The World Around Me.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two people struggle to let their guard down, when they do things turn bad causing them to feel naive.

Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008



I watch the world around me crumble as I fall

The only world I've come to known has finally gone.

No more is the happiness, the dreams, the hopes the goals,

No more is the feeling that I am not alone,

Never again to feel this way,

Nothing like the first time will ever again come my way,

He does this out of selfishness,

He never could let go,

He blames her for leaving,

Not thinking of him before she goes,

Truth be told however,

It was only he she was thinking of,

She felt fucked up

Never believing she could recover

Why drag down her only lover?

He claims she understood him,

If he did she would have never left him,

She too was being selfish,

But at the time this was unknown,

She really thought that because of this he would be better off,

He says she understood him,

If she did she would have never left him,

Hurt and angry as he is,

Proud he still remains,

For if it wasn't for believing in love,

Pain like this would have never came his way,

He is angry with himself now,

All because he let his guard down,

Now he is broken,

Never to be fixed,

Only now he sets out to find people as naive as he once use to be,

So he can show them what love is truly about,

Is this really done to be mean,

Or is it simply because he believes he is truly helping?

Will he ever forgive her?

Or is he really angry because he blames himself,

None of this would have happened,

This pain he would not have felt,

If only he did not let his guard down,

Now I lie here broken amongst all this debris,

For though it did not end the same way,

I still feel as if I lost a part of me,

Now that time has taken a toll,

Will he ever realize the blame I put on myself?

For my whole life I have been on guard,

Closing myself behind a wall,

Mostly because I didn't want to become as mental as they were,

For the mental stability I needed to grow up normally just wasn't there,

And because of this I was left to face the world alone,

Then here was my chance,

To let someone in,

Only to end up exactly where I began,

Will I to end up like him?

Will he ever accept that I push to let him know I really do understand?

I lie here as I look up towards the sky,

For the world I knew has now subside,

Now I am here,

Just as broken,

Hoping people will not continue to be as naive as me.

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