Broken Home: Pieces and Peace

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a piece about a man, realising a bit too late that his family is falling apart.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011




Never give a man too long to contemplate,

Because, more than likely he'll be filled with hate

Feeling like it's too little too late,

To which facet of life he should dedicate,

His time money and passion,

Because each one comes in a ration..


He's 45, 2 kids and the wife,

Lives life on a day-to-day basis,

Can't handle the strife,

His job is dog-eat-dog,

And his boss doesn't settle for anything less,

Than him barking like a bulldog,

He spends so much time at work,

That his wife irons his shirt,

whilst it’s still on his back,

It’s yet another crack in their relationship,

No family vacations,

Just one long guilt trip..


Countless hours overtime and working on the weekend,

He can't take much more he feels weak and depressed,

An empty hole that he tries to suppress,

But the Prozac pack doesn't alter his act,

He does it all for his family,

But his wife says that he's a self-centred dad,

Claims he has more flaws than the World Trade Centre had,

To the warning signs he hasn't been reacting,

And now his whole world is collapsing,

Never gets violent but neighbours hear deafening howls,

Oh, how much easier said than done were their wedding vowels..


It's a broken home

But everything is in one piece

It's a broken home

But there never is any peace


So bit-by-bit his heart is ripping,

And now his daughter's grades are slipping,

No longer does she have her face stuck in a book,

She spends all evening dreaming in her virtual world,

She doesn't hear any screaming on Facebook,

He tried to teach her with all the expensive gifts that hebought her,

But the only thing he taught her was that his love doesn't come for free,

He knows what his kids look like, but he doesn't know what they're like,

He relies on his wife to buy them birthday presents they'll like,

He's missed most of his son's football matches and daughter's ballet recitals,

There was always something at work that was just a bit more vital..


When he was young,

He used to imagine what his future would hold,

He'd learnt from his parents that family isn't easy,

But he never imagined it could be quite this cold,

He's trapped and too much time has elapsed,

For him to be able to turn the clocks back,

Won't be long till his wife chucks her finger rock back..


He's frozen in time and needs melting,

But his wife’s cold stares aren't helping,

They're just cutting deeper into his broken heart,

They lay next to each other in bed but couldn't befurther apart,

She pulls the duvet away and rolls over to her side,

She used to rest her head on his chest,

But now she couldn't care less..


They look through each other, not at each other,

His wife has become little more than his children’s mother,

20 years ago they were different people,

Back when their paths crossed it was spectacular,

They couldn't have been happier,

They only shared streets for a matter of weeks,

But it was long enough to persuade them that their love wouldn't stop,

That their magical bubble wouldn't pop..


But then they veered off in completely opposite directions,

And if there were any problems then they weren’t mentioned,

There was much less pain to live a lie than to say goodbye,

They thought babies would fix their issues,

But this was only temporary glue; soon again there were tears in tissues,

They would scream at each other till their mouths were dry,

Till no more tears were left to cry..


It's a broken home

But everything is in one piece

It's a broken home

But there never is any peace


She woke up that morning knowing it would be her last,

No longer could she go on living in the past,

Only one thing on her mind,

Today was the day she would leave it all behind,

Lust had turned to crazy loveboth couldn't get enough,

Back then when they'd laugh, the only proof now is thephotographs..


Been living the last few years on auto-pilot, like a matter of course,

And now she tells him that it’s time to divorce,

These words hit his stomach with such force that he nearly vomits,

This isn't what her love letters promised,

She'd scribbled that they'd be together forever,

Whatever the weather,

But this hurricane is never-ending pain,

He blinks to clear the tears, to hide the panic,

This final scene is going down like Titanic,

But in their movie,

Rose isn't trying to save Jack,

she doesn't want him back..


He's sinking quicker than he's thinking,

No words left,

No more chances to make amends,

Though she promises they'll stay friends,

Even if he could speak, what would he say?

He knows deep down that this relationship has reachedits final day,

He grabs on to her hand, telling her not to let go,

But his fingers are slipping - her touch is as cold as ice,

She calmly breathes the final breaths as his wife..


They say that time heals all broken hearts,

But his clock has stopped ticking,

So his heart will be forever splitting.

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