Lake Kermadec and the Tongan Kingdom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Fred Watson travels to a parallel world where he finds something different about Auckland. The sea level is 6,000 metres lower and there are a few lakes scattered around the world. Join him on his travels to Lake Kermadec and the Tongan Kingdom.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016



Racing through the transdimensional wormhole in the Columbus Warp, I felt the force pressing
against my chest, the whistling sound all around me.  The adrenaline rushed through my veins as my heart was racing. The wormhole was composed of a purplish swirling mass.

My name is Fred Watson.  I am an interdimensional explorer working for Columbus Warp New
Zealand. It was my maiden voyage, the first time I've been to a parallel universe.

I came across this white blinding light as I reached the end of the wormhole. For a moment I was surrounded by this white blinding light. Then the light slowly faded away. Something was different about this place.

"This is Fred Watson to Columbus Warp Base," I said on the RT "I have arrived in what appears to be East Tamaki".  I scanned the scenery.  "I don't see any roads or buildings though. All I see is some alpine scrub and rocks and pebbles".

"Are you sure you're not lost, Fred?" replied Debra O'Brian from home base.

"No. It definitely looks like Auckland. Just that. Tamaki River doesn't exist here".

I explained what I saw. Mount Wellington was a barren snow covered peak. The Waitemata
Harbour was completely dry. It was as if Auckland was covered by alpine desert. I checked the GPS. Suddenly a call came on my RT.

"This is Debra O'Brian from Columbus Warp Kermadec. I heard your radio transmission to my
counterpart in your universe. You are at least six thousand metres above sea level".  My heart dropped as I looked at the GPS.  "You are in the New Zealand Highlands. The air is thin there so you don't want to step out of the Columbus".

"OK" I replied. I flew across the Waitemata Basin.  There was Mount Rangitoto and Mount
Waiheke in the Gulf Basin.

"I'm sending you the coordinates to my headquarters in Auckland".

"You're close by?"

"No. Auckland is on the east coast of Lake Kermadec. I'm sending them now".

Debra sent me the coordinates to Kermadec Auckland. I veered towards the north east over the Coromandel Ranges with Mount Great Barrier and Mount Little Barrier towards the north. As I
descended down the slope, I spotted the Plateaux of Plenty in the south.  There were some rocky
mountains in the basin north of the Plenty Plateaux followed by some alpine dessert. After an hour
of traveling I came across the tree line, and then some forest and farmland crisscrossed with roads. Then towns and villages.

Suddenly there was a sharp steep slope that ran down towards what looked like a long slender
lake running from north to south.

"You are now approaching Lake Kermadec," said Debra "If you look to the left, you will find the Kermadec Mountains".

The Kermadec Mountains were capped by snow at the top followed by rocky alpine. I descended down towards the dark blue saltwater lake.  I zoomed across the lake, veering directly towards the east. The dark blue lake below me, waves splashing. Then I spotted Auckland City right on the edge of the lake. Oh my god. The Sky Tower does exist in this universe. I veered towards the north, over a
series of hills surrounding an estuary towards the industrial section. That was when I spotted the
runway to Columbus Warp Kermadec with the New Zealand Flag flying in the wind. I descended
towards the runway and landed by vertical landing.

I switched off the engines. The cockpit automatically opened up. As I climbed out of the
Columbus, Debra ran towards me and gave me a hug.

"Welcome to Auckland, capital of the Kermadec Republic" she said.  She pulled back.

"Thanks," I replied "It's a beautiful lake you got here".

"Come inside. I'll show you the map of our universe".

I followed Debra into the Columbus Warp building, down the corridor and into the meeting room
on the left. I walked up to the map of the parallel earth. The map was completely different, yet there were land features that I recognised from our world. There was the American Highlands towards the east.  The Atlantic Mountains with the Nares Lakes and Lake Puerto Rico above the Caribbean Basin, the Verde Lakes in the east and Lake Argentina, Lake Falkland and Lake Sandwich in the south.  The Mediterranean Basin was between the Africa and Europa Highlands with the Asian Highlands in the east. 


In the Indian Basin were the West Australian Lakes west of the Australia Highlands.  To the north was Lake Java which ran south of the Indonesia Mountain Range.  There were lakes that ran along what I recognised as the tectonic plate boundaries.  In the north were Lake Aleutia below the Aleutian Ranges, Lake Kuril, Lake Japan east of the Japanese Mountains, Mariana Lakes, Emperor Lakes around the Emperor Mountains, Pacific Mountains, Hawaii Mountains, East Pacific Mountains, Lake Chile east of the South American Highlands, Lake Guatemala east of the Central American Highlands.

Above Kermadec was the Kingdom of Tonga which covered Lake Tonga, the Tonga Mountains and the Samoan Mountains.  There was a group of Lakes in the Tasman Basin surrounded by the New Zealand and Australia Highlands.

"Wow," I said "That is fascinating. I don't believe this. All these small lakes dotted across the
globe. And the highlands".


This world had very little water indeed. About one percent of this world surface would be covered in water. Resulting in oasis's in the large basins.

"Come," said Debra "I'm going to take you aboard the Kermadec Hope. I'm taking you across the lake to an isolated community. I have a friend who works aboard that boat. It's funded by the
Ministry of Health".


"I would be glad to come".

We exited the meeting room and left the building. 


We arrived at Auckland Harbour. We took the bus to the city centre and walked the rest of the
way to Princess Wharf. There was the Hilton Hotel which was shaped like the deck of a ship. The
cruise boats were smaller than the ones in our universe. Built to travel around the Kermadec Sea.
Debra led me towards a small ship which had the words Kermadec Hope painted on the side.
There was a young woman standing at the foot of the gangplank in a long brown and white dress,
denim jacket and jandles. Her long straight brown hair blew in the wind.


"Ah Jessica" said Debra as she walked up to her with her arms wide open.

"Hello," replied Jessica "No time, no see. How are you?"  Jessica gave Debra a hug. Then Debra pulled back. 

Debra turned her head to me and said "Um, this is Fred Watson. He's from a parallel universe.
Fred, this is my dare friend, Jessica. She works aboard the hospital ship called the Kermadec Hope. She'll be taking you across the lake to where your counterpart was born"."Nice to meet you" I said as Jessica gave me a hug. She had a tall slender build with dark brown eyes and wore a wedding ring. She was young and pretty, about 30 I'd say.


"You too. Come on board," She said "We'll be heading across the lake soon".

We followed Jessica up the gangplank onto the boat where we met the rest of the crew. Some of them pulled in the gangplank, some went to the bridge. I could see the other side of the lake from here.
Jessica led us into the bridge where the skipper steered the boat towards the left, away from the
wharf and out into the lake. She then turned the Kermadec Hope towards the north. We followed
Jessica towards the back where she showed us the two dentist chairs where they performed the
operations and pulled out the teeth. Then she took me down the deck into the meeting room and
kitchenette where they had set up a projector screen and laptop.


The guy turned on the video. The Kermadec Hope went around the lake providing medical care to the isolated communities right around the Kermadec Sea. A lot of them lived in small villages with local mares and they took there medical supplies to rural communities. I was so inspired by it. Then we went into the lounge and dining area where the crew were eating or telling jokes, watching Sky TV, reading magazines. The bunkers contained bed bunks and the bathrooms were small. They showed me the engine room.
I spotted the globe of the parallel earth with all its small lakes scattered around the globe, mountain ranges, basins and plateaus. Jessica told me that Mount Everest had a height of 14,484 metres and that the Mariana Lake had a depth of 4,994 metres.


We went out on deck where we looked out at the splashing waves, the smell of salt water and the sea gulls squawking above us. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. 



After about a few hours of sailing we arrived at Tokomaru Bay on the western shore of the
Kermadec Sea. The area was extremely hilly with islands around us and pasture and native Kermadec bush, similar to the native bush back in New Zealand in our world.


We docked in the Tokomaru Wharf which was mainly made of wood. We climbed off the boat,
down the gangplank where I spotted what looked like my mum and her farm manager.


"Hello, Lisa," said Debra "James".

She introduced them to me. James Hadrik was the farm manager on Lisa's sheep station which
they called Bexhaven Station. Lisa was mum's counterpart. She was 79 years old with short gray hair, medium build and glasses. James was a part Maori man with a heavy build and moustache. I am a descendant of the Ngati Porou.


"Welcome to the Ruatoria Foothills," said Lisa as she gave me a hug. "Above us towards the west are the Kermadec Mountain Range. You can see how high it is?"

"Yes. They are tall, aren't they?"

According to Lisa my counterpart was born at Te Puia Springs Hospital near the western shore of the Kermadec Sea. But it closed down in the 80's. So the local community relied on the Kermadec Hope to provide them with medical care that they would otherwise have no access to. In our world, Te Puia is on the East Cape of the North Island, which is the North Highlands in this world.

"Let's go visit the old farm where you're counterpart spent his first five years" said Lisa.

"OK," I said "I'd like to".

We said our goodbyes to Jessica before me, Debra and Lisa climbed aboard James's Land Rover and set off into the countryside, as Jessica attended to the patients. 


We arrived at the old farm at Bexhaven Station which looked similar to the one in our world. We
parked next to the red wooden woolshed. Across from that was the tractor shed where the big red
tractor was stored.


"I remember playing on that tractor when I lived on Bexhaven, New Zealand" I said.  We walked around the side of the woolshed and entered through the side door.

"This is where my first husband would shear the sheep," said Lisa "He died from a brain aneurysm when your counterpart was five. That is the sorting table where I sorted the wool and threw them into the cubby holes".

This brought back similar memories of my parents shearing the sheep. My real dad suffered the same fate as well. There was a loading dock where they loaded the wool onto the truck. Across the gravel road from the shed was the shearing quarters.

They took us to the big old house where my counterpart spent his first five years. We went into
the kitchen and had some tea and coffee.


"I remember when Fred," said Lisa "Was walking along the creek when he was just two. He
stumbled across a beehive. He ended up with fourteen bee stings. We had to take him to the doctor. He told us that he would be allergic to bee stings for the rest of his life".


"The exact same thing happened to me too," I said "I remember watching my older brothers
playing with their toy racing cars when I was a boy".


James took us on a ride on the tractor and showed us around the farm.  We went past a small
paddock where I remembered them loading the small topdressing plane with fertiliser. We went
down to the creek and walked along the gravel shoreline. The whooshing sound of the water flowing over the rapids. The tuis singing in the trees above us. The cicadas chirped, dragonflies hovering over the water.


"Isn't it wonderful to get back to nature" said Debra.

"It sure is" I said looking at the hills across the creek.

We went through the paddock alongside the small river into another paddock.

"I remember when they had equestrian events back on Bexhaven Station" I said. "I was eating a fruit stick. My real dad had his foot on the fence. They did some showjumping".

"We had equestrian events back when your counterpart was young".

We traveled along the gravel road past the yards where the farmhands were loading bulls onto
the stock truck. James said "We are sending the bulls to the meatworks".


We went past the old primary school to the right. This brought back memories of eating sheep
tails, playing on the trampoline, feeling the cold of the stethoscope on my chest. There were
paddocks to my right leading down to a creek. James drove us back to the big old house. 


Once we had arrived back  at the house there was a helicopter waiting for us next to the shed at the back.  Well Debra did tell me there would be a chopper waiting for us at the house. It was white with the Tongan flag painted on the side.  James parked the tractor on the driveway and we hopped off the back of it.

"Well," said Debra "Here is our ride to the Tongan Kingdom. Come".

I turned to Lisa and James and said "It was nice taking a look at your farm. Seeing where my
counterpart grew up".


"That's alright," said Lisa "It was nice having you here".  Lisa stepped up to me and gave me a hug. "Well take care.  Enjoy your stay at Lake Tonga.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the world".  She pulled back.

"I will," I said "Bye".

I waved out to James and Lisa as I walked over to the helicopter that was waiting for me.  I
climbed aboard the helicopter next to Debra.


"This is Malula Kalaveti," said Debra "He'll be taking us to Tonga".

"Nice to meet you" I said.

"So you are the famous Fred Watson," replied Malula "You'll enjoy our lake".

He switched on the helicopter. We rose above the ground as the blades got faster and louder.
Malula banked the helicopter to the left and we turned  north.


We flew along the western shore between Kermadec Sea and the Kermadec Mountains.  The
waves splashing along the beach to our right.  We flew across the strip of land between the two
lakes and along the shoreline between Lake Tonga and the Tongan Mountains. The pilot banked
towards the east. We crossed the lake towards the northeast, flying over the head toward the
seaside town of Nuku'alofa, capital of Tonga.


There was a white sandy beach and a wharf that stuck out into the lake.  We landed in the city
park where the Tongan Royal Family waited patiently for us.  The pilot turned off the engines and we hopped out. I followed Debra towards the royal family. King Tupou VI walked up to us and said "Hey, Debra. How is it going?"


Debra hugged the King and said "Good, good".  She turned to me and introduced me to the royal family.  The King's wife was Nanasipau'u Vaea. She was 62 years old. Six years older than the King. She gave me a hug. There was his daughter, Princess Latufuipeka, about 32 years old. She was the eldest off her three siblings.

Latufuipeka gave me a seductive smile and said "Oh, he is attractive. Are you single?"

"Yes," I replied "I've been single for over a year now. My, you're beautiful. Maybe I could get to
know you".


"I would like that very  much" she said.

She introduced me to her two brothers.  Tupauto'a Ulukalala, the crown prince of Tonga who was married to Sinaitakala Fakafanua.  He was 30 years old.  Then there was her youngest brother, Viliami Tuku'ahi, the Prince Ata, who was 28.  Then she introduced me to Akilisi Pohisa who was prime minister of Tonga. He was in his mid 70's with short grey hair.

"Welcome to Tonga, young man," said Akilisa "We're throwing a party in your honour. To
celebrate your arrival. You'll love it".


"Thank you" I replied "Great to be in this beautiful city".

"Come," said Tupou VI "We have people who want to see you".

Tupou led us out of the park and through the main street of Nuku'alofa where the civilians waved out to us as we walked past. I waved and smiled at the Tongan people.  It was such a thrill having all these people waving at me, waving their Tongan flags and smiling back at me.  It was awesome.

"The people love you, Fred" said Latufuipeka in my ear.

People threw streamers from the top of the buildings and blew on their trumpets.  There were
news cameras from all over this world.  We entered the gates of the Tongan Royal Palace, a majestic white two story building.  As I walked onto the front lawn of the palace, a group of men performed their Tongan war dance in front of me.  All the energy and enthusiasm as they stamped their feet, slapped their legs and yelled out in Tongan. Then the young Tongan women performed their dance move, waving their arms along in a graceful movement and shaking their hips. I smiled next to Latufuipeka.


Then the local high school students sang a traditional Tongan song. I don't know the Tongan
language, but man they sang with such beautiful voices.  After they had finished singing we clapped and cheered.


"Thank you for your singing," said Tupuo "I much appreciate it".

That night we had a party, where we ate all this traditional Tongan food such as pork, tofu,
kumara, mango, coconut.  All the delicious tropical foods. The musicians played the traditional
Tongan music by banging their drums and a piece of wood.


"The food is wonderful" I said to Latufuipeka.

"I'm glad you like the food," she said "We prepared it especially for you".  Latufuipeka placed her hand on my thigh and I put my right arm around her shoulder. Her hair smelled so nice, like mango and coconut.

"You know," I said "Back in my world, the sea level is six thousand metres higher".

"Yes. I heard it on the radio".

"Well Tonga is a chain of islands in my universe. And so are the Kermadec Islands".  I explained the geography of our world to her.  "I come from New Zealand myself".

"That's interesting. Our worlds are so different, yet the same". Latufuipeka rested her head on my chest as I wrapped my arms around her waist. It was getting dark and the Tongan men performed their traditional dance. Latufuipeka looked up at me and asked "Shall we head to my room?"

"Yeah," I replied "That would be splendid".


We climbed to our feet and entered the front entrance of the royal palace. Latufuipeka led me up the stairs and along the corridor to the third door on the left.

"This is my room, darling" said Latufuipeka as she turned around to face me.

I walked up to her and placed my arms around her waist. She placed her arms around my
shoulders. We kissed each other on the lips, sticking my tongue in her mouth. We took off our
clothes, climbed into her bed with the silk sheets, and kissed each on the lips as we wrapped our
arms around each other. Her body felt nice and warm.

© Copyright 2020 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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