The Travelling Truck Driver

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This story is about a truck driver named George Mathewson who likes to hang out with his mates and place bets at the TAB. This story was bought to you by the letter T.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



George Mathewson drove his truck into the town of Lake Taupo in North Island, New Zealand.  The truck roared as he slowed down into the truck stop that was at the edge of the town.  The company was Hawksworth Transport Ltd and it was based in Taupo. 

George was a Maori man in his early forties with a big heavy build.  He had a beard and his hair was going gray.

He drove the truck into the gravel truck yard, switched off the engine and jumped out.  The truck engine usually idles for a while, before switching off. 

“Hi, Don” shouted George as he waved out to him.

“Hi” replied Donald as he walked up towards him.  Donald was in his late fifties with gray hair and a strong build with big chest.  “How was your day?”

“Good.  Transported some cattle all the way from Te Puke to Tologa Bay.  It was a big job, bro”.

“Took some cattle to the freezing works in Taranaki”.

“Ahh, the 'naki”.  They walked into the staff room which had white tables and a kitchenette.  “I'll go call the cab”. 

George strolled over to the phone and dialled the 0800 number for Taupo Taxi Corp.

“Hello, it's George here.  Good.  Can you have a cab come pick me up please?  Yes.  That's right.  Thank you”.  He turned to Donald and said “The cab is coming to pick us up, bro”.

“Thanks” replied Donald “Shall we go into town?”

“Yeah.  We'll meet Sarah and Patrick at the tyre shop”.

They went over to the front of the truck stop and waited half an hour for the cab.  While they waited Donald talked about tramping through the Tarawera's.  The cab finally arrived and they climbed into the taxi. 

“To Tony's Tire Service please” said Donald to the taxi driver.

The taxi driver was an Indian guy who they were familiar with.  They went into the town centre and, as they went through the residential area, they went past a tower where the rich tourists come to stay.  They arrived at Tony's Tire Service.  Donald paid the taxi cab this time, with eftpos, and they climbed out of the taxi.  Sarah waved to them.  As they went over towards her George and Sarah hugged and kissed each other on the lips.

Sarah and George had been dating for over nine months now.  Sarah had a medium sized build with a brown dress, brown and white floral shirt and white sneakers.  She had long brown straight hair and dark brown eyes.

Their friend, Patrick Stevenson, was busy gluing the tyre onto the wheel of a client's car.  It was a time consuming process.  Once the tire was fitted on, he rolled the tyre to the car and fitted the wheel onto the axle, tightening the bolts with an electric tool.  The tool made a buzzing sound.

“So how was work, my pumpkin?” asked George.

“It was OK” replied Sarah “Sold lots of toys”.

“That's good”.  George put his right arm around her shoulder.  “Should we get take aways?”

“Yeah” agreed Donald.

“Count me in” said Patrick “What shall we get?”

“Fish and chips” said Donald “We can have it under the trees”.


After Patrick had finished work they went to the public toilets first.  They went to the toilets that were next to the showgrounds as they were free.  The Superloo costs money to use.  Sarah went to the girls toilets and the three boys went into the boys.  Donald went to do a number two while George and Patrick used the urinals.  It was a relief emptying out their bladders.  After they had finished having a whizz, they zipped up their pants, rinsed their hands in the sink with soap, dried their hands on the air dryer and came out.  Sarah came out at the same time.  Donald came out after ten minutes.

“You all right?” asked George.

“Fine” said Donald “Let's head over to the fish and chip shop”.

They went over to Caesar's Fish and Chippery which was in a row of cafes and take away stores in the middle of the town.  They pooled their money together and got four scoops of chips, two fish, a hot dog, a sausage, battered mussels, oysters and white bait fritters.

“Where shall we have it?” asked George.

“We could sit under those trees in the park” suggested Sarah.

They all agreed.  They took their fish and chips and went over to the park.  They sat in the shade, opened up the fish and chips and packets of ketchup and dug in.  Sarah had the fish, George had a fish and a hotdog, Donald had the sausage and mussels, and Patrick had the oysters and white bait fritters.

“I went to the travel agent today” said Sarah “and I booked me and George some tickets to Tonga, Thailand, Turkey, and Tanzania”.

“That's great, pumpkin” said George “I'm so proud of you”.

George gave Sarah a hug.

“Heard there's a drought in Tuvalu” said Donald.

“How can that be?” said Patrick “It's in the middle of the ocean”.

“It's not that small” said Sarah “They're pumping oil from that ship in Tauranga”.

“Heard the oils been washed up on the beach.  Let's go to the TAB”.


For those living outside of New Zealand TAB stands for Totilisator Agency Board which handles all the sporting bets in the country.  They entered the Taupo TAB and placed bets on various races.  They placed a bet on Pink Floyd and won $458 dollars.  They made a bet on Frodo winning them $362 dollars.  They cheered as the horses they bet on raced towards the finish line and made it first across the finish line.  Every time they won they would hug each other and cheer.  In all they won $3000 dollars.

After collecting their earnings they went over to the Lake Tavern and had a few drinks of beer to celebrate their winnings.  They talked about trekking through the mountains in Tajikistan and seeing tigers at the Auckland Zoo.  They talked about the turtles at the aquarium and the tortoise in Trinidad and Tobago.  They talked about the Turks and Caicos Islands.

They met various tourists from Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Taiwan and Togo.  After they had finished their beers they took the taxi home.  They dropped off Donald first.  He waved out to them and they said see you later to him as he walked up the driveway to the apartment tower.

George and Sarah waved to Patrick as the taxi dropped them off at their terrace across the road from the lake.  They had been living together for a few months now.

“That was fun, don't you think?” said Sarah as they walked up the drive way, the crickets singing in the trees.

“Yeah it was” replied George “I really did enjoy myself today.  Shall we watch TV?”

“Yeah, let's”.

Sarah opened the door and they went in.  They watched Supernatural on TV and Human Target.  Sam and Dean appeared on a TV series and a demon came to attack them.  The hero on Human Target saved a woman scientist from a bunch of assassins.

Sarah giggled as George tickled her stomach and tried to tickle her under the armpits but she kept blocking him.  She was very ticklish.  After a while Sarah regained her breath and they kissed and touched each other on the couch in front of the TV.

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