(Let It Burn)

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This one is about letting all of the pain and heartbreak go by throwing it into the roaring flames.

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



Now the leaves are changing colors
And the days are getting shorter
Yet I feel that I am always the same
Stuck within a pattern of
Breaking my own heart because
I always learn too little too late

I should've seen it coming I should've read the signs
I should've learned about the sting of the fire
But I keep my hand in there because I 
Love to feel the passion ignite 

I will stay and watch it burn
And let them all be lessons learned
Pour the gas and strike the match
And let the flames turn pain to ash
I will stand here and I'll say
Thank The Lord for heartbreak
Now I know through all the hurt
I'll be okay, so let it burn
Let it burn

I'm so sick of this cycle
Just a twisted reminder
Of everything that's ever gone wrong
Every man that I've been with
Who's said they'd try but then just quit
It makes me not ever want to love

I should've seen it coming, I should've read the signs
I can't keep putting my heart on the line
But i keep coming back because I 
Love to feel the passion ignite 

Throw all of the worries and the pain
Right into, into the burning flame
Watch the mistakes of the past
Float into the air like black ash
Forget about the heartbreak
Believe you'll find love one day
Until then just take that hurt
And watch it, feel it, let it burn

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