The Feeling of Loving and Being Loved

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What if I don't love you?

Submitted: July 12, 2010

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Submitted: July 12, 2010



The Feeling of Loving and Being Loved
When you love someone you fear nothing. Even if it causes you to sacrifice something…you will do…just for that sake of love. But it’s not good to always be dumped by the ones you love. You will then come to the point of asking yourself, “Is there something wrong with loving someone too much?”
Everyone has experienced being loved too much. The feeling of being protected and secured…it’s like heaven. It’s flattering! Every now and then someone appreciates you, gives flowers, gifts or even sends you a message that will command your lips to have a smile without you noticing it. Isn’t it amazing how much love affects your life?
But wait, let’s not stop there. How about the feeling of the ones giving love? Don’t they deserve to be loved as well? Or if not, don’t they just deserve to at least be appreciated by simply saying “thank you” to them?
Yes, not all kinds of love are being repaid the same way. At first, it’s hard to accept the fact that after all you’ve done for the sake of winning the heart of the ones you love, you are being repaid by “being ignored”, not replying to your messages…not even one…as if you don’t exist…and so on.
Don’t we feel bothered when we hurt someone intentionally? Be honest and face the reality! Isn’t it unfair to behave this way? I’m talking about the ones being loved. For God’s sake!!! Don’t be selfish! If you don’t like somebody, be bold! We can’t avoid hurting somebody by saying the truth. But you still set an expectation for the ones loving you (even if you don’t love them) by simply enjoying being cared for…then please, STOP IT! You will just hurt them in the end with greater pain. You’re just being unfair…
In this world, it’s hard to find a quasi-perfect love (because nothing’s perfect). So think, don’t be stupid. When you love someone…go! When somebody loves you and you don’t love them or like them, don’t let them expect. Be courageous to say…”I appreciate you but I am sorry” at least they can move on. You hurt their feeling, and you can’t avoid it, but at least they will not hate you for they will eventually realize that you’re just being fair. And your reward? You will feel resolved because you know that you’ve done what you think is right and fair…and you will have a clear conscience ending your day still with a smile on your face.

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