The Enemy of My Enemy

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I remember, when I suffered from depression how alone I felt. I wrote this in the hope that others, who see their symptoms in mine, realise they are not alone.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012




The darkness comes and my demons approach,
like an unstoppable wall of despair.
My demons chittering and chattering 
summoning me to drown in their lair.

And even though I know they're coming
and I know what they'll do to me.
I don't fight, I turn and run.
Away from the night I must flee.

It's no use, they've got me surrounded.
There's nowhere left to hide.
They approach slowly enjoying my pain,
so I make myself small inside.

They're close enough now for me to see
what shape the demons have chosen.
The chattering shuts off my senses.
My defences completely frozen.

I recognise them and I shrink away
as they reach out to embrace me.
Fear, self-pity, loathing and doubt
merge to turn us into we.

Abandon hope they whisper to my heart,
which understands that they're right.
Resistance is futile, just like the Borg.
I must succumb to the night.

And so I become smaller still and
my behaviour starts to change.
As I remove myself from the world,
my actions increasingly strange.

The post remains unopened.
The 'phone just left to ring.
Emails go unanswered
for the bad news they'll surely bring.

The universe conspires to keep me down
in this dark and lonely hole.
And I believe I must stay inside
to try and protect my soul..

My thoughts become deeper and darker.
No solace can I find.
How can I end this misery?
Self-harming comes to mind.

I get angry with those around me
to punish them for all my woes.
I lash about with hate and spite
as my own self-pity grows.

Then just when it seems I can't go on.
There's no way with this can I cope.
Something will happen to make me see
the enemy of my enemy is hope.

A tiny spark in the darkness.
A single spluttering flame
reminds me that depression
is demons that can be tamed.

A single flame in the darkness.
Will they never learn?
My demons are quite flammable.
Burn you bastards burn!

The enemy of my enemy
is a friend in times of need.
Hope and love and happiness
from a tiny spark, a seed.

© Copyright 2018 Simon Streeton. All rights reserved.

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