The Italian Insurance Story

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In this story two interior descigners knock over their client's vase and TV set. They ring the client and she now has to replace the damaged items.

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



Bob Martinio and Paul Salfino were working on a house in Roma, Italy. They were interior designers. Bob was the big heavy guy and Paul was skinny. Paul pasted the sheet of wall paper and handed it to Bob who carefully pasted the wall paper to the wall, squeezing out all the bubbles, making sure the paper was smooth and aligned properly. The previous day the contractors had painted all the rooms.
“Right” said Bob “Might as well have a cup of coffee, hey Paul”.
“Yeah, that would be fantastica”.
Bob climbed down from the ladder. 
“Fold the ladder up and carry it into the hallway would you” ordered Bob.
“Yeah. Sure, boss”.
Paul complied. He was in his early twenties while bob was in his forties. As Paul carried the ladder round the living room Bob went into the kitchen to make some coffee. He heard a smash and a crash coming from the living room and rushed in to see what happened.
“What the blazes is going on!” bellowed Bob. The vase and the television had fallen to the floor and smashed.
“I was carrying the ladder when I knocked over the vase and the TV. It was an accident, boss. I'm sorry”.
“Not as sorry as you'll be when the client finds out. She's going to be pissed. Unbelievable”. Bob walked over for a closer inspection. The vase had been smashed to pieces. “I don't think we can fix it, mate. We're done for. The TV's hadn't. We'll have to call the client”.
Bob took the cell phone out of the right pocket of his overalls and dialled the client's number.
* * *
Jane Azaveni was fixing the mainframe computer at her client's investment firm called Ondalas Investmento. Brian Tobias, who was the owner of the company, sat beside her and watched her fix his computer.
“How did you get the virus into your computer?” asked Jane.
Jane had red wavy hair and freckles on her face. She wore a purple cardigan, black pants, and sky blue sneakers. She was a real tomboy and had been interested in computers her whole life.
“Well, one of my secretaries was checking her E-mail when she opened the link to a website. It was supposed to be a naked picture of Johnny Depp. It turned out to be a virus and the entire mainframe was frozen. There were animated viruses dancing round the screen, celebrating”.
Jane plugged her lap top into the computer and uploaded the antivirus into the mainframe. She clicked a few buttons and pressed the green scan button. Within a few minutes the antivirus isolated the virus and neutralised it. Then she rebooted the entire system.
“That was the problem” explained Jane “It is called the Scatzeni virus. It was manufactured by Green Justice who are against military intelligence and investment companies. It freezes the computers”. After the computer had finished rebooting Jane recovered the files that Brian was working on. “Well. Everything is working perfectly again”.
“Gracia's. How much do I owe you?”
“Nine hundred and fifty one euro’s”. Jane’s cell phone rang. She took it out of her pocket and answered it “Yes. He what!!? I'll be over there right away”. 
“What is it?”
“One of my interior designers has knocked over my vase and TV with the ladder”.
“Oh. Not good”.
Jane quickly packed up her tools and left in a hurry.
“Ciao” said Jane as she rushed out of the building.
“Gracia's” replied Brian with a wave and smile on his face. He returned to his work.
* * *
Jane arrived at her home to find the two contractors waiting for her at the front door. She drove her car up the driveway, got out, and rushed past the two contractors into the house. The contractors followed her. Jane screamed when she saw her vase smashed to pieces.
“And my TV. So it was Paul who did this?” Jane looked at Paul with her hands on her hips and a cold piercing stare.
“I'm so sorry” said Paul “Didn't mean to break your stuff”.
“Sorry isn't good enough. Have you got insurance?” Paul nodded. “I'll call my insurance company”. Jane picked up the phone and rummaged through the telephone directory for the insurance company. Then she dialled the number. “Yes. I seem to have had an incident at my house. One of the contractors knocked over my vase and TV. Could you help? He's standing next to me”.
Jane handed her phone over to Paul and Paul gave his contact details to the insurance broker. After he had finished talking to the broker he handed the phone back and Jane said “Hello. Yeah. OK. What time? Three o clock sounds fine. Gracias”. Jane slammed down her phone and turned to the contractors. “I'll call my client and postpone the job. I don't have enough time to upgrade her computer before the insurance inspector comes”.
Jane postponed the job and she and the two contractors sat on the steps waiting for the insurance inspector to arrive. He finally arrived.
“I'm Martin Alavinci. I have come to investigate the damage”.
“Right. Come this way”.
Jane showed him into the living room and Martin photographed the damage.
“The vase is history” said Martin “And the TV is badly damaged. I'm afraid I'll have to write it off. How much was the TV?”
“Three hundred ninety nine euro’s”.
“And the vase?”
“Six hundred and twenty eight euro’s”.
“Might have to write off the TV I'm afraid. I'll send them the pictures. Then I'll call my company and have them pay out one thousand and thirty euro’s from Paul's insurance”.
“OK,” said Jane, nodding “Gracia's”. She tucked her hair behind her left ear and smiled.
“Ciao” said Martin, waving as he left.
* * *
After the insurance inspector left, the interior designers helped Jane to clean up the mess. Bob and Paul picked up the pieces of the vase and placed them into the plastic bag. Bob picked up the bag containing the pieces and chucked them into the back of the van. Paul carried the broken TV set into the van as Jane wept for the lose of her TV. They threw the broken pieces of the TV into a plastic bag and threw it in the bin.
“Want to come to the landfill, Jane?” asked Bob.
“Yes” replied Jane. 
Jane followed the contractors out of the house and closed the door behind her. She jumped into the van with the contractors and they drove across the city and through the country side. They turned up the driveway into the Il Roma Landfill. Bob tossed the bag into the rubbish and Paul threw what was left off the TV into the landfill. Bob rubbed the dirt off his hands.
“Right,” said Bob “I'll drop you off at your place, darling”.
“OK” said Jane.
They hopped back into the van and left. They finally dropped her off at her place and Jane waved goodbye as the van left. She placed the key into the lock and entered her house, closing the door behind her.
* * *
The next day Jane was helping her friend, Dina Antanina, to upgrade her computer to Windows 7. After she did that, she checked to make sure the computer was working properly.
“All done” said Jane “You're computer has been upgraded”.
“Gracia's. How much will you charge”?
“Ninety three Euros”.
Dina paid her the cash and Jane gave her the change.
“I’m going to check my bank account to see if the insurance company has paid off the claim” said Jane.
“OK. Ciao”.
Jane walked out of the house with her tools and she and Dina waved to each other as Jane climbed into her car. She parked her car outside the bank and checked her bank account at the ATM. Sure enough her insurance company did pay out her claim. She got into her car and went to the appliance store where she looked at the TV's. The store keeper showed her all the TV's.
“We have the three D TV. You'll need special glasses to watch it but you'll see it in three D. Then you have the plasma HD. It has high quality pictures. So what do you think?”
“I'll take that plasma TV over there” said Jane.
“You want that one?”
Jane nodded. The shop keeper picked up the TV and carried it to the counter where Jane paid for the TV. She carried her TV into the boot of the car and closed the boot. Then she went over to the gift shop and bought herself a white statuette of a lady in a long dress. She placed it in her car and went home.
* * *
Once she had set up her statuette where her old vase was and set up her TV and, made sure it worked off course, she and her boyfriend, Toni Amega, sat on her couch, turned on the TV and watched DVDs while eating the maple walnut ice cream from the container and drinking their bottles of iced coffee.
“Like what you've done to your house” said Toni.
“Thank you”. Jane kissed Toni on the lips. “I like my new TV”.
“Yeah. Nice picture quality”.
They dug their spoons into the ice cream container and placed the ice cream in their mouths.

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