I Thought You Were My Friend

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Eight long years flew by until A turn came for the worst. Who would have thought a friend of so long could turn out to be such a hated enemy.

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



Eight long years have flown by fast
Throughout the years, throughout them all
It was you I told everything too
Every secret Every Plan
Everytime I needed to Escape
You did stand there by my side
No matter what, Not matter it all
I will always be thankful for that

Yet comes a time where things must end
I am not sure if its because of all you've been through
Not sure if its because of everything people have said to you
All I know is I've stood True
Only turning my back on you when you had turned your back on me
Other then that there I was
Being your strength when you fell weak

Tis now the time to say goodbye
For you have betrayed me
Yes, you have spread lies
Not sure what your intention was
Maybe you were trying to do some good
But look at the picture, yes look at it all
You are hypocritical for you are the one that has done the most

Just like me your afraid to be alone
Just like me your self conscious has been blown
Still that gives you no right to do what you have done
For no matter what I have stayed true
I have fought by your side
Never giving up.

Never had I spread lies
Only the truth I have spoke to you
I know some of it hurt but it was things you needed to hear
Once again though it was the truth I threw.

Now our time has drawn near
No longer can I confide in you
No longer can I trust you
Not sure if I can even be around you

Maybe someday it will all conclude
Maybe there will be day where we can give it another chance
But untill you've shown me your not an Amanda wannabe
I can no longer stay true,
I can no longer fight for you
No more can I stand by your side
No more can I confide with your every stride

It is time to say goodbye
I hope things work out for you
I hope you can one day find happiness
But you are now to find it by yourself
I will no longer be there to help

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