The Otara Construction Site

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This is based on the time I guarded a construction site earlier this year. Except that I wrote it in the form of a diary.

Submitted: May 09, 2010

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Submitted: May 09, 2010



Tuesday 26th January 2010

I went for a job interview with Darien Rush today. After going to all the job interviews over the past one and a half years and not landing a job, I was not expecting to get the job. I was quite surprised to be honest. The boss, Derick, gave me the uniform and I signed the contract. I went and had some passport photos taken for the C.O.A (Certificate of Approval) and checked out the site where I'm meant to start guarding tomorrow. It's at the school in Otara. Just realised I got to get the JP to sign it. I'll do that tomorrow.

Wednesday 27th January 2010

Got the JP to sign the C.O.A. Form. Went back to sleep and started guarding the building site at Otara. It is at a school next to the kindergarden. They have started laying down the foundations. Given me the key to the portacom where I'm stationed. Contractor lended me his radio. Another guard is guarding the school residence next door. Says it's OK to stay inside and sleep, though I'm not supposed to sleep.

Friday 28th January 2010

Key went missing. Got locked out of portacom so spent night in car. Woman stopped to throw rubbish in rubbish bin at 1 in the morning.

Monday 1st February 2010

Called Darien Rush to tell them contractors did not turn up. No day guard arranged for that day, however told to go home and have some sleep.

Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Got call from Darien Rush. Key went missing. Thought I gave key to contractor but contractor doesn't recall me giving it to him. Got told off by supervisor.

Thursday 4th February 2010

Went and saw the movie Avatar for my birthday which is tomorrow. I'm working tomorrow.

Saturday 6th February 2010

Supervisor caught me sleeping in the portacom. Told me I shouldn't have radio playing in the portacom as intruders might steal machinery and I wouldn't know or they might break the door open and I could not hide if I fall asleep. Told me to bring something to read to keep my mind active. Sit on track or something and look at sight. He was not impressed. He gave me key to portacom. So scared of being caught sleeping I lock key in portacom. Finally get key out with branch.

Monday 8th February 2010

Forgot to hand key over to supervisor so gave it to contractor and told him to hand it to next security guard.

Wednesday 10th February 2010

Got call from Darien Rush. Key went missing. Appears contractor did not give key to guard. Appear to have bad luck with keys.

Friday 12th February 2010

Told not to give key to contractors. Heard SE4, the guard next door, is about to get terminated. Rakesh is to be reasigned to my site.

Monday 15th February 2010

DE1 (Yakko) rang and told me to hand key over to contractor. Never thought to question him till later that day, though wondering why I don't just leave it in suit case. However did as I was told.

Wednesday 17th February 2010

Got call from Darien Rush. Key went missing again.

Friday 18th February 2010

Supervisor (John) told me never to give key to contractors. Told me that yacco had no right to tell me other wise. Told me I should've told him to go to hell.

Sunday 28th February 2010

My inconsiderate land lord got me to help him move furniture when I was about to get some sleep so that I could go to work. I am very tired from last nights shift and don't want to shift furniture. But I'm the only tenant left in the house on account of our flat being up for sell. Don't have the strength to move furniture. Got me to help him move couch just as I was about to prepare dinner. Don't feel like helping him since I have to get ready to work, but I help him anyway since there's no other tenants in the flat. I'm anxious to get the furniture moved as have to get dinner started and head off to work.

Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Phone rang in the morning, woke me up from interesting dream. Tired due to night shift the previous night, don't feel like getting up. Just let the phone ring and fell back to sleep. Went to Western Springs, had lunch at Hollywood Bakery on K Road, too scared to chat up girl so chickened out. Became depressed about it. Walked down Queen Street and through albert Street. Then went home. Later that evening got call from land lord. Told Me I got two weeks to move out and use news paper to search for new flat.

Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Found a flat in New Windsor close to Avondale village and Mount Albert Pac n Save. Was first flat I looked at and cheap too. Took entire afternoon to move in.

Thursday 4th March 2010

spent day watching TVNZ on demand watching Flash Forward, Lost, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and Shortland Street.

Sunday 7th March 2010

Landlady panicked when she saw smoke coming out my frying pan. She thought I was burning steak. Doesn't like me using big element.

Wednesday 10th March 2010

Saw the movie Alice in Wonderland today. It was awesome. Nothing like a woman in knights armour.

Thursday 11th March 2010

I went for a walk through local park not far from my new flat. Got various sports fields. Soccer field, Rugby, Tennis. A bush walk and public toilets. Walked the whole length of Allen Wood park all the way to Richardson Road. There's a stream and lots of Pukeko in the park. Went back via Hebron Street.

Tuesday 16th March 2010

Got call from Darien Rush today. Apparently contractor noticed three pieces of wood had gone missing. Neither me nor Karesh noticed the wood gone missing.

Friday 19th March 2010

Got told off by supervisor about not noticing the wood had gone missing. Apparently the client was very upset about the wood going missing. Come to think of it, the piles of wood seemed lower but didn't tell supervisor. He told me to count the pieces of material and be more alert in future.

Sunday 4th April 2010

Daylight savings has ended last night. At 1:40 am got call from control saying daylight saving has ended. I turned back clock before that announcement so was way ahead of him. It's Easter this weekend. Unfortunately had to work. Got lots of mini easter eggs, enough to last a week. Had marsh mellow eggs and crème eggs. I am getting sick of Easter buns. never want to see another Easter bun again.

Sunday 10th April 2010

Land lord and land lady had banned me from frying food in the kitchen. Land lord saw smoke coming out of fry pan, thought I had burnt the steak, and gave me notice saying I can't fry foods in the kitchen again. I was mad at the time and accused him of racism towards kiwis. All my other tenants are against me. Last night supervisor, Trever, told me that construction work at my site would be completed in a week.

Monday 11th April 2010

Received E-mail from saying change in schedule. It appears that I am no longer guarding the construction site this weekend. Instead I am guarding 2 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Tonight will be the last night that I guard the construction site as the construction would be completed this Friday. Suppose the newly constructed school buildings will open in time for term two.

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