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Three characters, a prostitute, a deceptful husband, a pregnant wife and the internet

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



The Tale of the Banshee
Simone Healy
There we sat, I’m absorbed in a book and he’s watching the game in his new toy, his 72” inch plasma. It almost takes up the whole room. His arm is around my shoulders, head nestling gently there. The opposing team run for the score line, and he jumps up, shouting obscenities at the referee. Who of course can’t hear him. I’m somewhat glad that we are not at the pitch, otherwise I’m sure that he would jump the fence to the pitch. Run up and tackle the team to try to stop them form scoring.
Shaking my head at his groans, they scored and it was converted too. This place needs to be cleaned, I think, whilst scanning the room. The television needs to be dusted, our plush Italian leather, which is inhabitant by two people at the current moment in time needs a good vacuum. I can see tonight’s dinner dishes sitting in the stains steel kitchen, the clean parts gleam in the moonlight.
The windows fill the wall, past them is our swimming pool, reflecting the light off the house and the moon. Hanging behind me is an original Van Gogh. Sunflowers. I like to get lost in it. Imagining myself living in one of the flowers, being covered in pollen, shrouded from life and all its troubles.
He, who is my husband, sits down, after finishing his abusive rampage with the T.V.
Standing up I tell him that I’m going to check my emails and then going to go to bed. He mumbles something, without looking up, eyes mesmerised still on the game.
Up to my study I go. Logging in, the blue light illuminates the room, ‘Windows XP Loading…” flashes up on my screen. It is so conforming, that’s why I hate some computers, they are all the same. ‘I need to take it to the shop to get the processing power fixed. It’s so slow!’ I mumble.
I have a few emails, nothing interesting. Mainly spam, wanting to know if I want to enlarge my penis. They never bothered to check my gender. It’s like I haven’t got a penis, would you like to check? Obviously not!
Oh, a thought passed my mind, reminding me of the need to see if Daniella was online. Signing into Chat Live, please confirm your password banshee24. Yes, Daniella is online, we talk about her being a prostitute and what she does to please the men, I pick up a few tips! Ending the conversation with a smiley face, tongue poking out, it makes me feel cheeky. Logging off I go to bed.
‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!’ Oh Snap! I look over to the stupid alarm clock, 3.30am, the thought of deciding not to go to work muses me. Throwing my arm over to the other side of the bed, I find that he is already up and the aroma of coffee wafts up the stairs. Chucking on a nightgown, I sidle down the stairs. Through the corner of my eye, he is visible, standing in the kitchen, back turned towards me. I go closer to him, and wrap my arms around him. He gets a shock and moves away, I guess that he didn’t hear me coming. All ready for work in his suit, brief case standing on the bench, laptop poking out of it. His phone on the bench beside it. He mumbles that he didn’t sleep last night and the game was screwed up. Putting down his coffee down on the marble bench, he pecks me on the cheek and grabs his laptop. Walking out the door, he doesn’t glance at me like he usually did when he left.
When we first became married it was good, we were happy, had our honeymoon in Austria, in the snow. It was fabulous! But its changed, that is what everyone was telling me, that it would be different. I miss the old him, he was proud of me, always all over me, kissing me and playfully slapping me on the ass. I don’t know how to get back to that way again. Together we were trying for a baby, and I’m not sure if I am pregnant or not. I will have to get a test today.
Closing the door, I head to my car. We are somewhat distance, my wife and I, but there is nothing that I can do about it now. Starting the engine, I grip onto the steering wheel, thinking of the day to come. It is 3.45am, I need to be at work in 45 minutes, it is a possible journey, just one that I do not want to make. It would be easier if work was closer. But I don’t want to be near her, she repulses me, I have no idea why. I was in love with her months ago, when we were trying for a baby. She may be pregnant now for all I know. I pull out of the driveway, and the highway stretches out in front of me. Half an hour passes and I hit the city, the lights glare down on the road, dimming between the lights, then becoming bright, over and over again. Turning off the highway, and down to a street off my workplace, I see the usual amount of people on the street corners.
They are scantily clad, the four of them, obviously waiting for their shift to end or someone to pick them up. The general dress is fishnet stockings, short skirts, short shorts and a bikini top or a bra. One catches my eye, she is beautiful, she wears a black corset, black fishnets and a black g-string, which shows off her ass perfectly, she reminds me of my wife, the way that she used to dress before we got married. I look her up and down and lick me lips. It is 4.30am, I will need to hurry for me not to be late, I drive off, stealing my eyes away from the sight.
It is late and I had better be going home. Pressing the elevator button to go down, it opens and I step in. I watch the floors go down. 210.. 156.. 101.. 42... 32.. 3.. 2..1.. G.. B. Looking down at my hands I check to make sure that I have everything, my phone, wallet, laptop and case. Yes it’s all in order. I waltz over to my car, looking around for anyone that I may know. I get into my car and begin making my way out of the car park.
He pulls up beside me. The passenger window is wound down, and a head pops out.
‘What can I do for ya?’ I ask, with a slur in my voice, chewing on a piece of gum.
‘I’m looking for some company, am I at the right place?’ he asks, looking me in the eye.
‘If you’re gonna pay the right price, ya might be.’ I say, watching him out of the corner of my eye.
I hesitate for a second, drop my fag out of my hand and squish it with the top on my stiletto. Pulling the handle open, I get into his luxury car. He must be rich, he has satellite navigation, a sound system and is wearing a high priced suit. These are the men that I usually get. Ugly. Depressed. Rich. They almost always have insecurities and a wife at home. Sometimes I feel guilty but other times I couldn’t care less. He asks my name, I reply, ‘Daniella, and what’s it to ya?’
‘I just want to know the name of the woman that I am taking home tonight’ he remarks with a smirk on his face, ‘Oh and my name is Mark, so you had better remember it, as you will be screaming it tonight’
I laugh to myself. His confidence is amusing. This is going to be an interesting night. We pull up outside the Versace hotel. He has to be made of money, this is only where the high rollers come. Walking up to the counter, he asks for the reservation of Mark. He grabs the keys and pulls me into him, smelling my scent. He licks my ear, and I bite him back. The attendant gives me a disapproving look, shaking her head. Screw her I think. I make more money in one night then what you do in a week. We hit the elevator button and disappear upstairs.
Work was terrible, my feet ache, and it is 10.20pm and he is not home yet. I can usually hear his car pull up on the driveway about 7.30pm. And now I am worried. He could’ve been in a car accident, or pulled over by the cops. Or something! I try calling his phone, no one answers. After my fifth call, the phone is turned off. Where is he!?! Half an hour goes by, his phone still off. I ring the police, asking if there was any accidents on the highway, or any of the routes that he takes. Nope, nada, no. None on any of them. Where could he be?
I turn on the plasma, on channel v, the song playing, is Gwen Stefani’s ‘It’s My Life”. It’s at the part where she kills her lover. It is interesting! I’m glad that I never had a lover. Just watching the television allows me to be lost, for a while. It’s 12.20am, jeez! I hear something at the driveway. It is a car. I get up and look out the window. It’s him. There’s nothing wrong with his car, in perfect nick. I wonder what his excuse is.
He opens the door and walks in. Leaving his case at the door and taking his jacket off, hanging it off you wedding present or a coat rack. He looks at me, and I smile. Seeing this, he seems to relax.
‘What happened, hun?’ I asked.
‘ I got caught at work. Sorry I didn’t ring my phone died, and I left my charger at home. I missed you, how was your day?’ He asks.
Somewhat unconvinced, as when he stops in the light I see the remains of a red kiss outline on his cheek bone. ‘I had on okay day at work. I think that I may take a day off tomorrow, I’m not feeling well’
‘Okay beautiful, I’m glad that work was good, did u want me to stay at home to look after you?’ he asks.
‘No, no its okay, thanks though.’ I say and turn around and look at the television. He sits down with me, and he smells sweet. I can’t place my finger on what it is, but it is familiar.
After a few minutes I get up and say that I’m going to check my emails and go to bed. I kiss him where the red mark is on his face, he jumps, not expecting it. Telling me that he has to check his too, and gets up and goes to his study.
I sort myself out on the computer, logging on to Chat Live, wanting to print something, I go into his study and he is on chat live too. His name is sexyman23, and he is talking to Daniella. Hmm interesting. Walking into the room, he hurriedly minimises the chat log screen, and spins around what I am doing. I grab the paper and go, he smiles at me.
I see that a new person has started to talking to me. It is him! I’m slightly confused, why is he talking to me, when I am in the next room? Maybe he wants to talk to me? Or maybe he does not know that it is me? Pulling up the conversation with Daniella, she begins telling me about this man that picked her up tonight. He was tall handsome and knew what he was doing. She didn’t mind having him! And she was treated like royalty, they went to the Versace and she was paid for sex. It sounds better than my job.
He seems interested in me. We talk about everything over the next two hours. He does not realise that it is me. I discover that he thinks that his wife is pregnant (me), and that he is drawn away from me because we don’t have sex anymore and also because I am working too much. I am pregnant, actually. I took one of those tests, the ones that u pee on. And it came up positive. Do I tell him? Or leave it for now?
I also find out that he slept with a hooker. One that is on the corner opposite his workplace. It apparently was good. I’m utterly dumbstruck. He cheated on me tonight! SO that’s why he took so long in getting home!! I’m tempted to go in there and castrate him! How dare he! No, No I’m going to get my revenge on him, he will see. I tell him that I have to go to bed now, as I have to start work soon. He gets upset and begs me to stay. I decline his offer, and say that I will be online tomorrow, and with that answer he is happy.
I print out my email that I wanted to and logged off my computer, at that instant he walks into my doorway and tells me that he is going to bed, then walks off. I follow him upstairs.
‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP’ sounds the alarm clock from upstairs. I am sitting downstairs, drinking my coffee, long, strong and black. I could not sleep. Last night’s encounter left me speechless. Daniella was beautiful and certainly talented. I did not expect it to feel so good. I do not consider it cheating because there was no feelings involved. My wife tried to have sex with me last night and I said no. Only because I was so sore from during the day. It would have been cheaper to just have sex with her. The prostitute cost $2170, there goes one weeks wages. If I go again tonight, I will get discount because I satisfied her. That is a bonus, I could never satisfy my wife. I hear a tumble noise come from upstairs, she must be up. I was talking to this wonderful woman online last night, her screen name was banshee24, she was really easy to open up to and talk to about everything, unlike my wife.
Here she comes. Down the stairs, in that tarty little leopard print dressing gown, barefoot. She looks up at me, I am ready to go to work, she always gets up to see me off. Turning to me, she tells me that she is pregnant. I look at her, dumbfounded. A part of me is overjoyed and the other half is dying inside, there goes my independence and my fun. Who is going to have to give up their day job? I do not want to be a stay at home dad! Okay, I am defiantly going to see Daniella tonight!
How could this happen to us? I do not want her to be pregnant!
Still flabbergasted that she has just told me this, when I am about to walk out the door! After a few seconds I say to her ‘That Is great honey.’ with no hint of enthusiasm. I peck her on the cheek and grab my stuff to go. Walking out the door she is still staring at me, hands by her side and shoulders half crouched over. I close the door, leaving behind all the anger, frustration, and sadness behind me.
That is great honey. That’s what my husband said. That is great honey. That is great honey. The words keep going round and around in my head. Should have seen his face drop when I told him. It was like the whole world was coming to an end. And I could see the thoughts of loosing his independence floating around in his head. It depresses me that he can think these thoughts. I think that he just needs time to think. I’m going back to bed, it is only 3.45am, and seeming as I’m not going to work today, I can sleep in.
I awake to me falling on the floor of the room, I must have misjudged the bed width when I was moving. Whoops! But it is a lovely day, the sun is shining and the crickets are clicking. Haha, he has to work. I put on the kettle and whilst waiting for it to boil, I log on my computer. No new facebook comments and another 6 enlargement penis emails. Chat Live, have sent me an email, say that sexyman23 has sent me a private message. Clicking on the link, it opens up to another page, full of live hearts and kiss marks. A message is inscribed on the page.
Dear banshee24,
I need to meet up with you, it is urgent. My wife is pregnant and I need someone to talk to. My way of dealing with this is by talking. Will you talk to me?
I am online now. Contact me, in a private conversation.
My heart skips a beat, what do I do? A pop up on the right hand side of my screen comes up, informing me that sexyman23 has just come online. I change my status to away, and go make myself a cup of tea. What if it is more that talking? I mean that I already know that he has slept with one whore last night. I shall see if he comes home early tonight I will say no, but if he comes home late I will say yes.
Yes it is home time. Finally. I am still waiting for the reply from banshee24. My wife will not be happy, I am going to be late again. Daniella and I are going to go ‘out’ again. Last night was great. Leaving the building, I briefly think of my wife and my unborn child. A feeling of guilt grips my stomach but I push it aside.
He’s late again. It’s midnight and he’s still not home. I’m not worried. I know where he is. With another prostitute. Or someone that he has picked up. I mean he is a good looking man and could get practically anyone. Sometimes I can’t understand why he is with me. I’m just 5 foot 8”, long brown hair and a waist to die for. I’m not the best in the world. I jump on my computer, and respond to his message.
Dear sexyman23,
I would be delighted to meet with you.
How does tomorrow sound?
Where do you want to meet, as you cannot come here, my husband would find me out.
Hope to talk to you very soon,
I pause, and think for a second. Do I want to inflict revenge? Do I want to be a single mother and have to cope with everything by myself? I feel anxious for a second, slightly sick, then decide that no one does this to me, and I slam my finger down on the enter button, to send. The words ‘Sending message’ flash up on the screen. This will be fun, I mutter to myself, with a small smirk on my face. Then, as if far away I hear a car pull up in the driveway. I go to greet my husband.
His hand just touches the door handle, when I rip it open. He is surprised to see me, a stunned look plastered on his face.
‘Where have you been?’ I ask with a sharp tone in my voice.
‘No where,’ he mutters!
‘Yeah bullshit. Tell me where you have been!’
‘I haven’t been anywhere,’ he repeats
‘I don’t believe you! Where have you been? I bet that it was out with some prostitute, wasn’t it?’ I demand.
He looks downcast, as his feet.
‘No’ he answers after a few seconds pause
‘You are just like a little child, I can tell when you are lying! How could you do this to me? I am pregnant with your child and I love you. Can’t you see it in my eyes..‘ I say and grab his face, making him look at me.
A look of hatred nestles in his iris, pure loathing.
‘How dare you look at me like that! I am not in the wrong here! You are the one that is cheating on me.‘ Still looking into his eyes, I pull away and turn around and slap him on the face! Smack! The sound resonated through the whole house.
He looks at me in disbelief and horror.
‘You have never struck me before, why are you doing it now?’ He asks, knowing that he is in the wrong, half admitting it.
‘You know what? Yes, I slept with a hooker, she was better that you are or ever will be! You never want to have sex anymore, and I do not love you either. This is just a convenience thing for me.’ he yells at me, with passion, his whole face going bright red.
I look up at him, disbelief and pain surging through my body. I scream at him.
‘I hate YOU, I wish that I had never married you. I hate everything about you, your habits, your face, the way that you make the bed! EVERYTHING!’ Looking at him, his hands are clenched up at his side, face torn between anger and disappointment. I turn around and walk upstairs, to bed. Halfway up I turn and say ‘You are not welcome in this room tonight, go sleep somewhere else.’
After that comment she leaves me breathless, how could she be so heartless. I go to turn on my computer, my rage lashes out into my blood stream and I hit the desk, shaking and vibrating everything on it. When the stupid piece of machinery turns itself on, I find that banshee24 has replied to the message. The words somewhat sooth my temper. She wants to meet up! That makes me happy. Logging on to the Versace website I make a booking for tomorrow night, under the name Mark. I reply to her message with the details of where and when for the meeting. Somewhat more calm, I walk out of my study and up to the room. I hear her mumble ‘I told you that you were not welcome in here tonight!’ I ignore the comment and grab my pillow and a spare blanket and head towards the couch. There I have an uncomfortable sleep.
When I wake up he is gone. What a night. I’m glad that I’m not going to have another one of them anytime soon, I think and rub my eyes. I know that there is going to be a message from him in my inbox, I can’t wait to read it. Bounding down the stairs, I put the kettle on, I feel good, really good! I knew it! I have a message from him! He wants to meet me at the Versace at 7.30pm, the reservation is under Mark. Jeez he is stupid, I thought that he would have used an alias name, but I guess not. Daniella is online, she starts to talk to me, we talk for a few seconds. Then it just clicks. Maybe Daniella was the prostitute that he slept with? She works on the same street as his work and she did say that she ‘had’ someone or work the past two nights. Out of curiosity, I question her.
Banshee24: Soo what was the man that you ‘worked’ with like?
Daniella: He was tall and handsome, has a bit of weight around the stomach, but is in alright shape.
Banshee24: And? What was his name?
Daniella: Ya know I’m not supposed to tell ya those things. It’s against policy.
Banshee24: Oh go on! I’m not going to tell anyone, and I probably won’t know them. You know that I live out in the sticks!
Daniella: Well, yah, ok. His names Mark and he works over the road in some fancy building. Wears a suit. Bit high class for moi.
Banshee24: Wow, sounds good! Listen, I have to go to work now, but I will talk to you soon. Are you going to see him again soon?
Daniella: Yeah, apparently not tonight but tomorrow night.
Banshee24: Have fun with that. C’ya.
The conversation makes me interested and angry. Out of all the women that he could have picked, he took Daniella the prostitute. I thought that he could do better than that. The news makes me glad that I am going to meet him tonight. Hmm, I have to go to work and stop off at the local shops, to pick up some “supplies”.
It’s 6.30 and I am outside the Versace. I am shaking in anticipation. I have a blonde wig on, it’s a tightly curled one. Something like Marilyn Monroe’s hair. I’m wearing a skin tight red dress, and a pair of six inch wedges. Walking into the foyer, I look around. The only person visible is the receptionist. I ask for the keys to the reservation for Mark, handing them to be, she gives me a disapproving look. I head towards the elevator, thinking about what the look could mean. I give up after a few seconds. Meh, I think to myself, it doesn’t matter. Placing the key in the door, I am surprised at how spacious the room is. It overlooks the broad water, pastel coloured and beautiful.
Standing at the bed, I open my bag that I brought with me. In it is my new lingerie, a hair dryer, a million candles, a lighter, a night gown and strip of black material. With this all set out in front of me, I begin to get ready, I scatter the hoards of candles around the bathroom, lighting each one, methodically. A routine is established. Pick one up, light it, place it down with the design facing forwards. I turn on both the taps of the bath and let it run to fill up. 6.45pm I finish lighting them and begin to get myself ready.
Taking off my dress, I slide a corset over my arms, squeezing it down over my shoulders. I accidentally put it on sideways, so I need to slide it around, I giggle at my foolishness. I take the ribbon in my hands and fasten it, so that it pulls my stomach taught, squeezing my breasts together. I feel enhanced and sexy. I feel powerful and ready to take on the world. I pull on a g-string, one that shows off my ass perfectly. Grabbing the unopened pair of fishnet stockings, I open them and roll them over my legs. I attach them to my g-string with a tie. My elbow high black satin gloves, ah they take my breath away, making my arms look skinny and sexy. Standing up, I look through my bag, looking for the last essential, my 6 inch heels. I spin around and look at myself in the mirror. I can barely recognise myself. Here is this beautiful woman standing before me. She is tanned, blonde and wearing a black sexy outfit. She looks fabulous, and I am surprised at how good I look. Then I remember the bath! I forgot to turn it off. Running to the bathroom, I stop it before it gets to the top.
Walking into the bedroom, I clear the bed, leaving one item plugged into a power point in the bathroom and the other in my hand. Now I have to wait. He is going to be here any minute. I stand up and look at myself in the mirror again. I model for myself, it is fun! A knock at the door startles me. I walk over and open the door slightly. There he is. Waiting for me to open the door for him.
I know that she is in there, I can see that she has opened the door a crack. She opens it more and commands me to come in with my eyes closed. I do as I am told. Walking in the door, she puts something over my eyes, tying it tightly around my head. She takes my hand, and leads me into what I think is the bathroom, from the way that her heels click against the floor. Whispering in my ear, and nibbling my neck makes me excited. I ask her to take off the blindfold, she just puts her finger on my lips and shushes me. I feel her hands inside my suit, she feels my nipples through the shirt. Pulling the suit off, the buttons of my suit are beginning to come undone, one by one, exposing my chest.
When all of them are undone, she untucks the shirt from my pants and lets it too drop to the floor. My belt is the next thing to come off. She whips it out of the material with a shhhlip. Pain surges through me as she lashs me with it on my arse. I yelp out in surprise! She tells me to be quiet. I obey. She slowly undoes my zipper of the pants, and the button, expecting her to take them off slowly too, she whips them down, exposing my banana man boxers. She tells me to take off my shoes and socks, and stand still in that spot. Kicking off my pants too, she scratches me chest, all the way down to my boxers. Without stopping she slides her hands down them, cradling my bum in her hands. She slips them down my legs and I groan slowly. Whispering in my ear, I’m told that I’m going to be getting into the bath, and if I touch the blindfold then there will be trouble. At the mention of trouble she bites my nipple, I cringe. She guides me to the tub and allows me to sit in the hot water, bathing.
After a few minutes of her walking around in the bathroom, I can feel her presence come closer to me. Reaching behind my head she undoes the blind fold. The light blinding me, I cannot see for a few seconds, when my eyes adjust, I see this beautiful woman standing in front of me. She has curly blonde hair, dressed so sexily that I just want her now. She towers over me. I am awestruck. She begins to talk, and her voice sounds familiar.
Two hands behind me, I start to talk. ‘I have been waiting for this moment all my life babe’ I tell him. He stares up at me, a look of lust and adoration in his eyes. Reaching behind my head, I feel for the back of the wig. When I have it, I rip it off and my brown curls fall onto my shoulders, an ‘Oh’ is emitted from his mouth. ‘This will teach you for cheating on me,’ I say, turning on the hairdryer, I toss it into the bathwater. He tries to lunge out the bath, but the electricity is too quick. He is dead in a matter of nanoseconds. The lights go on and off, not liking the water. I hurriedly walk away . Into the bedroom, I grab my bag, quickly slip another black dress on, shoving the wig into my bag. I get to the elevator, and press the ground floor. Just as the door closes I see the hotel staff running out of the lift, to check the commotion. I just missed them. When I get out, no one is at the receptionist’s desk and I waltz out of the building.

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