Goldilocks and the three Extra-Terrestrials

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When Goldilocks wanders through the forest what will she find? well she be safe?

Find out in this spin on the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Submitted: September 16, 2014

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Submitted: September 16, 2014



Goldilocks and the Three Extra-Terrestrials


Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks was wandering in the forest when suddenly she heard a low humming sound,

“What is all that commotion?” She said.

Goldilocks followed the sound to investigate,

“Why, that’s one big shiny house” said Goldilocks.

While Goldilocks was investigating the “house” three strange creatures exited out the back silently to go hunting. Goldilocks noticed a strange square on the side of the house and began pressing buttons, after she pressed the big red button, a giant door opened,

“Why such a big door?” Goldilocks said.

Goldilocks was so curious that she decided to take a peek inside,

“What a big place” she said.

Goldilocks wandered into the kitchen and saw three bowls of “ground beef,” first, she tried the biggest bowl of “ground beef,”

“Too mushy” Goldilocks Complained.

Then she tried the medium bowl,

“Too hard” She said.

Finally she tried the smallest bowl of “beef,”

“Not too chewy, not too hard” She said.

After having some beef she diced to have some fun so, she went in into what she thought was a play room, where she found some laser guns, first she tried the biggest gun,

“Too heavy” She complained.

Next she tried the medium gun,

“Too light” she said,

Finally she tried the smallest gun and surprisingly it was,

“Just right!” Goldilocks said.

After firing at some human targets she wanted to do something else so she went into a very strange room, it had three hover-boards, and first she tried the biggest one,

“Too fast” She complained,

Next she tried the medium board,

“This one is too slow” Said Goldilocks,

Finally she tried the smallest of the three boards,

“Just right!” she said,

While Goldilocks was having fun, three creatures entered the home,

“Who has been eating our fried brains?” said the father alie

The aliens cleaned up the mess left by Goldilocks and went into the living area,

“Who has been shooting our guns?” Said the mother alien,

“Whoever did this is going to be sorry” Said the father alien,

Finally the aliens went into the playroom and saw Goldilocks playing on one of their hover-boards, Goldilocks shrieked in terror,

“What are you?”

“We are your worst nightmare” said the father alien,

The father alien pulled out a laser rifle and began shooting towards Goldilocks. As the first laser went by, Goldilocks ducked down to cover just in time.

“KILL HER!” Father-Alien screamed,

As the gunshots continued Mother-Alien ran to the other room to get the X-7 Heat-Ray, the baby alien ran to his room to hide. Goldilocks grabbed a laser pistol and started blind firing back at Father-Alien, Mother-Alien came into the room and began shooting the Heat-Ray, as soon as the beam touched Goldilocks she turned into nothing but a pile of dust. The aliens never had another intruder again.


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