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I just started this piece its a bit of a new style for me. Tell me if I have a knack for it ;)

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Submitted: March 05, 2008

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Submitted: March 05, 2008



The snow seemed to crunch loudly beneath her as she continued to move forward. Rather it was the feeling of a warm breeze brushing against her skin as she looked out onto miles of snow covered land, or if it was how humid and moist the air had become. Something was very odd about this place. The silence that filled her ears had sent up a red flag in her mind. Just a few moments ago the birds were chirping catchy tunes and the insects were all buzzing in unison. Looking around she was searching for something that might have caused the sudden noise reduction. However, the landscape was wide open and whatever it may have been would not have gone by without being seen. Analasyia stroked the soft hair of the child that clung tightly to her. Peering down at her, she could see the fear that had filled the child's emerald green eyes that now looked into her own. Pity was not something Whiye Naes were allowed to feel. In actuality, they were not allowed to feel any kind of emotions. Emotion was considered weakness amongst her lineage, and weakness went against all beliefs of The Whiye Naes.They were raised to be cold blooded killers, only killing for sport. Analasyia was considered a threat amongst her the Royals, but to the commoners she was only one of them. The purpose of the commoners were to devote themselves to the Royal Blood. The commoners were the ones to go out and do the dirty work for the Royals. The purpose for that was if by a rare chance an annihilation fell through they had the blessing of wiping their hands clean. Analasyia and her people were not allowed to go against the orders of the Royals. They were to do what they had to when they were told and how they were told to do it. In this community self-reliance, inventiveness, and resourcefulness was considered perfidy and led to an immediate exile. Most preferred to be put to death if banishment was given. The reason for this was survival skills were not known to most Whiye Naeians. They had no instinct. Killing in cold blood and relying on the Royals to take care of their every need was all they knew. At least death was immediate.

Analasyia's birth put anxiety into the minds of the Royals. It was discovered shortly after her creation that Analasyia held traits such as independence, self-reliance, and creativiness, Traits only found amongst the Royals. Though she possesed them she did not endure their blood. This combination was a rare entity. It was a complication that would only escalate. Only one amongst the Royals saw it for what it was. The rest were determined to inflict their ways upon her. The years passed and it had became more apparent there was no turning her to the ways of the commoners. As she grew older she had surpassed the traits of the Royals and began to show common similarities with that of the Grand Royal Courts. The Grand Royal Courts was the reason for the existence of her kind. They were considered the Gods of their race. The traits she had grown to posess caused Analasyia to be considered more of a threat then before and it was out of fear that she was sentenced to exile by the Royals. After exile she was to be hunted and killed by many of her fellow companions. Analasyia learned of this plan and had only one of two choices she could of made. Disappear, vanish into thin air, never to return, never to be found or contact the Grand Royal Courts. The only problem with the second choice was the Grand Royal Courts knew nothing of her existence or what she was capable of and they wouldn't of believed her without the word of the Royals or proof that could be shown throughout the years. Since the goal of the Royals, different and unknown to the Grand Royal Courts, was to prevent non royal blood from ever taking leadership they would never have provided the proof needed. For the Royals knew that if the Grand Royal Courts learned of her existence and the extraordinary traits she possessed they would have removed her from the commoners and began to train her in the ways of the Grand Royal Courts. Even though it was the goal of the Grand Royal Courts from the beginning to have non royal blood possess the traits of the Royals, and the Grand Royal Courts it was still considered a great honor to be chosen to possibly one day take place of one of the beloved Grand Royal Courts members.

The temperature dropped suddenly around them. A huge breath escaped between her lips as Analasyia watched it appear in front of her. The child's' teeth chattered loudly in her ear. Something big was about to happen and she knew whatever it was she definitly knew she wasn't quite prepared. The brightness that filled the sky around them began to grow darker. Her huge full white wings made a slight barrier around them as she peered up towards the sun. It was disappearing before their eyes. Analasyia quickly removed the child from her side and placed her on the ground beneath her. Kneeling down Analasyia knew the two mustn't look directly at the sun. Covering herself and the child with her wings they watched the ground in horror as the scenery around them turned to a grayish tint. Something long and skinny was moving quickly towards them. The child's eyes filled with horror as Analasyia stood up and drew her sword still covering the two of them with her wings.

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