When Am I?

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Right about here is where I should put a summary, right? This was my first attempt at a real story, so I'm sure anyone could blaze through it easily and get the story. If you are reading this, thank you for your time.

Submitted: October 21, 2015

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Submitted: October 21, 2015



I honestly have no idea where I am,  what I’m doing here, and how I got here. All I see is this black void with nothing in it. Correction, the only thing in the void is me. Why am I here? It’s a special type of dark I think...I can’t see what’s in front of me, but I can see myself perfectly, full color and everything. I think as hard and as hard as I can, but I can’t draw any conclusions, unless what happened back where I came from had something to do with this.


Let’s see. Woke up, ate breakfast, walked to school due to me missing the bus from said breakfast, got yelled at by my teacher, and then continued on with my day. Although in hindsight, I don’t know why I just didn’t shell out the four dollar fare to use the public Portal to my school. Portals, an odd contraption aren’t they? Around the mid-twenty-second century, a couple of scientists in Moscow, of all places, discovered an asteroid about the size of Rhode Island had hit earth and sunk to the bottom of the Pacific ocean about 2 million years ago. After bringing this asteroid back up onto the surface they investigated it and discovered it contained a black metal ingot, and that the the theory of Wormholes could be applied into practical use in the shape of Black Monoliths made from that black metal, about as tall as an average man, and running on efficient nuclear energy. For a low price, you could walk through, thats right, through this metal, and appear on any of the other gates conveniently placed around the world.

Back to what I was doing that day, School had ended, and I decided to go into town to pick some food for dinner that night, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. I do remember being hit in the back of the head by a messenger bag after getting in front of the shop I was going to for ingredients, causing me to lean down then looking behind me to see my two best friends, Rorty and Catherine. They both attended the same school as me, and I’ve known them for as long as I can remember. Rorty looks like my exact opposite. He has short black hair, as I have my mid-length white hair, I wear glasses, and he has none. His eyes are blue, mine are green. The differences go further, but we were the best of friends. Then there’s Catherine, she might as well be our little sister. We’ve looked out for and protected her as much as we can. She had cut her chestnut brown hair recently and so it was really short, a bit longer than mine, and a mix of gray and blue eyes. A real knockout if you ask me, but I’m not interested. I noticed she was wearing the red bow I had given her for last Christmas.

I stood properly and waved at them. “Hey guys, that bag really hurt you know.” I stretch and turn to face them entirely.

“It comes with being bogged down with this little thing called Homework. You should try it sometime, I know it’s been dying to meet you.” Rorty replied, putting his bag back on and fixing his jacket.

I put my hands against the back of my head and looked down and began to overdramatically cry. “Oooooh, it hurts it hurts, Rorty you brute!” I look back up to see my friends already gone into the shop behind me, and felt a hand grab me by the back of my collar and drag me into the shop, I turn my head to see it’s Catherine dragging me, she may look tiny, but she’s got a lot of strength.

About $9.50 later, I leave the shop with enough to make a gourmet meal of ramen that night. Catherine waited with me at the doorway of the shop, waiting on Rorty to buy his drink. She unwrapped a lollipop she got and chomped into it. “You know that’s going to ruin your teeth, right?” I ask her.

“Can’t be any worse than how ruined your face is.” She bit into the lollipop again as I sulked on the edge of the street. “Hey,” She points down the road. “isn’t that a PTV?”

I look back up and down the road to see a large green and white truck. “A Portal Transport Vehicle? I suppose it is. Look at its bed when it drives by, then we’ll know for sure.” I step back to stand beside her and watch the truck pass by, with one of the Black Monoliths laying on it’s side and tied up.

“Oh wow! That’s not something you see everyday, two PTVs.” Rorty said as he appeared behind us, wrapping arms around our shoulders.

“Two?” I ask, and look again, and look down the other side of the road, seeing another green and white truck. I pointed down the road. “I guess there are tw-” Time seemed to slow down as we three realized what was happening at this moment. The trucks that were heading in opposite directions and hit each other, a front end collision just barely 100 yards away from us. In a moment of almost grace, both beds of both trucks went up as soon as the crash happened, snapping the ropes holding the portals, causing them to fly towards each other. My ability for sensing when things were about to go horribly wrong immediately kicked in. “Get down!” I grabbed both of my friends and pulled them near the doorway of the shop. “Cover your heads!” They did as I told them and I did the same, covering my head just as the portals touched each other.

The moment they touched each other, the sound from the world around us died for a moment, then when everything was silent, we heard a massive explosion and felt extreme heat, I looked up for a moment and saw Rorty do the same while comforting Catherine. We saw a ball of fire in front of us, but… it wasn’t moving, even though we felt the heat from it. I looked at Rorty in astonishment and confusion. He looked back, just as confused then we turned back, watching the wall of fire that looked like it was coming towards us.

“What is thi-?!” Rorty said as his voice left him, I tried to reply but found that I couldn’t. My voice had left me, I tried to keep speaking but I couldn’t do it. As we watched the wall of fire, I noticed something and nudged Rorty to watch. The fire was beginning to move backwards, slowly, but it was picking up speed. I looked at him as the fire moved backwards faster and faster, I felt wind pick up behind us, going towards the explosion point, faster and faster, it was beginning to pick up our clothes. We gripped onto the store doorway as hard as we could as the wind got faster and faster. Suddenly large pieces of rock were flying and trees were bending towards the explosion, being pulled by the wind. We both gripped as hard onto Catherine and each other as we could, keeping a tight grip on the doorway as well. The wind was picking up extreme speed, almost tornado like, as our bodies were lifted up slightly. I looked at my friend’s panicked faces. I began to panic myself. What was going on?!

The fire had disappeared completely back into the portals. We looked back at them, through all of the debris flying into it we saw that the two portals were half combined into each other, at the center was a rippling effect, like throwing a rock into a calm river. The wind picked up even more, I felt my grip begin to slip and I tried to hold on even tighter. The walls of the store were beginning to break, I looked at Rorty, realizing what's happening, he looked at me too and saw it as well, realized our time was growing short together. We held onto Catherine all the tighter and felt the wind grow even stronger, rivaling that of a F-3 Tornado, the break up of the wall got closer and closer to us. The break up reached us and cracked the doorway in half, my half, my hand slipped and I didn’t feel anything but fear for a moment, until I managed to grab onto Catherine’s leg, and placing large amounts of strain on Rorty’s arms as he gripped onto what was left of the doorway with both arms, Catherine gripping onto his midsection, and me on her legs. My hands, covered in sweat started slipping on her legs, the wind was only getting stronger as I watched the world around me disappear.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, I looked at my friends, who looked back, and smiled at them, the most heartfelt smile I’ve given in a long time, realizing what I was about to do, they gave me silent screams, telling me not to, I guess. But my mind was made. I let go of her leg.

The wind grabbed a hold of me immediately, pulling me towards the two portals quickly, I flew towards it arms and legs spread open, I felt a large rock fly into my midsection, a moment of sharp pain in my gut and lower ribcage as I flew into whatever it is the portals became. I went in legs first, then it went up to my chest, the pain disappeared, I looked up at my friends one last time. I mouthed ‘What!?’ as I saw Catherine flying towards me, Rorty right behind her, I reached an arm out just as I sank down to ear level, I grabbed her hand just as my head was encompassed by the black metal, and let go of her hand as my hand went into it as well. This was the last I saw of them.


I can’t tell how long I’ve been floating here. I keep checking the clock on my phone, but its stuck at 3:02 PM. Im just wandering the eternal abyss, I still don’t feel the pain of the rock hitting me, and I don’t feel hunger nor thirst. What happened today, was it today? Am I even alive? This couldn’t be the afterlife, can it? I don’t know anymore.


I opened up the clock app on my phone, I thought nothing had changed, but I looked again, and I saw something completely odd. There was a timer going down, and it said just under 30 seconds, I watched it reach 10 seconds, and I looked around, expecting to see something. The moment the timer hit 0, a great burst of white light exploded in front of me, perfectly harmless light, creating an environment half black half white, what was going on? Suddenly I was pulled forward, like how I was with the wind, and rushing past me was images, moving images, like rips in cloth. I look at as many as I can, rushing past me I saw scenes from ancient history, wait… ancient history? The year is 2278. So why am I being shown images fly by me, I looked at Egypt fly by me, the Romans, the English in medieval Europe, I saw the Americas being discovered and colonized, I was watching the history of the human race as I rushed by.

What I suppose was moments later, I was rushing by the early 1900s, I saw war, so much war, blood, death, and destruction, all of it was being shown to me, why? Suddenly I stopped, then suddenly everything went black. Pitch black, I couldn’t see myself this time. I felt pressure being put on my body immediately and I opened my mouth which let some sort of liquid flood into my mouth, I tried to spit it out but then I realized two things, it was water, and I was floating near the bottom of something with water in it. I looked up and saw a really faint light above me. Pushing from the bottom with my legs I swam to the surface, but I felt my mind slipping, I needed air, badly. I can’t breathe, I need air, and I needed it now. My vision began to fade and my body felt really heavy. I closed my eyes, and allowed the abyss to take me again.


I began to fade in and out of reality, only getting glimpses, I saw a man giving me oxygen from a can and I went out again, barely hearing him shout “It’s another one!”. I went back in again and saw nothing but bright white lights again, they looked like old bright LEDs, I went back out again. I came back to hear someone shout, “Shit! Someone get this kid on some penicillin and get him back to sleep!” I looked down on me and I saw men in sea foam green shirts and caps, wearing mouth covers and holding tools. I felt a needle go in me, adding to my current pain and I was out again.


I wake up again in a bed. A bed? I look around and see myself in a white bed, and monitors right next to me, an IV drip going into my arm, and a man reading what looked like a newspaper at the other end of the room. He looked like a doctor. I made a move to sit up, but felt immense pain. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said the Man. “might make the stitches pop out, understand?” I still sat up, the pain I felt reminding me I’m alive.

“Wh-where am I?” I asked as I moved to get out of the bed.

“You’re in a hospital.” Said the Doctor, playing coy. “I should be asking you,” he folded up his newspaper and walked over to me. “who, no, what are you? A boy just randomly shows up in the river, nearly dead from oxygen from deprivation, right after two others do, and I’d like to know some answ-” He stopped speaking the moment I grabbed him by his coat.

“Two others? Two others? Where are they! Tell me! Tell me now!” I shook him by his coat and began to tear up, from happiness, from sadness, from I don’t know what. But were they here? I needed to know.

He got a dark look on his face, “I’ll take you to them, follow me.” He broke off of my grip and walked towards the door in the corner of the room. I gripped onto my IV drip stand and followed him, holding my gauzed up midsection. I took one last look at the bed I was just in and followed him out.

I followed him into an elevator, after the door shut behind me, he pressed a button reading ‘B3’. “Where are we going? Where are they?” I asked.

“Please stop, all will be known soon.” He held a tight face, matching his older appearance. He pulled some glasses out of his lab coat and put them on, I then realized I don’t have mine, I guess I lost them when I was sucked into whatever that thing was. I don’t feel like I’m near my home….where am I? Am I never going to see home again? My head started pounding and a rush of fatigue  hit me, causing me to lean against the wall of the elevator. He made a move to help me, but I shook him off just as the elevator reached our floor and opened the doors. “Follow me.” He said, turning an immediate left into a dark hallway.

I did as he told, rolling along my IV drip into the hallway. We went down the hallway further and further, getting closer to a silver door. I looked behind me and noticed a Emergency Exit door, I took a mental note of this, if things turned sour, I was grabbing my friends and we were getting the hell out of here.

We finally reached the door, and when I saw what was on it, I stopped, and I began to panic and breathe heavily as I read the door’s label.

“Morgue.” I said to myself. The doctor grabbed my arm and opened the door and led me in. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it didn’t smell bad, it smelt like extreme amounts of disinfectant, too clean. He took a right, pulling me along and pulled me past many bodies, coming to a stop in the corner.

“I’m sorry. I truly am. These two showed up in the lake shortly before you did.” I looked, and looked, and looked again, these two covered bodies couldn’t be my friends, could they? I stepped closer to the body on the right and pulled off the sheet covering the head.

Rorty. I stepped back, this wasn’t real was it? This doctor wasn’t pulling a joke on me, was he? I feel cold. Is this what it feels like to lose someone important? I don’t understand why I’m so calm. My best friend is dead, and I feel numb. I put the sheet back and look to my left, looking at the other body, feeling more despair grab a hold of me. The numbness was turning into fear, and turning into bitter anger, and confusion. I pulled the sheet covering the head of the other body away. It wasn’t Catherine. Who was this? Another dead man, who I don’t know?

I turned to face the Doctor. “Who is this?” I asked, pointing at the second body.

“I thought you knew them both, you had two friends show up before yo-” I ripped out the IV drip and rushed him, grabbing him by the coat and slamming him against the wall.

“Who is this?! Tell me!” I shook him by the coat, adrenaline pumping through my body, numbing the pain of my midsection. “I know the kid on the right, but there should have been a girl with us! Not dead, but with us! Neither of them should be dead! Where am I!” I pushed him against the wall again.

“I don’t know anything,” He managed to squeeze out. “I don’t know who you three, now four are. I don’t know anything, really.” I let go of him then stumbled out of the Morgue. The only thing on my mind was finding Catherine. I needed to find her. I felt nothing but anger and confusion, I needed to find her to find myself. I stumbled out of the door and through the hallway, I hold my midsection and look at my hand, blood. I was bleeding, and a lot at that too. I got to the emergency exit and opened the doors, stairs. I began walking on them slowly, using the wall as support.

I climbed up the stairs, reaching new stories as quick as I could, I could feel the blood loss getting to me. My head started feeling heavy, but I can’t stop, not until I found her. After struggling up the stairs, I found myself at a Door with Exit written on top of it. I pushed it open and an alarm blared, a Fire Exit of course. I stepped through it, only to be greeted by more blinding light, and open field. I moved as fast as I could away from the building, away from Rorty. Why, why did what happen have to kill him, no. Why did it have to happen at all? I looked around me and saw flat land, and dried up earth, almost desert like. I kept moving and looked behind me, seeing a large white building, and behind it a couple hundred yards back, was the lake I appeared in. None of this mattered, I needed to keep moving.

I moved onto a different type of ground, it was pretty beat up, I groaned and leaned down to inspect it further. I grabbed a piece and turned it over in my hand, in the distance I heard music. Music? In the middle of this...desert? I decided to ignore it and went back to inspecting the rock I picked up. Why was it holding so much fascination to me? I looked down onto the ground and saw so much blood on the ground, wasn’t I doing something, I remember being angry for something, but...I’m too tired to tell. The music got louder, but I could barely comprehend this, I was getting a buzz in my ears. I finally scratched off the dirt on the rock, and saw what was under it. Pitch black asphalt. Usually this type of rock is used for-

It was too late to think, too late to notice, why didn’t I notice. Time seemed to slow down again, I looked to my left, and I saw a car in front of me, the source of the music, and it was coming fast. As soon as it hit, I felt nothing, nothing but pain, enough to make me silent once again. I was knocked a couple yards away from the vehicle and it stopped immediately, dead in it’s tracks. I’m laying on my side, I’m finally giving up, the pain, it’s too much. Someone got out of the car and stood over me, yelling at me to stay with him, something about getting help for me…..idiot. I was right next to a hospital. My vision is fading. Is this it? Is this the eternal sleep? Am I, Simon LaCroix, going to die in an unknown world? I managed to look at the car’s license plate, and what was there made me realize any hope for me getting back, was gone. ‘Welcome to a new Millennium!’ It read. ‘Year 2000!’ My vision kept fading in and out. I see someone behind this person, it can’t be, Rorty. He was standing behind this person. My vision finally blacked out, my last thought, Catherine.

A mere hour later, a fish began to swim out of it’s little cavern at the bottom of the lake. It needed to find somewhere new find some food. It floated around, taking in and taking out water as it moved. As it approached a large rock, it spotted something odd near the bottom, something colorful. He swam to the object and found what it was. A red bow, and attached to it? Food.

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