The Last Wish

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A guy named Matt Williams wished to protect the girl he loves since they were a child. Would he be able to protect the one he loves even though his sickness wil hinder it?

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008




I am on this beach since the day we first met. This place was so memorable for me, as Cathy looks at the sky feeling the air through her face. I miss you so much.I wish we were spending together the most important day of my life.

It's already 5 years since you leave me. I rememenber since the day we've met.

While I was running on the street with tears on my face, I hit you. I apologize to you but you didn't accept it since your documents fell on the wet road. I saw the anger in your face. Your expression really scared me. I helped you to pick all of those papers but you insist instead you pushed me to go away.My heart bleed and I have no choice but to leave you. Days have passed until in a hotel where I was working we met again. Upon seeing him, I acted like we never met before. I asked Melissa a friend who was working on the same hotel, if he knows you. Melissa told me that you’re the vice president of our hotel, Matt Williams. I never heard that name before even though I’ve been working for almost three years in the hotel. I got shocked upon hearing that. I watched Matt walking while going to his car.

During our break,he saw me eating alone and lonely. A deep voice approached me. I have no idea who was it. As I turned my head to look for the one who called me Miss, we both shocked upon seeing each other. He said that he will never forget the face that causes his report into mess. I apologize for the second time and hoping that he will accept it. I’ m right, he accepted it. He asked me why I was running so fast that time. I told that I ran away to the one I loved after seeing him kissing with another girl. It is not my intention to mention that to him. It’s like my heart wanted to voice it out to remove the pain. He also apologized for causing me another pain after pushing me to go.

Since then, we talked together during our break and our relationship grows. He even sent me home and treat me a dinner. He acted like we already met before. I didn’t expect that I will come to a point that I will fall for him. He never proposed and he never mentioned that he is courting me. I don’t know what to do. I am confused but as long as he is there by my side I am contented.

This day is something different. I can’t comfortably do my work. It’s just like something bad may happen. I have never seen Matt this whole day. I kept asking myself why? He didn’t mention anything to me that he will leave. I really worried about him. I can’t sleep well, I tried but I really can’t. Until Melissa told me that me that he was in the hospital. I was shocked. The feeling is that I was stabbed in my heart. I kept on wondering why? I have never seen him in a bad condition. Until I remembered the things he said to me the last day we were together. "I hope that you are happy staying with me. Don’t expect too much from me. It’s the only thing that I can give you and then he left. My tears don’t stop to fall. I immediately go to the hospital. I saw him lying. I can’t see those eyes that made me smile. All I can see is man lying with oxygen on his mouth with a weak body. As I look at him. My heart is crushing. This pain is heavier after I had seen my ex boyfriend kissing another girl. He saw me as I walk through him. He holds my hands tight and gave a collection of papers. I remember those papers. Those are the one that fell on the wet road since we first met. He can’t speak and through his signs I knew that he wanted me to read those things.

October 3. 1986

I was watching you all day. Going to school and kissing your mother to say goodbye. I saw your ups and downs in life. I saw your sad eyes when your dad died. I was there. Wishing that someday I want to remove those sad eyes and replace it with a smile. I saw you sitting on the stairs holding the picture of your dad. Your mother threw it to the window. You yelled at her and left. I picked that picture and keep it. Wishing that someday I will be the one who will return that to you. I waited until you came home. You looked at our house because you feel that someone was watching you but I hide. I heard you crying during midnight since the window of my room were near to you. I want to call your name, to comfort you and to say that I am just the other window. I am afraid to talk to you. I am afraid that you will reject me because I am bald. I am sick during that time, I have a cancer. I promise to myself that I need to live for you. I fought the pain that my illness brought me.

It was your 16th birthday. Your house must be filled with decorations and visitors but it is the opposite. You house filled with people’s cry. Lights and flowers surround a coffin, I saw you crying in front of it. I hear your voice shouting the name of your mother. I prepared a simple gift for you. I hesitated to give it because I am afraid that you might not accept it and might be angry since it was the death of your mother. I manage to keep it and decided that the time will come that I may be able to give it to you. I went to the burial of your mother together with my parents but you ignore. I understand because all you can feel that time is pain. I went to cemetery whenever you are not at home. Your aunt despises you. She blamed you for the death of her sister. She always slapped you whenever you forgot your obligations. As I saw your aunt whipped you, I feel the pain of that rope. I want to protect you from her but there is nothing I can do. I’m just a 15 year old boy who had an illness and the strength of my body can’t stop a 57 year old woman. I don’t want you to cry. I don’t want you to feel hurt. I struggle to overcome my sickness so that someday I would be able to protect you from harm. I can’t leave to this place until I didn’t see you hurt. I told to my parents that I am not yet ready to go abroad for my medication. They said that if I would not be able to go there immediately. The chance of me to be cured will be lessen. I remember you. If I would not immediately go there, I won’t be able to protect you. I decided to go with my parents the next day.

I spend my night staying in my room looking at your window to say goodbye. I said goodbye to the trees, birds who witness my love for you. As midnight came, I heard you sobbing again. I told to myself that I will miss those sobbing that became my music during midnight before I slept.

It was already 3 in the morning. I heard a noise in your room. It was so quiet that night that made me hear that. I saw you going out of the front door but suddenly the light opened. I saw your aunt pulling your hair back. She scolded you. I close my eyes so that I won’t be able to see the harsh punishment that your aunt could give you. Even I closed my eyes; I could still clearly hear your scream, your voice telling your aunt to stop. I can’t bear the pain but after an hour it stops. All I can hear is your voice talking to your parents.

It was already early in the morning and my mother knocks on my door. I didn’t sleep that whole night. I wash my face so that my parents won’t notice my eyes. I prepared all the things to be brought. I also brought the family picture of Cathy and my gift for her. Before I went out, I look at the window and said "wait for me Cathy Foster. I’ll come back soon once I was already cured and I promise that I won’t leave once we met again. Please endure first all those pains. I will come back". He closed the door.

I was able to reach United States. I hurried my parents to find the best doctor to cure me. I struggle all those hardships, pain and also my feelings. I can’t wait to see Cathy again. I wanted to see her smile not those sad eyes that I saw before I left their place.

After 5 years of staying, I was now ready to see Cathy. I was different than before. I’ve already turned to a man now and can protect Cathy as long as I want. I returned to our old house. I knew that after 3 years her aunt left her. She went to Manila to study and she lives for herself.

Upon reading those things, Cathy cried. She didn’t continue to read even if there’s a page remaining. She didn’t expect that the sick boy near their house is Matt. She said to herself that she thought that he will live in America forever as what she had heard about the lady who bought their house after living their place. She didn’t believe that the boy was already in front of her.

Matt smiled upon looking at the face of Cathy. "I’ve never knew that there’s still a person who will love me like this" she said. Matt can’t talk and tears fall down. Matt’s mother came that it was the time for him to rest. She kissed the hands of Matt before going out. While walking on the corridor, she can’t still forget what was written on the papers. She brought it home. On the back of the first page, it was written that "Don’t read the remaining pages. I want you to read it if I’m already gone". Upon reading this, she cried aloud. Her voice was the only noise in her room. While crying she said "When will be the end of all those pains that I’ve been through. My heart is already tired of crying. I can’t bear the pain anymore. Lord, why Matt? Why do you want me to suffer like this? You already got my parents and now Matt? Did I kill a person to give me this kind of punishment?" she continued crying until she fell asleep.

She returned to the hospital. She went to Matt’s room but she didn’t find him there. She got worried. She asked the nurse, visited the different rooms and went to the hospital garden. Her anxiety was relieved when he saw him sitting on a wheel chair and starring at the beautiful flowers and butterflies in that garden.

"Hey! I was looking for you. I worried so much because I thought you leave me" she said as she approached Matt.

"Of course not" answered Matt with a sad voice.

"What are you doing here? You must be resting." She said.

"I feel lonely inside. I want to feel the fresh air." He answered.

There was a silence for a while until Matt spoke.

"Cathy…."he called.


"I want to go to a beach. I miss the place where I used to go when I can’t bear the pain your aunt was giving you" he requested.

"But you are not allowed" she said.

"Please, I want to spend some time with you on a quiet place. Just the two of us" he said.

Cathy called a nurse which will assists them to go to the beach near their old house. She instructed the medical staff that once they arrived on the beach she asked to wait for them.

They sat together on the side of the beach as what Matt requested.

"Cathy, when I died I want you to drop my ashes on this beach. Matt said with a lonely and weak voice.

Cathy can’t stop herself from crying.

"Why on this place?" asked Cathy as she tried to stop herself from crying.

"Because I want my ashes to flow like water as our worries fade" he answered.

"Please don’t say that. We will still be going out together right and you promised me that you will still protect me." she said while crying.

"Sorry, Cathy….. I just let you suffer all your life" said Matt with a weak voice.

"No, No… don’t say that. I need you"

"Cathy, open this box." He told Cathy.

While Cathy is opening the box, Matt is speaking: "As what I have promised, I will be the one who will return the picture and I would be the one who will give you a gift….. Happy Birthday!!"

Cathy forgot that it is her birthday. She never knew that Matt will remember it. The gift is a necklace with letters MW, CF and a heart between those letters. The other gift is handkerchief. This was the gift that was supposedly given to Cathy on her 16th birthday. Matt wears the necklace to Cathy.

"Do you know why handkerchief is my first gift?" he asked

"Because I have never seen your smile before I left the country. I just always saw those tears like what I have seen right now. I wanted to wipe the tears like a handkerchief" he told Cathy while crying.

"Cathy…… I….Love...You" as he gasps some air.

Her feelings are mixed with both happiness and sadness. Since they spend together, Matt never said that he loves her. Now it is the first and last Matt told her the he loves her.

"Matt, Matt….." she called.

"Mmmmm?" he answered with close eyes.

"Thank you, for the love you gave me. I will not forget it and I Love you too" she said while crying.

Suddenly, Matt kissed him deeply. It is the first and last kiss they would be together. Cathy’s heart ached.

"Cathy, could you smile for me?" he requested.

Cathy tried to smile even if she is crying.

"Thank you……….." said Matt with a soft voice.

Cathy shouted his name for the last time. She continues to cry and cry. Her heart feels anguish. She hugged the body of Matt very tight.

I went to Manila to find Cathy. I was walking to went to the hotel where my parents at until I was hit by a girl crying. I get mad at him because the most important papers in my life got wet. I pushed her away. She left me running. As I look her run, I remembered those sad eyes I’ve seen before… Cathy.

Next day, I started to work with my dad at the hotel. I saw a lady with one of the staff. I know that was Cathy. I pretend that I didn’t saw her because she was looking at me.

It was my break when I saw her alone and sad. I approached her and it wasn’t a mistake. It was really Cathy. I didn’t forget that eyes. I still recognized her. I’ve spent my time with her. I was delivered in a hospital after I sent her home. According to the doctor, the cancer virus was activated again and at this time there is a possibility that it can’t be cured. I felt depressed. I undergo different medical processes hoping that it would still be cured. I prayed but it doesn’t work. I didn’t call her because I don’t want her to worry about me.

Maybe, you may wonder why the handwriting is different. It is hard for me to write anymore. They will put some oxygen right now but I force myself to speak. I want to finish this paper before I leave. I ask the nurse a favor to write for me.

I ask my mother to tell Melissa about what had happen to me because I know she will tell it to you. I know that you are reading this right now. Thanks for granting my wish. For a short time we spent together, you made me happy. As I leave, I will bring all the memories we had. Sorry for causing you too much pain that I did not protect you from your wicked aunt. Promise me that when I leave this world, I will only see smile in your face. Promise me that you won’t cry anymore. Promise me that you will smile during your birthday and remembering the love that I have given you. Sorry…….. I love you…..


Cathy put the papers on a folder where Matt always put it. Tears fall down until she wipes it immediately because she remembered that she had promise to Matt not to cry anymore. "Matt……" she shouted and it echoed. " You know what? It’s my birthday. Do you remember? It is the day when you leave me" she said it with a smile. "At this time I won’t cry anymore. I just want to visit you" she ended. Cathy closes her eyes and feels the coldness of the air and says "I still love you….. Goodbye…. Matt…….I know you are happy wherever you are. Goodbye……See you soon."

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