Dear Dad- a Compilation of Complaints

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So I have a mom who I'd like to think is the best ever who I usually vent to, but my friends aren't so lucky. They are forced to vent to me and it just makes me feel sick to hear all the stuff they have to pretend is ok. If you are a parent, please talk to your children. They need it more that you know.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



Dear Dad,

I don't do drugs; I'm just always in my head-

avoiding the pain from all the things you've said,

and I'm not into fantasy because I'm immature,

but because reality leaves me so insecure.

I'm overdramatic becuase that's how I'm heard

which to anyone else would be just too absurd,

but I've grown up in your world where all is ignored

until the energy- pent up and stored-

explodes from within and kills all in sight-

the little joy I've created with one hell of a fight.

I'm not Christian, but I'm not sacrificing

to a demonic force that seems so enticing.

I hate the sun because it burns my skin,

not because I'm lazy and I want to stay in.

Please understand that I'm not a mini you

and you can't understand me from whatever you do-

I'm a whole other person with all my own thoughts

and that is the reason for all which we've fought,

not this teenage angst all parents hear about-

hear in the tiniest whispers and in the loudest shouts-

we fought because you look at a mirror and not at me,

and all that I want is for you to actually see

the real me.

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