The Queen Takes the Pawn

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A poem about taking a stand

Submitted: May 14, 2008

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Submitted: May 14, 2008



Why do you insist on telling me these lies

why do I feel so alone with you at times

After everything I have done shouldn't you be there whe n In eed you to be?

No matter what comes our way you always seem to find a way to walk away from me

Turning your back is what you do have you ever thought about facing your past

Or is that to much for you to comprehend

Go on continue to lie

Just dont complain when your lies fall apart

When your drama free illusioned world soon erupts

next time think before you speak but most importantly think before you act

Don't come running to me when your devoted world deceases

Because this time I just won't be tbere

I'm tired of never getting what I need from you

I'm tired of being expected to always be near

No more, I'm taking a stand

I won't let myself be used as a pawn in your came of mental chess

Instead I'm ruling whats next

Now I am the queen

it's time for you to kneel to me.

Just walk away thats what you do but be sure to take in this simle of satisfaction that lay upon my face.

For you are the pawn and I am the Queen

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