Comfortably Numb

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A struggle of two separate people trying to fight off the non existence of feelings.

Submitted: July 15, 2008

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Submitted: July 15, 2008



Frustration poors over me

I sit here and listen quietly

Hoping that if I sit long enough

The beating of my heart will calm

That If i sit here long enough

Feelings will just become me once again

I feel love only in brief surges

I feel hatred in only certain limbs

Most of the time when I get a chance to feel

Fear is what becomes me

It's weird to be so different

To only feel at certain times

It scares me to know that one day I may wake up

And not beable to love

Not beable to hate

Yet thoughts of disdain fly in

Yes anger and resentment is there

The feeling of stupidity and who the fuck cares

Why should I try anymore

I see no point

No matter what way I go

No matter which way I turn

It seems I will only come to a dead end

Yes, I see no point to continue on

I might as well just give up like all the rest

Run away and hide

Never show my face again

Then they can't know me

Then they can't fall in love

Then I can't break anyones heart

Worry bout hurting someone

Show up one day and be in love

Then the next not love them at all

Yes in so little time

I have turned into what I least wanted to become

I have not enough feelings to care any longer

Just enough to know I won't be getting anywhere

Soon enough I will be done

Soon enough has come I have now given up

What would bother most but seems not to bother me

Is that I am okay with not having feelings

I am okay with only hating

I am okay sitting here

Living my life

Not worrying anymore bout others around me

No this isn't true, I will always care for others

No it is not them

It is me

I no longer care about my feelings

I no longer care where I end up

I no longer care what may come my way

I no longer care about myself or my life

I get to a goal

And then It drops

Poof, its gone, yes it just disapeers

I am trying to win at a losing game

No need to try anymore

Yes thats right I give up

And I am okay with that

I am what we would consider comfortably numb

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