relativity and time space continuum were widely accepted by the scientific community. He came up with an idea for the atomic bomb”.

“What’s that?” asked Jacky.

“A bomb powerful enough to destroy a whole city at once” said Debra.

“Debra. There is no such thing as a bomb powerful enough to destroy a whole city” said Jacky leaning back in her chair. “I don’t know what Fred's been telling you. But he’s being deceiving you. Atomic bombs don’t exist!”

“What the blazes are you talking about woman?” I said.

“Men are programmed to deceive and lie to women to get what they want,” said Jacky “I’ve been taught at university that all men are bad. Men are manipulative and abusive. Women are innocent and defenceless. Women are more likely to trust men’s lies because the oestrogen and progesterone affects our programming”.

“Jacky, women are intelligent. They would know if a man is lying to her” I said.

“Yes” agreed Debra clinching her fist.

“We are not just animals, Jacky. We are human beings with complex emotions. And an imagination. And intuition. We have souls!”

.“No, Fred,” said Jacky “According to Doctor Freud, men are programmed for sex and violence and abusive behaviour. Men are incapable of remorse. They don’t experience emotions like we do!”

“How the fuck do you know!” I retorted, slamming my fist on the table. “I have emotions, feelings. How do you think I felt when in the world without police and fire brigade, I arrived at the base to find my COLUMBUS WARP SET ON FIRE!!! THAT WAS MY ONLY RIDE HOME. DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S IT LIKE BEING STRANDED IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. DO YOU!!!! Some kid burnt my Columbus Warp just because he thought I WAS ANTISEMITIC. HE THOUGHT I WAS ANTISEMITIC JUST BECAUSE SOME YOUNG BIMBO WHO CAN’T EVEN SING BOYCOTTED ISRAEL OVER A YEAR AGGOOOOO!!!!!!!! I WAS SO ANGRY I KICKED HIM IN THE GUTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! AND HE DESEEEERRRRVVVEEED IT!!!!!! I AM NOT ANTISEMITIC!!!!!!!!!”

“Just calm down,” said Debra “ You've just pissed him off with your sexist attitude towards men!”

“What’s anti-Semitic mean?” said Jacky “And what’s the meaning of sexist”.

“Discrimination against Jews!” I said “Judaism is a religion where they worship a single god and perform male genital mutilation on baby boys”.

“Why would anyone mutilate a baby’s penis?” asked Jacky.

“Because they think it will bring them closer to god. The Americans and the Catholics think that Kiwi’s are anti-Semitic because of that young bitch with no musical talent. My people fought against the Nazis! WE LIBERATED THE JEWS FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS. The British gave them land in the Middle East so that they would fight beside us against the Turkish Empire”.

“Fred! The Israelis have lived in the Middle East throughout history,” said Jacky “Since the iron age. The Arabs have never left the Arabian Peninsula. There are no parallel worlds. You are having a delusion and you’re bringing Debra along for the ride”.

“Then how come I remember going to church as a young child,” said Debra “How come I’ve read the Bible, how come I saw a cemetery where the Symonds Street School and park is. A place where they bury the dead”.

“I don’t know” said Jacky with her face in her hands.

“Why do I remember going through a tunnel of white swirling light?”

Jacky looked up and said “Maybe because you were hallucinating about going through a wormhole. You were both hallucinating”.

“I’M NOT HALLUCINATING!!!!!” I yelled.

“Ok out!” shouted Jacky pointing at the door. “Orderlies!” A couple of orderlies came into the office. “Put them in solitude!”

The orderlies obeyed. They escorted us out of the office as Jacky called Sarah and Steven into the office. They threw us into the padded cell. After they locked us in, I kept running towards the wall and banging my head towards the door until Jacky came out and sedated me. Everything went dark.




It was later in the day. Debra and I were in the common room, sitting next to Sarah and Steven as we had just finished eating our dinner. Sarah looked at us and said “I’ve been talking to a friend of mine. His name’s James Fitzgerald”. Sarah leaned forward on her elbows with a mischievous grin on her face. “He’s a good lawyer. He works in a law firm called the New Zealand People’s Nationalist Liberation Front. He’s going to get us out of here. In the meantime, let’s chill out. Enjoy our time here. Don’t let that sexist bitch, Jacky, break us”. She smiled as she looked at us.

“Ok” I said.

The one news came on. The news anchor announced “There have being rioting right across the country as people have been protesting after the man, a few teenagers and a young couple, have been arrested for posting images of what appeared to be a space craft arriving above Penrose, Auckland. They have been charged with spreading fake science across the world”.

“Fake SCIENCE” screamed Debra.

“What?” said Sarah looking confused.

“That is what happens if you don’t have religion,” I said with a sigh. “Without religion there’s nothing to protect the world against atheists”.

“Witnesses have been arrested and charged with spreading fake science after reporting the UFO in Penrose which appears to be the Columbus Warp. Police Stations have been vandalised across the country by various groups including ... The New Zealand People’s Nationalist Democratic Alliance, the M?ori People’s National Socialist Union, the Socialist Democratic Iwis of Aotearoa New Zealand, the United Tribes of New Zealand, Te Rununganui O Ngati Porou, the Organization for the Protection of Free Speech, the New Zealand Organisation for Science and Democracy, the Council of Trade Unions, New Zealand Society for the Protection of Science and Technology, The New Zealand Men’s Rights Movement, New Zealand Liberation Front and the International Men’s Liberation Front”.

“Scientists across the country consider Donald Trump and the National Government a threat to democracy, science, technology, free speech, freedom of the press and the environment since they don’t believe in global warming nor the multiverse theory which are both supported by a large majority of scientists in the meteorology field and theoretical physics field respectively”.

“You see that, Sarah,” I said “That is why we have religion in my universe. To protect the world from Donald Trump, the National Party, from conspiracy theorists, from the anti-science movement, from anti-vaccine campaigners. Without religion, democracy will collapse, science and technology will be replaced by conspiracy theory, no one would know how to fix a computer or how to find a cure for cancer as the anti-science people would be in charge. You’ll be going back to the dark ages. Life expectancy will be reduced to 30 to 40 years as there would no doctors ...”

“Fred, shut up!” yelled Sarah “That is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. You are just as arrogant as your counterpart at the Virgin Trans-dimensional Laboratories”.

“I beg your pardon? Why haven’t you introduced me to him?”

“One Fred Watson is bad enough. But if I had to be in the same room with two Fred Watson’s I’d go insane. Never once did we have any religions in this world ever! No one has ever worshipped some invisible god that doesn’t exist. And where are we? We have quantum physics, electricity, multiverse theory, string theory which is theoretical at the moment and your counterpart is busy working on the Columbus Warp project. We’ve sent probes through the solar system, discovered black holes which by the way Albert Einstein had predicted.

“Even though we’ve had conspiracy theorists and the flat earth society for decades we are not in the dark ages. Not even global warming would plunge us into the dark ages. Society is still standing, Fred. We are unlikely to go into the dark ages. You are just paranoid. So is your counterpart. Here,” said Sarah, slamming the atlas onto the table “Maybe this will shut you up”.

“Ok” I said looking through the pages. I whispered to Debra “That’s one pissed off lady”.

Going through the Atlas I saw that because there were no religions, that Arabs had not spread through the Middle East or North Africa. North Africa was pretty much the same. There was Syria off course, the Hittite Kingdom where Turkey would be. Israel covered Palestine and Jordan, Babylonia covered Iraq. The Arabs were constricted to the Arabian Peninsula with the same countries. Kurdistan was north of Syria and Babylon. Sumer was to the south. Pakistan was part India. Italy was called the Roman Republic. There was no Vatican. Catalonia and Basque were independent. The rest of the world was the same.

I closed the book as I pondered the changes to the geography due to there being no religion in this world. 

“Don’t worry,” said Debra rubbing my shoulders. “Sarah will get us out of here”. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips.




We met James at the Court House after the police escorted us there since we were considered as mental patients by the law. We talked about the situation with him. I said “Debra and I come from a parallel world where we have religions”. I explained to James the concept of religion and how Debra and I arrived in this world on the Columbus Warp. I explained multiverse theory to him. Sarah explained how she heard my call and directed us to her Paracrisis Headquarters.

After we had explained our situation to James, he escorted us to the Auckland District Criminal Court where we stood in the docks. Sarah waved to her friends and family. Steven waved to his parents and relatives. Debra and I waved to our counterparts.

The Judge called me onto the stand as the first witness. I explained how we arrived in this world. Then Debra explained her version. Then Sarah, then Steven gave their version. Debra explained that she was from a parallel universe as did I.

James asked me while he played the YouTube footage “Is that the Columbus Warp that carried you two into this world?”

“Yes,” I said “It is fitted with a solar powered engine and a trans-dimensional wormhole generator. It’s in case we come to a world where oil hasn’t been discovered”.

The judge called Doctor Brian Greene to the stage. He was a renowned physicist and documentary presenter who presented the Fabric of the Universe and The Elegant Universe documentaries. The later one concerned string theory. Brian explained “Imagine the multiverse as a loaf of bread and each slice of that bread is a universe. Our universe is one of the slices. Normally we can’t touch the universes because of the tiny subatomic open ended strings attaching us to the fabric of this universe. So Debra and Fred uses a device that opens up a wormhole to other parallel worlds. According to string theory, each subatomic particle is made out of tiny strings. And the strings move in all eleven dimensions. Height, width, length, time, plus seven hidden dimensions. And this multiverse moves in eleven dimensions”.

Then the judge called Allen Guthe to the stand

 Allen explained “According to the eternal expansion theory, there are new universes created all the time. There is always a big bang happening throughout the multiverse. The multiverse is always expanding and new universes appear to take up the space. When two membranes of the multiverse collide together, a big bang occurs which produces a new universe”.

The judge called the various witnesses that saw Debra and I arriving in this universe. An elderly woman explained “I was doing my washing when I saw a flash right in front of me. That’s when I saw the Columbus enter this world”.

A Freight Sorter witnessed our arrival when working in the South Island Bay. “I yelled out ‘I’ve seen a flash. There’s a UFO. My colleagues saw it too. I’m not bullshitting. It was really there”.

A blond woman in her 30s said “I was on the train when I saw this UFO appear above Penrose. My jaw dropped. I had to take this video so that I could put it up on Facebook. I thought the authorities would believe me. But I got arrested and accused of faking this footage. I would never knowingly commit fraud”.

The judge called up Brian Kingston who was a forensic expert in video authenticity for Sine Cosine Tangent. “I’ve examined the footage and ... I can say that this footage is authentic. The footage is real! The Columbus Warp is from another dimension. The reason being that it only abruptly appeared on radar just above Penrose. The wormhole was detected by the satellites where the Columbus appeared”.

James showed the picture of the wormhole above Penrose on the satellite image to judge Scot Heinlein. Scot said “It appears to be some tunnel from another world. That is interesting”. Scot looked up at James and said “Bring in Fred and Debra’s counterparts”. Then turned to Brian and said “You may leave the stand”.

Brian complied as James walked to the back of the courtroom, opened the door and said “You may come in now”.

He held the door open as mine and Debra’s counterparts entered the courtroom and walked down the aisle to the front of the court. My counterpart took the stand and Debra’s counterpart sat next to James. Judith, Paula Benet, Prime Minister Simon Bridges and Doctor Jackie were shocked to see how identical they looked to us. Simon whispered to his colleagues. Debra’s counterpart had a striking similarity to Debra.

“May you tell me about yourself, Fred” said the judge.

“I’m Fred Scott of the Virgin Trans-dimensional Laboratories also known as VTdiL. Me and my girlfriend have been experimenting with trans-dimensional wormhole technology. Despite the multiverse theory being supported by scientists like the late Steven Hawking’s, Auckland University wouldn’t fund my project because the National Party doesn’t support it. So I’ve been searching for funding. Virgin Space Ways supported my project and now we've successfully sent a prone to another dimension”. 

Debra put the DVD into the DVD player and pressed play. It showed the drone lifting above the floor as the wormhole was formed in front of it. The wormhole appeared three dimensional as it goes into a higher dimension. Then the drone entered the wormhole, flying through the multiverse at a tremendous speed. The fabrics of the wormhole bending in all eleven dimensions.

“Do you see that bright flash in the top right corner of the screen?” said my counterpart.

“Yes” said Scot.

“That is a big bang”. My counterpart pointed to the screen. “The big bang is what gives birth to a new universe. And you see, Your Honour, big bangs happen all the time. It was a big bang that gave birth to our universe”.

Next thing the drone penetrated the wall of the universe with a bright flash that dissipated, revealing another version of Auckland. Looked identical too, but had a Columbus Warp Base in it. It reminded me of when me and Debra done a similar experiment all those years ago. The drone turned around. Another wormhole formed and it entered the wormhole, appearing back at the lab and landing on the floor. James pressed the stop button, the screen going blank.

“So you see, Your Honour. Parallel worlds do exist”.

“Thank you, Fred,” said the judge. “You may now stand down”.

My counterpart got up and walked back down to his girlfriend next to James. The judge looked around the room and said “After some deliberation. And after seeing all this evidence. It is my decision that ... James Watson and Debra O’Brien from the parallel world with religion and their friends, Sarah Marshal and Steven McFerris from Paracrisis, shall be released from the Auckland Hospital Acute Mental Health Unit”. We cheered as Debra and I hugged and kissed each other. Sarah and Steven kissed too. “Furthermore, I have decided to release all the witnesses from jail and the journalists too”. 

The courtroom erupted in cheers as the witnesses and their friends and families felt relieved. Debra and I stopped kissing as did Steven and Sarah. We smiled as we watched them cheering and hugging each other. 

The judge said “I have recognised the multiverse theory to be true. I support funding to the Columbus Warp Project and the media is free to post footage of the Columbus Warp entering our world. You’re all free to go”.

The court guards released us from the docks. We walked down the aisle to the exit. Me and Debra hugged our counterparts. Simon Bridges walked up to us and said “congratulations” with a smile. “Thanks to you, my people have hope of their being other realms”.

“It’s such a relief to be set free” I said smiling “Your world isn’t bad after all. I suppose Atheists can be open minded after all”.

“I suppose you mean people who don’t worship gods. Am I right?”

“Yes. That’s what an atheist is”.

We exited the courtroom. Simon said “Judith” as he looked back at her “You’re fired. Effective immediately. Get back to Wellington and clean out your office”.

Jacky comforted Judith as she fell into tears. Simon turned to Debra and I and said “I’ll have her charged with crimes against humanity and crimes against science as well as breaching freedom of speech, freedom of the press and sexual discrimination against men. Come. Let’s have some lunch. I’ll show you round the country before you tour our world”.

“I would like that very much. Thank you” I said.

Sarah, Steven, Debra and I accompanied Simon Bridges down the escalator.

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