For the Youth of Today

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OK, I went into grumpy old man mode, so for grumpy old men everywhere... you know who you are!

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012





To the youth of today I abdicate and leave this earth to you.

May you take better care of it, when I bid you fond adieu.


I don’t pretend to have made this world a better place.

My tenure here has been too brief and I’ve left but little trace.


The world has changed as I’ve grown up, my values out of date.

I have stayed the same at heart, there’s much I can’t relate.


The nanny state annoys me, free will is mine by right.

And some snivelling politician won’t tell me what to write.


I drive a gas guzzling Land Rover as I hold the lives of my kin

much more important than saving the habitat of the Zapata Wren


I buy from High Street retailers who use child labour to make their wares.

For without this work the children would be forced to darker lairs.


To me fair trade is a decent swap, not some half-baked scheme for cash

to get the poor across the world farming cocoa instead of hash.


There’s not a bigoted bone in my body, a man’s colour means little to me

but enough’s enough for goodness sake, there’s enough in this land of the free.


We’ve pissed off too many nations to hold the moral ground.

Let others sort their own affairs while we look to the pound.


So over to you, it’s your turn now, The world’s problems are yours to own.

My generation has tried and failed, now you try to atone.


We inherited the world from our Fathers, treated it with gay abandon.

Our mistake, we should have known we borrowed it from our children.


Now if you’ll take some small advice from this aged disco dancer.

Whatever you’re going to do, do it quick, while you’ve still got all the answers. 

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