Not Even Worth an Actual Title.

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You know what? Just ignore this one, I'm mad and venting. It's just a general rule for me now that I write my stuff on here instead of losing the papers later. My dad's a butt sometimes and it's better to write it out than get in trouble over it. Please ignore and thanks in advance!

Submitted: January 25, 2011

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Submitted: January 25, 2011



Mother and father, light and dark,

one who nurtures and one with whom I'd part

with happily any day-

oh why won't he go away?

I swear that man wants me dead

more than he would want to tuck me into bed,

he loves my bro more and I can see why

but the tension between us makes me want to cry.

He looks at me and can only see my mom

which, I suppose makes me as dangerous as a time bomb-

one that brings up what he now has to miss

but this sob story is making me pissed.

He considers himself a good father- oh yes-

but is it really true that father knows best?

My lips are mute when he's around

but that doesn't matter because he'd only drown

out my thoughts so as to hear only his own

and now it doesn't even matter- my tongue is now stone.

I know what I'm writing's just a few pitiful words

but what I'm saying needs to be heard:

Dads one and all learn from HIS mistakes

and get close with your children, whatever it takes.

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