A Deep Breath

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A young woman rekindles her feelings of love

Submitted: May 12, 2008

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Submitted: May 12, 2008



Thoughts of you move throughout my head

As I question my hearts desire

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh

As the questions of why crosses my mind

How is it that I so quickly fall?

Haven't I learned my lesson at all?

How is it I feel this way once again?

Or is it even really there at all?

A figment of truth dances into my thoughts

Its you I want by my side

Oh how my heart beats to the reasons why.

You make me laugh

You always get me to smile

You're there to hold me when I need the protection

You offer your hand when I need to stand

I can be me without the worry

I can be there, no feelings of stress,

I can let go and together we'll fall

Each one of us softening the blow

Talking for hours is something we can do

Neither of us feeling as if we need to shelter our views

We know things can be said without the other promoting they're right

But most importantly we allow each other to breath after the fight

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh

In your arms I so perfectly lay a smile of happiness rests on my face

Just as quick as it comes it slowly dwindles away

There in its place a single tear of hopelessness slides from the corner of my eye

No matter what is said no mater what may be done

Until the day it emerges from my most sacred dreams

I have learned not to fantasize about what could be

Only to accept it for what it perceives itself to be

I am happy with you, and you happy with me

Both rejoicing in what we have and not dwelling on what it could be

I have accepted the actuality of it all

You may say you don't know that  you may end up with me

But kindiling my hope is something I will no longer do

You ask me how come and say we never know

And its for that very reason my subconscious continues to confine my deepest wishes

So when the possibility does in fact cease to exist

I will not then be left to the impulse of depression

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh

I can't help but keep the contingency in mind

As my intuition and my sense commence in quarrel

Should I stick around to see how it may or may not work out?

Or shall I dismiss myself and head off toward another direction?

I can't help but ask myself is anything worth risking any more?

I contemplate once more with my hearts true desire

This feeling of love i had thought I could never again feel

And here it is lingering around me as if it were stale air

So heavily it weighs on my shoulders

The questions of do I or Don't continue?

After all I promised I would never leave you.

Hurting you is something I would hate to do

Remember, however I to will crumble at the very thought of losing you

I cry when I think of how much i will miss you

I cramp up from pain as I think of what it will be like not having the ability to be by your side

It's you I want, It's you I love

It's you who I feel is the one

Everytime I end up seeing you, Even when I know I'm going to talk to you

Butterflies begin to flutter

This very thing has never before happened

But I think to myself is that enough to decide where I should go?

Is it enough to cease how I roam?

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh as I shed a tear of dissapointment

I am so certain to the point of confusion

Now here I sit, My feelings unable to be spoken

I will keep what I have and nothing to jeopardize it

What happens will happen and my pride refuses me to do anything to try and change that

I take a deep breath and let out a sigh, It's you I want by my side

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