Hear My Plea

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A poem I wrote when I hit rock bottom join me in my plea for mercy and tell me what you would have done in my case.

Submitted: June 11, 2008

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Submitted: June 11, 2008



The blanket clutched tightly in my hands

My body slowly rocks back and forth to the rhythm of my sobs

Gasping for breath I can barely breath

Reality has finally hit

Smacking me flat

It feels as if I've been striked with a thousand pound brick

Never before have I felt so scared

Never before have I felt so alone

The worlds is against me

As I fall to my knees

I begin my plea

Please, Please help me

I am such a good person

Why dos this have to happen to me?

What have I done to deserve such a thing?

It was something I said, yes this I know

But isn't that the point to asking for help, is to speak when things go wrong?

If this is what b ecoms of such a thing

Why should I be willing to ask again?

Wouldn't It make sense to not talk at all

Is this punishment for following my dreams?

Is it punishment because I am one of the few that have attempted to try

Aren't we suppose to try?

Isn't that a part of life?

Then why, oh why, is this happeneing to me?

What did I do to deserve such a thing?

The situation has only become worse

Yet I still haven't hit rock bottom

Oh yes, there is more to come

What am I going to do

What shall be my next move

How am I suppose to take care of the child I have brought into this world

We cannot eat,

We barely can sleep

I only have so much to my name,

Yet, it isn't enough to keep playing their game

For it is official

I will fail

I don't forsee anyway of winning this round

Either way I go

I will most definitely fall

Please, Please help me!

The tears fall uncontrolably

I just cannot breath

I taste the dirt in my mouth

The taste is there because I hit the ground

If this is all it takes to fall

How am I expected to continue to stand

How am I suppose to find stable ground again

Each move I make

I must prepare myself for all possibilities

But yet how am I suppose to do this

Isn't it impossible to complete such a thing?

Yet they say nothing is impossible

If this is true why do I feel this way

Why do I feel so helpless

Why do I feel so alone

Why is that either way I move I will stil lose

Once again, hear my plea

Please, Oh please, Can you help me?

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