Love Found Me

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I felt as if time was against me. I should not have let her leave with those people. Adriana I hope you can forgive. What have I done? I hope I am not too late. Please hold on my love I am coming for you and this time I am not leaving without you.

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



I was told that time heals all wounds and in time I would be ok. I am so tired of running, hiding and the fear that I am feeling is nothing short of crushing my heart. Even though I am not living with my mother I still have nightmares. I am afraid for my unborn children and I am fearful that I will be killed before I get some help. The thought of losing the children growing inside of me gave me the determination I needed to put the past behind me so they could have a future, these angels were given to me for a reason and the love that I am feeling for them is much more  overwhelming than the fear I am feeling in the pit of my gut.
It’s been three months since I have left this place and now I am going back. I have been running from this place and I am now forced to return home. My mother was always so weak and now her decision was made solely to please her husband who was, a lowlife  who married her for her money and had a design for her daughter.

For as long as I can remember, this man made my life a living hell and he was still making me pay. I remember so many things that made my skin crawled and my heart hurt so bad that I wanted to die, but most of all I remember the night that caused my life to be hell bound.

As I entered the town I see so many familiar faces, so many people looking at me so strangely, some with pity, some with hatred and some with friendly faces. I remember the hurt, the lies and the torture I went through because no one would stand up to my stepfather. That’s what money did in this town. You could commit the worst kind of crime and get away with it, as long as you had money to pay for the crime.

As I got closer to my mothers house, my palms began to perspire and my heart begins to beat so loudly I swear I can hear every beat of it. I had to stop the car, my hands won’t stop shaking and I am now feeling dizzy. Should I just turn the car around and head back home? I can always ask for forgiveness, maybe I should have asked for a police escort to be sure I was safe. My mother had promised me that my stepfather would not be there and that she had not seen him for nearly three months. I hope she was telling the truth, because she is dying and I would like to spend some time with her.

Ok! I think I will sit here awhile and compose my thoughts, I need to put these thoughts away, just to make my mother comfortable in the few months she has left. I have always loved my mother and I know she always loved me but she had found her way with a man who belittled  and ruined her confidence. She was once such a lovely woman and over the years she just withered away before my eyes. When I was leaving she said I was never to return home and that she was truly sorry for what she had put me through. At that moment I felt pity and understanding. Even though I have returned I know I lost my mother years ago. I just wished things were different. I just need to close my eyes for a couple minutes before facing her.

Arrrrrrg!!!!! I hate coming to this town, the memories I have of this place is not good. There are so many secrets and lies, but  eventually  I will find out what I need to know. Four months ago I was here visiting my aunt and her husband, the experience has changed my life and I need to know the truth.  Something tells me that I won’t like the outcome of what I will hear but I need to know. My aunt and her husband are no longer together and she wants to confess to me what really happened four months ago. I met this girl in an unusual manner and she left my world upside down. I think about her all the time. Her face has left an impression on my heart and I can’t get her out of my head.

I am so eager to find out what happened and where I can find her. I have so many questions. On the night I met her I wanted just to hold and protect her. The fear I saw in those eyes were frightening. I can’t sleep without her memories and I can still smell the perfume she wore that night. I have been holding on to that scent for so long, but today will be a day that everything will be set right, once and for all.
As I turned the Corner of the biggest clothes store in the town, I saw the old witch, “ Miss Bradford.” She was right there, the night when most of them accused her of been the town whore and almost killed the girl they found in my bed. She was the instigator, it was as if she had gotten paid to say all those things, because she said them as if she was reciting from a book.

She was the bully in the town, whatever she wanted she got, because her husband owned the bank that everyone used and she could be an influencial ally or your worst nightmare. She knew how to milk the situation to the last drop. She also knew how to make you pay as long as it was beneficial to her. As I continue to drive I saw some of the familiar faces that I met some time ago, some really good and honest, while some were like Dragons who were willing to burn you at the stake, because they had nothing better to do.

Aww! There was the lovely Mrs. Avery, I think she would lay with anything that wore a pair of pants. Mrs. Avery was someone that I was always willing to avoid and had me running in the opposite direction at any given time. She is such as a Piranha, I was on the verge of treating her such as a criminal. She escaped what I had planned for her because of the night that has been haunting me for so long. For sure she wasn’t so easily gotten rid of, but I managed. I have spent so many years putting away criminals not to know how to deal with an annoying bitch, although this lady had me using a lot of energy and strategy, yea she knew how to drive a man crazy and I am talking the asylum crazy. I hope she doesn’t have the desire to be on the wrong side of the law because she knows how to plan and trap very well.

There is so much on my mind, so much time wasted. I have been an agent for the F.B.I for eight years and anyone there can tell you I am good at my job. In my eight years I have had two mishaps that weren’t my fault but I felt responsible because I was in charge. I eventually corrected the mishaps but at a cost that left me nursing gun shot wounds. I survived and now I am here in a town trying to find a girl and I am finding this task very hard. It is as if she dropped off the face of the earth.

I remembered the night as if it was yesterday. I was undercover for almost two months trying to catch the traitor wo “ratted,” out our location in the last mission we were on. In the second month of my investigation we  finally caught him red handed, he went for the bait. I was well in need of some time off because I had been working for two years straight without a break, so I took my backpack, turned off the company’s phone and headed to my aunts. I did not want to take the chance of going home and something came up and they found me too quickly, and before I know what was happening I would be on another case.

As Soon as I arrived in town I had decided to book into the Hotel just for some peace and quiet before I went to my aunts. My aunt talked alot and she would not stop asking questions until she felt satisfied. I was still on medication and needed to have a long comfortable sleep. After booking the room and showered I just laid on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke two hours later, I remembered because I looked at my watch. Someone was banging on my door. I got up opened the door and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen slipped in my room and closed the door as quickly as she got in. I felt something was wrong but I was too sleepy from exhaustion and medication to think anything of it. Anyway I thought nothing bad ever happens in “Cassidees.” My first reaction was, “How may I help you?” She just blurted out that she wanted me to make love to her. She must be joking I thought, “What?” I asked. My brain and thoughts weren’t functiong in union. I wanted to ask more questions but I was too out of it. She repeated, “ Please have sex with me.” I was now angry, confused and hot. Was she sick with a disease that she wanted to give me, was she crazy or did she just saw me come in and knew I have not had a woman in almost seven months. Before my thought could go any further she pulled off her top, all I could focus on was her perfect tits and how they would feel in my hands and mouth. She approached me so quickly I had no time to evade her kisses, I pushed her away and looked in her face, she looked so young. I ask, “ How old are you?” she said: “nineteen.” Here eýes were so blue, they were like oceans trying to swallow me up. I lost my control when I heard her, pleaded again, “ Please make love to me.”

Everything went so fast, I remembered her not wanting me to kiss her all over, it was as if she was shy or she was a virgin, but I knew this was no virgin. She was acting like a professional. As I entered her for the first time I gave here all I had, I heard her screamed a gut wrenching scream and her fingernail dugged deep into my arms, I stopped and was about to get up when she begged me to go on. I did, I was happy she wanted me to continue and that I did not hurt her. We had sex again before we fell asleep. I was awaken by her as she tossed and cried in her sleep. All I could do was hold her, she looked so peaceful when she slept. I turned on the bedside lamp to look in the face of this beautiful woman who had given herself so willing to me and if I could understand what was happening. I am wide awake now and something tells me, trouble is coming my way. As I inspect her I notice she has pelts and wails on her arms and back as if she was beaten. My muscles began to clench and unclench because I wanted to know who did this to her.

I was about to wake her and ask when I heard voices outside my door and shouting. I jumped out of bed, put on my pants and slowly opened the door to see a toll, well dress man, looking at me furiously with two policemen at his side and at least four other persons. “Where is she?” he asked. “And who may that be?” I asked. I looked behind me and saw raw fear in her eyes, shaking her head as if the devil was outside calling for her. Something was wrong and I did not know what. What have I done and what do I do now? She is my daughter and I am taking her with me. I heard her laugh and every hair on my neck and head shouted danger. “I am not your daughter,” she shouted. “I would rather die.”

Oh shame on you I heard a woman shouted, it is not your fault sir she is the Town’s whore. She slept with my Robby too. Anyone she can get in her bed. “That’s a lie and you know it,” I heard her say. I would not sleep with that pathetic creature you called son if he was the last man on earth. “How many others have you slept wich?” “You slept with this man, do you know him?” You have been seen leaving Mr. Goldson’s house in the middle of the night and other men too. The man who said he was her father stood there looking pleased, also smacking his lips as if he saw something that enticed him. He made a step towards the bed and I stopped him. “Don’t you think you should wait outside and let her get dress?”

As I turned around and headed towards her she put up her hands as if warding me off. She just said I am sorry for getting you involved and thanks for last night. She sounded as if she was going to her own funeral. I held her by the shoulder and said talk to me, “what is going on?” She said, “ I can’t he would kill both of us.” My every being told me that she was in danger and I needed to protect her. The last thing I told her was no matter where she was I would find her. She hugged me and as I held her I felt her shaking so hard I had to hold her tighter. She pushes me away and headed to the door then she turned around and looked at me, really looked at me, her eyes were so sad I felt a pain in my heart. For the very first time I knew I had fallen for a woman who was nothing like the other women I had known. I went to follow and she just said no, please stay where you are. My mind began to race, there are things I need to get done, I finished getting dressed and that’s when I saw the sheets. They had blood stains all over them.

Oh my God! What have I done to this poor girl? Who did I send her home with? I took my keys and my stuff and ran for the elevators. By the time I arrived in the Foyer, they had left already. Oh thank God for this receptionist. In less than a minute I found out that the girl I slept with had a name and that she was slapped in the face and dragged out of the hotel by her stepfather. I was about to hear more when her boss walked up and gave her the look. By the time I was finished checking out I was livid. Slapped and dragged her, I am so angry with myself , I felt adrenaline running havoc in my body, if I catch him I would beat him to a pulp. I was about to leave when I ask the receptionist if she had an address for Adriana, I heard her boss cleared his throat. Both of us looked at him at the same time, she looked him straight in the eyes and said, “yes.” She gave me an address and said, “Adriana is a good girl, please help her.” I felt like hugging her, but I said I hoped this won’t  get you fired. She laughed and whispered,  “he wouldn’t dare I’ve got his secrets, just let him try.” “Please help Adriana,” she continued, “he beats her and he has also tried to rape her.” I stared at her so intently that she gasp, maybe she saw what I was thinking and it scared her. I am beginning to understand Adriana’s actions more and more. I understand her dreams and the sadness in her eyes and that made me even more determined to find her, but first I had to make a stop.

I drove to my aunt’s house, a man with a mission that morning to give her a heads up and to make her aware of what had happened and what I was about to do. On reaching her home I found her crying and her husband shouting that I was responsible for him losing his job. They both turned and saw me at the same time. What did I ….. My uncle didn’t wait for me to finish the question, he yelled, “of all the girls in town you had to touch that one.” “Why?” He asked. Why? I am out of a job now, her stepfather fired me on the spot. “How will I finish paying for this house?” “What will I do?” Aunt Doris you know I am well off and I have been asking you to let me help you for over fifteen years now and you have always said no. It’s about time I help…….what do you mean well off? he ask. I am worth $22.8 Million the last time I checked. What? He said again. All this time you made me work for that m……, before he could say man, my aunt shouted, No! What do you mean no? My uncle asked. You would rather me slaved out in that factory for the rest of my life. My aunt just looked sadly at me and began to cry. My uncle was so angry he left the room, on his way out, he slammed the door, it’s a wonder the door did not fall of it’s hinges.

I went over and comforted my aunt who was now crying uncontrollably, she tried to speak but I could not understand her. I hate it when women cried, it made me feel so helpless. I put her to sit and gave her a glass of water, please stop crying now aunt Doris, you know that Iwill take care of you no matter what. My aunt is the only mother I have known since my mother died when I was four years old. She took care of me until I was seventeen years old, that’s when I left for college. My father remarried and lives Europe with his wife. He is not a bad person but we were never close. My mother and my aunt shared the same father but not the same mother. My grandmother died leaving a fortune to my mother and on my twenty first birthday every cent was handed to me. I have not spend a dime but I have made smart investments that have done well over the past few years. Eventually I will stop working for the F.B.I but I have never gotten the urge until now.
Aunt Doris please listen to me, I think this girl is in trouble. I said this girl so that she would not get suspicious of my feelings for her. Someone has been abusing this girl, I need to put a stop to it. What? I don’t think anyone would do such a thing and furthermore her stepfather will kill you. Aunt Doris do you have any idea what I do for a living, I work with the F.B.I, I know what I am doing and I understand perfectly well what I am getting myself into. “You work where!”she shouted. “All this time you made me believe you had a 9 to 5 job.” “How dare you?” she continued, “you could have gotten hurt.” She pushes me in the shoulder where I had been shot and I winced, before I could hide the Emotion. She said, “Let me see.” She started a fresh set of tears and between hiccups she said, “If your mother knew she would kill both of us.” We both looked at each other and began to laugh…that’s what I liked so much about this woman. She could be so warm and funny without trying. She got serious again. “Leave that girl alone she begged, don’t do anything you will regret, know the facts and what you are up against.” “This girl could be trouble.”

“She is in danger and I don’t think she is trouble.” “If you don’t want to help me I will do what I have to do on my own.” I walked out of the room, went to my car and drove in the direction of her home. Why is everyone so tight lipped? What are they afraid of? As I drove up to her home I saw two police cars and some men getting organized. I got out of the car and asked who was in charge there. I heard someone shouting expletives and saw someone running towards me. It was Adriana’s stepdad. He said, “I was to leave his property before he shot me.” When he got close enough to me I knock him straight to the ground with a punch, “that is for slapping Adriana you Bastard,” I shouted. I saw the Police pulling their guns and soon they had them pointed on me, I pulled my weapon and my badge at the same time. I am with the Federal Bereau of Investigation, my name is Vance Mckenzie. Everyone froze and did not know what to do. They all turned and looked at the policeman that was at the hotel earlier which I am guessing is in charge.

I am not asking again, I shouted. If I have to I am going to make a formal complaint against both of the officers who where at the hotel earlier, who saw a lady who was my company, slapped around and dragged from the hotel. For the sake of these two officers they had better make sure nothing happens to her, because there will be hell to face. You can’t do nothing about what I did she is my daughter, I should be the one pressing charges against you. She is not your daughter and from what I have heard she has been sleeping around for quite some time now. She is past the age of consent so quit trying to fool yourself. For the record she is nineteen and is free to do whatever she pleases. Maybe you have something else in mind for her. You son of a bitch he raised his fist and came at me. I stepped sideways and this time punched him in the stomach. I am going to continue making you pay until I find Adriana and hear her side of the story. “If you have laid a hand on her,” I bent and whispered in his ear, “You’ve better hide and pray God that I don’t find you.” As I headed towards one of the officers that was at the hotel earlier, he said, “We went back to the Police Station, that’s when they got the order that they were to go to this address, because Adriana was reported missing again.”

Finally! I am at my aunt’s home, these memories can be so tiring. Ahh! I am here I will be able to find out the truth and know what to do. Adriana I will find you if it’s the last thing I do.

Oh pain! I thought I would just close my eyes for five minutes. I slept for nearly two hours. I have aches all over my body and I am feeling as hungry as a bear. I have to get out of this car before I fall into a coma from hunger or  my children starts to complaining and makes me ill. I rang the doorbell so that the housekeeper Nardie would know that I have arrived. She was so good to me, she kept me sane and protected me in her  own special way. She answered the door and as she saw me, I saw tears of joy running down her face. She hugged and kissed my cheeks. She began telling me how much she had missed me and as usual how skinny I was. She said she would have to fatten me up. I told her I was so hungry. “Ok!” she said, visit with your mother a little and I will prepare your favourite meal, as I was about to tell her not to go through all that trouble she said, “It was no problem.” “It is with pleasure I am doing it for my special girl.” I climbed the stairs two at a time, such as I always did when climbing stairs. I always thought they took up too much time when I did them one at a time. I was at my mother’s bedroom door and I had this feeling of fear, I did not know what to expect.

Well it is now or never. I knock at the door and opened it. When I entered I did not see my mother at first because she was so tiny in the huge bed. As I drew closer, I called out, “Mom, are you awake?” Oh God please don’t let her die I have so much to tell her. I heard her little voice, she sounded broken and weary. “Hello, my sunflower,” she said. I started crying the moment she called me sunflower. “Hi mama,” I cried. “Sorry I left you, I am so sorry.” “Don’t cry my darling,” she said. “I am sorry for what I put you through.” “I have something to tell you now and I won’t put it of any longer.” “I have changed my will.” “Mama!” I interrupted her, “We can talk about this later.” “I want to talk now,” she said, “I don’t know if I have later.” “Please don’t say that mom, please,” I cried. “I have changed my will I left everything to you,” she said. “You are the sole heir of my estate, you are worth $11.2 million plus what you have from your father’s trust fund.” “Your stepfather Paul can’t wait for me to die but he will be in shock after I am gone.” “Please be careful and get away as far as you can from here, far from him my sweet precious girl.” “Mama, he his your husband,” I said. “Husbands are supposed to get a share of the estate.” “Not to worry my love,” she said. “He signed a prenuptial when we got married but soon after he forced me to right a will.” “My lawyer was there but what he doesn’t know is that I had my lawyer prepare two wills at the same time, incase something was to happen to me.” “I tore up the one he saw me signed, when I left my estate to him.” “He gets nothing, all my money goes to my sweet girl who has suffered so much because of me and never once complained are argued with me.” “Start a new life and please my love dont make the same mistakes I made.” “You will find happiness I know, because you are love itself.” “Your heart is pure and I know you have a guardian angel you will know him when you see him.” “I saw him the day you left here.”

Ah ah! She must be dying quicker than I thought, rest Mama, you need your strength, I will visit you again later before I go to bed. “How long will you be here for, my sweet girl?” she asked. “For as long as you want me here mama.” I kissed her forehead and went out, I was about ready to start crying my eyes out. I headed back to the kitchen and realized I lost my appetite. I knew I had to eat something to settle my stomach, so I ate alittle of what Nardie had prepared and promised her I would eat the rest later. “I told her I was just tired and felt crappy since I saw my mother.” She just hugged me and said, “Your mother is so proud of you.” “She told me you did what she could not find the courage to do.” “You stood up to Paul.” “Oh Nardie,” I laughed shakily. “That was not courage my dear that was fright.” “Whatever it was it worked, you got away.”  

I went to my room, showered and climbed into bed; I was so easily tired nowadays. These children inside of me take up all of my energy. No one but Farah in town knows that I am here and that I am pregnant. She is; a friend to have, she will have your back no matter what. Oh and yes she moves like a secret agent.” She likes living on the edge and I think she knows how to fire a gun. She always wanted to shoot Paul. She just never quite know how to plan his murder. Sometimes she scares the living daylight out of me with her thoughts. She still works at the Hotel as a receptionist and will be working there for a very longtime because she had made some wise investments and had bought shares in the hotel. That’s what happens when you have a stockbroker boyfriend who loves the very ground you walk on. My eyes are shutting down, I must be tired than I thought.

I went around to the back of my aunt’s home because at this hour she is normally in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. She saw me before I saw her and she called out to me. “ I have been waiting,” she said. I am here now. My heart was beating so fast because I needed all the information I could get. After talking to my aunt I have one more stop to make, then I will put my plan in motion. I will have to find that lowlife Paul before he finds Adriana. “Would you care for a Cup? I said no, I was too eager to begin. Ok! she said. “Where do I begin? It is always better to start at the beginning, I said.

She started and I was hurt and angry with everything she told me. She told me Paul has been blackmailing her husband for years. She did not know about it until I had left. Apparently he was caught in an uncompromising situation at a party Paul had hosted and Paul took pictures of him.  Her husband had caught Paul beating and about to rape Adriana and he stopped him and that’s when he began blackmailing him. He even went as far as saying, Adriana would not back his stories because she knew he would kill her mother, who does he think the wonderful citizens of this town will believe. Adriana’s housekeeper is the friend of my church sister. Once I heard her praying for Nardie and Adriana. She prayed God may keep them safe because the stepfather Paul was evil itself. When you left and John told me everything that Paul did, I was so upset I asked him to leave. Then I went to my church sister’s house and asked her for more information. She was reluctant, so I told her I was reporting her to the church body for aiding and abetting in these action, she knowingly turned her back on wrong and ill treatment of another person, and that was not right I told her. She still would not talk so I took the affirmative stance, I was about to beat every word out of her if I had to. She said I wouldn’t dare; so I started hitting her, she fought back but as you know I know how to fight. I was going to hit her in the jaw when she said, “No not the face.” That’s when I found out that Adriana’s stepfather was abusing her mother in a manner that left me gaging and degrading to any woman. Nardia saw him bringing a man in their bedroom once, she heard Adriana’s mother screaming and saying no, when she could not take it any longer she knocked on the door and ask if she was alright. She saw her kneeling down on the floor with her husband dick in her mouth and the other man with a mask on his face pounding her from behind.

Nardia ran out of the room and he chased after her, he caught her before she could get out of the house. He threatened to kill her but he would make every one of his friends have the pleasure of knowing her body if she toll anyone. Why didn’t she go to the police, I asked. My aunt looked at me as if I was dumb. In case you have not noticed he has most of these people in his pocket. He told Nardia that if she left her job she would never work again. She would just have an accident and that would be the end of her.

 By the time my aunt finished talking she was shaking and crying uncontrollably, I had to comfort her. Please don’t cry anymore, I am going to set things right. I am so sorry, she said. Can you ever forgive me? You are not at fault here, I just need to find Adriana, something tells me that she is in grave danger. I know someone who can help, she knows where Adriana is, I am sure. She is secretive but I have always known both girls were friends even though they tried so hard to hide it. She works at the hotel, she is the receptionist there. Her name is Farah, I think she is the one who has been protecting Adriana these past months. How do you know I asked? Just go talk to her she said. Dont leave until she tells you where she is.

So now I have two stops to make but the first is at the Hotel. I need to find Farah and find out what she knows. As I entered the hotel I get the feeling as if I am been watched. I shake it off because I was on a mission and nothing will get in my way. I am fully alert and I know my partner is always near. I went up to the receptionist area and asked for Farah, I was told she was off to lunch. I told her I needed to find Farah because she is my cousin and I have not seen her in a long time. She look me squarely in the eyes and said, “ Farah’s mother and father had no brothers and sisters.” Then she screamed for security. I am thinking now that I am on tue verge of been thrown out. I saw the securities running in my direction the sametime I saw the talkative receptionist I met the last time I was here. I called to her and she looked up. “Do you remember me?” I asked. “Please I am looking for Farah.” “What do you want with her?” she asked. “I just wanted to thank her and ask her out for lunch.” “I did not get to say thanks to her the last time I was here, she was such a help.” Then I heard her say, “Stop joking around, you know I am Farah.” “What do you want?” I took my cue from her. “I had promised you lunch remember and you said anytime I was back in town I should look you up.” I  saw her smile and I was relieved. “This is your lucky day, I was on my way out to lunch.” Anyone watching would see that we were only going out to lunch but I knew she understood what I wanted and I could see in her eyes that she was also upset and preoccupied with her own worries and thoughts.

“Lets take my car,” I told her, she sat in the car and tears just started flowing down her face. I did not ask her anything because I knew I was been followed by my partner and he would console her. Something was definitely wrong and she was also scared, I could smell it on her. I turned off the main road and waited for Nick. Nick was also with the F.B.I, he was also rotten rich, he was also the stockbroker who helped me to increase my millions. As he pulled up he takes a look at Farah, gave me a look as if to say what did I do to her. I raised my hands and said not me. She looked at him and started to cry harder. “Oh Nick!” she cried, “I tried calling you and you were not answering, I thought something had happened to you.” “Someone called me and said if I don’t talk where the bitch is they would kill you.”

She realized what she said, she pursed her lips together, blinked twice and then asked, “You two know each other? Nick wasn’t a beat around the bush kind of a person he said, “yes,” and went on to say, “We are partners, we work with the F.B.I.” “So you weren’t here by chance and everything you told me was a lie?” she said. “No, it was all true Nick continued, I am in love with you, I am a stockbroker and I am here to help my friend protect Adriana and now I will protect you.” “Oh Adriana!” She began to cry again, I thought the last time I saw you you would help her. “I tried but when I reached her home she had already ran away.” “He nearly killed her you know, he had beaten her in a inch of her life when I found her.” “Nick he is here in town and Adriana is here too.” “He was in my room Nick , someone else was there too.” “He put the pillow over my face and touched my breast, he ordered me to close my eyes, he licked my face and said,” “When he is finished with Adriana he was coming for me.” “What I am feeling I saw it before, Adriana also went crazy when he did it to her.” “She washed and washed her skin until she was sore all over and she could not get his touch  and his scent off her.”

She ran off, dropped to her knees and vomitted every drop of food that she had eaten. Nick went after her, held her until she stopped shaking, whispered in her ears, “I’ve got you baby.” “Nick opened the door sat down and held her while she told us what has been going on. Nick look over her head at me with murder in his eyes. “He is going to kill Adriana for sure.” “He said so, he was punching and kicking her when she escaped him on that day.” “Her mother had hit him over the head and knocked him out cold.” “She then begged Adriana to run for her life. He said if Adriana was pregnant he would kick her in the stomach until she lost the baby and if that did not work he would cut the baby out of her. She turned and looked at me with eyes so haunting that my eyes were filled with tears. What have this man done to these women? I heard her, but it was such as a whisper that came to my ears. “Adry is pregnant with twins,” she said. I did not comprehend, she realized I was in shock so she shouted at me hysterically. “Adriana is having your babies and Paul is here” Nick he is here, “He was in my room.” “He is going to kill her.” “Vance!” Nick snapped me back to reality, “Paul is in Cassidees.”

I heard all of it Nick and lets just say I am thinking of all the ways I am going to make his death as painful as possible, not if I catch him first Nick said. Farah where is Adriana now? She is at her mother, her mom is dying , Paul tortured her before he left in search of Adriana. He also pushed her down the stairs. She broke both her legs and I think she is just giving up.

Adry woke up with the feeling that she was being watched, she knew if Paul had come to the house Nardie would know and find away to let her know. She shook her head and got up, I wont allow him to consume my thoughts and spoil my day. Yes it was morning, I slept through the night and now my stomach is making loud noises and I am about to be sick again. Oh I will be happy when the morning sickness has passed, although the doctor said I could also be sick throughout my entire pregnancy. It was not unusual with twins. As soon as I was finished with my shower and breakfast, I visited my mother. She was still sleeping, I kissed her forehead and told her I would be back soon. I was in a hurry, I needed to talk with Farah.

Nick told Farah to move in with him and he was not taking no for an answer. She was officially on vacation until she said when. Now this morning we are heading over to Adriana house. On our way over there Farah asked me not to say anything about the babies because she gave her her word that she would not tell anyone. Please let her tell you. “I will Farah,” I said. You are a very good friend, she just looked out the window and said nothing. Nick looked at me with eyes that said last night was rough. Farah did not sleep the entire night, he had to be up with her holding and comforting her. He reached over and took her in his arms, he whispered, “ It will be okay and that is my promise to you.” She just sighed and allowed him to hold her.

We pulled up at Adrianaa house and was about to to ring the doorbell when she stepped out. She did not recognize me at first but she looked straight at her friend and asked, “ What’s wrong?” They met each other halfway, they hugged and at the same time said, “He is here.” Nick and I both said, “Where ?” in union. That’s when she finally looked at me with the same sad eyes I remembered. I think he was in the house, I felt as if someone was watching me. We need to talk, we all need to talk. “Why? she asked. “This is not your problem.” “I swear on my chi….she did not finish the word children because she realized she was with her children’s father.” “I am not talking with you or anyone.”

Farah shouted her name so loudly that we all turned to face her. I don’t want to die so young, he was in my room, with a gun to head. I just know understand what you were going through, I dont want you to die either because I dont know if I would want to live either, but you have got to fight. You have survived for so long, why are you giving up now? Why? You are stronger than this, than me. He only attacked me once and I am experiencing all kinds of terror when I close my eyes. I dont feel like smiling, I feel dirty and degraded, but you survived. If you fight Adry I will too and you can’t give up, remember the babies, Oh Farah you promised! I know but I told him before and he was looking for you anyway. She looked at me and asked, “Why? “Why what?” I ask. “Why were you looking for me? “Did I not tell you I would find you wherever you are? She just shook her head and said, “I think he is going to kill my mom!”

Adriana you need to talk with me, tell me everything because I am not going anywhere. I am going to make Paul wish he had never been Born. “And trust me Adriana he means it,” Nick said. Vance continued by telling her what he went through to find her and how everyone was secretive. She stopped him be saying, “Not secretive, afraid.” Lets go to Nicks house where we will be safe and can sitdown comfortable and talk. On the way to Nicks house we talked about what needed to be done and by the time we reached the house, the ladies were listless both caught up in their own thoughts. Nick told them to sleep a little because both him and I needed to talk. When we went to check on them they were not in separate rooms they were both sleeping in the same bed. Nick was a little put out because he wanted to be with Farah. They looked so peaceful, my heart felt so much pride when I looked at Adriana, I look at the rise and fall of the bump of her stomach and my heart does the double take of a proud father to be. We left the room, I turned to Nick and said, “We need to protect them.” He just said, “ I know, and that is what we are about to do.” “Let the hunting begin.” We had finished talking when we heard one of the ladies cell getting messages and I knew something was wrong, my heart told me it was Adriana and she is going to need me. Nick and I stared at each other and waited. Oh good! it did awaken them. As we were about to go back to what we were doing we heard both of them screamed as if someone was in the room with them. Adrenalin caused us to reach the rooms before they stopped screaming. They were both standing when we reached them, Adrianna looked at me intently and did a dead faint before she fell to the ground I had her cuddle within my arms. Farah pointed at the phone, Nick looked and gave it to me, it was a picture of Adrys mom dead and Paul standing right beside the bed. The message read, “told you so.”

Nick took Farah from the room and I placed Adry on her side on the bed and laid down and held her. I whispered to her to sleep but she was wide awake because she spoke. “Why does he hate me so?” “What did I do to him?” “Why does he wants to kill me? “He dosen’t hate you Adry he wants you.” “He wants you because he realize that you are strong and that you won’t bow to his demands. “ You really came back for me,” she said. “Yes I did.” “Why? …“I fell in love with you the very moment I looked in your eyes.” “Are you sorry about tue babies? “No never, just shocked, I dont know how to be a father but I am willing to be the best father in the whole wide world.” “Vance?” she said: my name on her lips sounded so sweet I could kiss her. “Yes baby.” “I dont know if I can fight anymore.” “You are not alone anymore,” I told her. I am here now. She turned around and hugged me so tight I thought I was about to suffocate, then she started to cry, she cried for so long I thought she would be ill by the time she was finished. My heart was aching for her, I just held her and whispered it was alright and I am here now. “I have to go home sooner or later she said tearfully, my mother made her funeral arrangements already, she was ready to go.” “Vance I am going to be sick.” I know, “With all those tears no wonder you are feeling ill.” “No Vance, bathroom.” “I need the bathroom.” I was up with her in case she was to faint again. “Go away!” I am not going anywhere, I am staying close to you from now on. When she was finished she stayed on the floor for some minutes before she allowed me to help her. I washed her face and pulled her hair from her face. Feeling better? “Yes, much better.” As soon as we were back in the room, a tray of food greeted her. No Farah! Yes Adry! Nick and I watched them argue like kids then they were both eating what was on the plate. I cant eat anymore, you heard what the doctor said, “ You have to eat for three or you will be constantly ill.” Farah looked at me and said Adry never eats, neither do you Farah. Ok Adry if you eat just a little more; I will too. What a bond these two have formed, they even finish each other sentences. Are you two related by chance, you both act the same way. We think we shared the same father, we have the same mark on our bodies. Oh hell! I forgot to tell you, my mother left her estate to me $11.2 Million and none to my stepfather. He is going to kill me for certain.Will you please stop saying that! Adry from now on we are a team, dont go anywhere without one of us, that goes for you too Farah. As long as we are alive no one will ever hurt you again, I promise you that. “My man is Rambo,” I heard Adry say to Farah but I paid her no mind. We are going back to your mothers house, Nick and Farah will come later, then we will all come back here. Nick you know what to do and I will be doing my part. It’s time we put a stop to Paul once and for all.

Are you there? Where are you?  I am right here. We have a problem, I put the pillow over her face and watched the breath leave her body as you said. Adriana nearly caught me, she walked in this morning just as I was finished. I searched for the will and it was not where you said it would be. Thats not a problem, we have to find a way to lower both ladies where we can torture, then kill them. I need to get Adriana out of my thoughts, when she is dead I will be free of her. Oh! I need to kill Farah, she knows that I lied to the police and she is the only one who can say I was not at the hotel at the time. Before I kill Adriana I am going to beat that baby from her body and watch her beg me for mercy, I am going to watch her die slowly. Then we will have fun with Farah, oh so much fun when we are finished she will beg us to kill her. What about the men in their live, what do we do about them? We will devise the perfect plan, just wait and be ready to follow your instructions.

When Vance and I arrived at my mother’s home. Nardie met us at the door, “He is here:” she whispered, I blanched as if I had been hit and Vance tightened his grip on my shoulders. As we went further in the house I saw the Preist and my stepfather talking. The Preist looked upset, he greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks. Father Dane, “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Your stepfather called me to make the funeral arrangements for your mother, he wants her body to be cremnated.” “Well that won’t happen will it, she made her own funeral plans?” “I am her husband!” he shouted. “Well yes, you are but you are not in control of anything, remember the prenup you signed it is still in effect.” “We will see about that, at the reading of the will.” “I am not after anything here I just need you to leave me alone and that won’t happen will it?” I asked. Vance said nothing but every muscle in his body was tense. He touched me in the back and said, “kitchen,” in my ears. He took a bottle of water from the kitchen and some food. “From now on you eat nothing from this house Adry.” “I mean it, nothing.” “If he is going to try and kill us let’s make it very difficult for him. “Vance I need to lay down, or else.” “Where is you room baby?” I pointed and he led the way. I laid down and he was right behind me. Sleep a little until Nick and Farah get here. She touched my face with her finger tips, kiss me on the lips and told me she was happy  I was with her. I felt like I was in heaven. I love this woman so much, I can not believe I am in love with someone I am really happy with and will also be a father. Oh that’s the life! I will move heaven and earth to protect her.

Nick was at home with his love, he had finished taking care of business and waiting for Farah to finish showering, so they could leave for Adry’s home. He called for her but did not get a response, so he went looking for her. He saw her naked inspecting her body in the mirror. He walked over to her as she watched him memorized, he bent his head and kissed her so succulent and sweet that she groaned. “Nick!” “Don’t tell me to stop Farah.” “I dont want you to stop,” she said. He kissed her neck, her shoulders and when he was about to kiss her breast she tense. “Nick!” “Relax baby, just relax please.” He made love to her so tenderly that she cried so hard. “Did I hurt you darling?” She shook her head vigorously and said, “No, it just felt so good, thank you Nick.” I like that. “What?” “You thanking me, I have many more years worth of thanks to get from you.” “Oh yes sir!” After making sweet slow love again they left to go to Adrys.

Adry awoke to Vance kissing her, it is time we left for Nick’s baby. I looked at him and said groggily, “But Farah and Nick?” “They were here two hours ago,” he said. “They went back home, Nick will be making dinner and yes we can also cook up a storm.” Farah packed for you and took the clothes already. Uh! “Was I so out of it?” “Yep!” “Vance I need to full out my prescription, the doctor said I needed vitamins and irons.” “These children are draining me.” “I asked Nick and Farah to do that already.” “What?” “I spoke with the doctor you went to, he said you needed a lot of rest, you needed to eat more and that we can have sex whenever we want to.” “Vance you asked poor old doc if we could have sex, Arrrg!” I can’t face him again. “Adry! in the first place I did not asked him such a question he said and rolled his eyes and by the way how did you get pregnant again?” I looked at him and his expression made laugh so hard my eyes were full of water. He simple looked at me and said I love to see you laughing, he came up to me and began kissing me until I could not breathe, I loved what I was feeling. “Do you want this?” he asked, I just looked him in the eyes, then pulled his face to mine and began kissing him. Vance was so tender I could cry, he kissed me everywhere and whispered soft nothing in my ears. I really did not understand what he was saying because I was too busy enjoying what he was doing to me. My hearing was out gone. When we both came he held me so tenderly. “Oh boy!” I am in love. Dry! Adry! Please don’t fall asleep again. I want to take you to safety, feed you and then we can sleep, get up baby. “Dry now please,” he said. I reluctantly got up and pouted at him. “You will sleep when we are at Nick, but I am not taking any chances with you and the babies.” We said our goodbyes to Nardie and left for Nicks place.

When we got there we saw them watching a video. I stop and watched a little: Farah that is your boss. So Vance, Nick said we know who we are up against, let the games begin. Farah cursed the entire time, that lowlife, that sonofabitch, that….when she was about to say something else, Nick told her he was going to wash her mouth with soap and by the way Vance added you are corrupting you nieces or nephews at a tender age. She just looked at them and stomped off, I was right behind her. I needed a shower, I was almost finished when I heard tue door open and I had company and I loved it. We finished our love making and shower, then Vance towel me dry then himself. We got dressed went to dinner, after dinner we talked said out goodnights and went to bed. The camerers where up and the house alarms were well in placed. I felt so safe here, for the first time in a long time I felt free.

Paul was seething with anger and hate for Vance and Adriana. He was spying on them at the house while they were making love. I am going to kill them he shouted at no one in particular. He stole my woman and I am going to kill him. He started to plan what he was going to do after the will was read.

Adry was dreaming that Paul had hurt Vance and she could not find him, she tossed and turned. Vance tried to comfort her but she was hysterical, Farah ran like crazy to get her, Adry please stop you are going to be sick. She pushed Vance away and farah just hugged her until she stopped crying. Vance was madder than a bull, he went to the living room and just sat in the dark. He was aware when Nick came into the room, don’t be mad Vance, for a long time they were all each other had in their misery. Nick left the room and Vance stayed there for awhile. He heard soft footsteps coming his way and he called out to her. “Adry? “Yes,” he heard her whisper. He got up and went to meet her in the dark. “Are you ok?” “Yes I am.” “I just need you to hold me,” she said. “Ok, baby let’s go back to bed.” I held her until she went back to sleep. You are safe my love and nothing will harm you.

Two days later she laid her mother to rest. The following day the will was to be read. Adry asked everyone whose name was on the will to be present and Vance, Nick and Farah was also there. As soon as the Attorney arrived he was shown to the room where the will was to be read.Everyone was present, even Paul was early. He had this unpleasant smirk on his face. The Attorney began by asking Nick and Vance to leave the room, that the reading of the will was private and it did not concern them. They were hoping he would say this. Nick kissed Farah and told her he would meet her back at home and Vance gave me a long smacking kiss that upset the very being of Paul. We will take one of the car ladies hurry and come home. We heard the car drive away. The attorney continued by telling Nardie that she was left $1million for her years of service and for being such a good friend. I am so happy for you Nardie, I shouted from the bottom of my hearts thanks. The money is already transferred to your account and here is the key and papers to the red Benz you like so much. Sit your ass down Nardie you are not getting a cent of my money. “Which money? the lawyer asked. Nardie I said to her take your things and leave now, things are going to get crazy now. I said to sit your fucking ass down, and don’t let me tell you again. Nardie sat down, Farah and I looked at each other with frightened eyes. We knew the men weren’t far, but Paul looked extra crazy. When the lawyer finished reading the will, everyone of the employees received money and Paul got nothing. She left everything to you, I don’t believe this , I was there when she changed the will, I saw it. You saw right Paul she changed it again. You killed my mother, you beat her, did unspeakable things to her and tried raping me on numerous occassions. You are going to hell, you hear me. You paid that louse to smother my mother to death, yes we know Paul he confessed. I hope you rot in hell. As everyone was heading to the door he pulled a gun and aimed it at my stomach, I froze for a second and got angry at the same time. Kill me because I am tired of you, I rather to die than live in the same world that you are in. “Do you have a shot?” I heard Vance ask. “No I don’t,” Nick replied. So this was a trick, let’s see if he can save both of you at the same time. He shot Farah in the chest and was about to shoot me, when I heard gunshots coming from behind me. Vance and Nick were pumping shots in Paul from different angles. In the same instance the shots and screaming stopped I heard Nick calling for Farah. She was crying, so hard, “It hurts;” she told Nick. He comforted and lift her in his arms. The last thing I remember was been carried out of the house. I did not faint but shock was a way to past time too. During the whole statements and arrest of all who were involve in the racket of using young girls and boys in there prostítute Business.

Four policemen, Mrs Bradford the witch of Cassidees along with her husband, two other prominent businessmen in the community were arrested and many more to go. Farah’s boss was singing like a canary. He was telling it all. He even produced the pictures and tapes that were used to blackmail persons from the community.

Both Farah and I had worn bulletproof vest. Farh is nursing some bruised ribs, while I am still fighting morning sickness. The one thing I can tell you, is that we are really happy, in love, loved and enjoying our lives. Oh! Did I tell you that Farah is also pregnant and that we are truly sisters. We shared the same father. We don’t live close but we are a phone call away. Our husbands are trying to break us out of the habit of depending on each other. Our husbands are Ex: F.B.I agents who are happily married. Yes you read correctly. I was married two months after our ordeal and Farah a month after. The saying is so true, “ After the storm there must be a calm.” “Don’t give up my lovelies your calm is coming, I know this for sure.”

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