(After The Storm)

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This details a girl promising herself that everything will be okay after a particularly bad breakup.

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



Alone in this empty house again
Praying for something I won't get
And it feels like I'll never find love 
And it feels like I should just give up
But no I won't 

Because after the storm out comes the calm
And after the night we all hear birdsong
So I guess after the heartbreak comes the love
I should've known that all along
( Because after the moonlight out comes the sun
And after the race you can say that you've won
So I guess I can wait to find my love
I should've known that all along)

Sitting here thinking back again
Back to the night we first met
And it feels like I should just move on
Oh I wish I was, I was that strong
I'm not...but I won't give up

Even after everything
I know I'll be okay
I can weather any storm
You can't hurt me anymore
And even after everything
I can stand tall and say
I'm alive I'll be fine
It'll work out next time

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