My Sanctuary

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Sometimes you can, but most of the time you can't, why is it we always have to try and summarize how were feeling, for once can't it just be said.

Submitted: May 05, 2008

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Submitted: May 05, 2008



The tip of the blade

Glides across my arm

This time sharp enough

To draw a decent amount of blood

Not realizing it was bleeding

As bad as it had been

I place my wrist against my chest

As my hands catch the tears I Sob

You told me we were still sleeping together

Because we loved one another,

Then when I go to talk to you,

About blaming me for still hurting,

I say its more then sex

because I love you and You love me,

Thats when you looked right at me and said you didn't.

I've told you many times before

I know you are not In Love

But to think you didn't love me was a whole nother play

Now I feel even more so like this was just a game

Sobbing uncontrollably

I run to my sanctuary

Here I sit once again reopening what I thought were healed wounds

This time I began to bleed

More so then ever before

I run to the you and ask you for your help

I am not sure what to do

Instead you shrug your shoulders say a few words in exchange

Then turning around you go back to sleep

I thought that you loved me

I thought that you cared

I never knew how much you didn't

Until your back you turned

Even more hurt then I was

My Sanctuary seems the place to hide

But now I realize you are not worth the tears I've cried

The pain that I feel I hope will soon subside

For It's not worth it to me to feel this way anymore

Now I walk away,

For good this time,

No longer can I trust

No longer can I love

Are you glad?

You got what you want.

I still cry

But now there tears of regret

Tears I cry because I never thought you would be this way

Tears I cry because I thought you were a different person then what you really are

I never had thought you would turn away

They say to never regret the past

But the past I can't forget

How stupid  I was

How naive could I be?

To think that you ever really loved me.

They Say forgetting is an option

but in this case it will linger till I die

For you are not the person I fell in love with

I will hold this against you always

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