Yet A Poem of Ephiphany

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A epiphany of remembering the great stuff we had yet some how in the midst of it all had forgotten because to many things had been taken for granted.

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008



The long, straight, flat, highway laid ahead.

Such a short distance, yet forever it seemed to drag on

The little bumps jolted my stomach

So small, yet such a shock

My nerves rattled, yes they were doing constant flips

I could taste the salt, yet nothing had landed on my lips

The cool breeze came in, yet a thing I could not feel

Words had been continuously muttered, yet what they were I couldn't make out

I felt the consistency of words escape the grasp of my tongue yet there I was unsure of what I had said

Thoughts counted off by twos and began racing through my head yet too many of them there were and I couldn't keep track of which ones had been first

My eyes watched as the scenery flew by, yet none of it was actually seen

It was all going by to fast, A blurred vision is what it was to me.

Unaware of what I was expecting, yet I knew this wasn't it

I had to take this next step, yet I wasn't sure of what it could be

Old memories managed to flash in, yet somehow they seemed new to me

Things I knew had happened, yet I had forgot

That however was part of it all, part of taking things for granted

A brief sense of relief washed over me, yet I knew I couldn't breath just yet

I had thought the worst had come, yet the worst hasn't even happened.

It appeared we were drawing closer,yet still there laid another block

It seemed it had already taken forever, yet that much time hadn't really elapsed

It stood tall, white and run down, A feeling of shouldn't came over me, yet
somehow I knew this is where I was suppose to be.

The nerves clawed furiously trying to escape, yet they appeared to claw so calmly

I grabbed everything and headed in, yet I felt as if it all should of stayed with me and helped make room for one more to join me.

Yet somehow it didn't last for long, yes, the thought quickly dispersed

I was glad for once that I had even got this much, yet you'd think the disappointment would have taken over me.

It did not, no, not at all, I was happy to be there, walking up those steps, walking up through that door, yet I didn't realize it at the time.

No not because disappointment and wishing were taking over, but because happiness had taken control.

Thankful yet another good term, I'd get to see him, I'd get to hug him, I'd get to kiss him, I'd get to see his smile, look into those eyes, hear that laugh, hear his cry's, hear his voice, sit silently in his arms as I cried.

Impatiently I waited in the lobby, yet patient I still remained

Not once did I utter hurry up, or come on. I just stood there with a smile, letting out sighs of relief. I can only imagine how silly it most likely appeared

But I didn't care I was just happy to be there.

Staring down the long hall I waited for him to appear, yet it was more like a yay at least he is here.

Then there he was standing proud and 6 feet tall, yet he looked so short as if he truly had been beat to the ground

So much strength yet so weak there he was headed toward me

My heart stopped beating, yet it raced on

Tears of happiness filled my eyes, yet escape they did not

Fear filled me when he didn't glance my way, yet I quickly dismissed it knowing very well what it could be.

Oh yes, I didn't mind, Amazingly I waited patiently, yet those were not the thoughts that went through my head

No, all I could think about was wow, I am actually getting to look at him.

I was thinking I'd like a kiss yet I wasn't waiting for it,

I was thinking I'd like a hug, yet I wasn't expecting it.

Down the long hall he lead us, yet it was shorter then it looked

Through the big room we headed, yet we got there quicker then we thought

I didn't care who was looking, yet I wondered if they saw us

I wanted to scream HEY LOOK I AM HERE, yet I didn't wish to scream for the attention

A few brief words were spoken, warm, yet so cold

Then off went the other that had taken me this far

Then as if it was an accident waiting to happened the small coffee cup had slipped from his strong giant hands.

How I love those hands.

I laughed as he tried to move the mat over the spot,  yet it just so happened it was the same mat I was sitting on

I jumped over to the bench where he remained, yet it was almost to close I just wanted to admire him.

The butterflies soon passed and an embrace he moved to make
In his arms once again, how much  happier could I be.

I was fine just sitting there with my head laid on his shoulder

This was awesome enough, I was happy to be sitting there

Then he pulled me close a kiss so soft and sweet

Yet it was just fine yes it satisfied me

Before I was left wanting more, but no this was fine, his lips on mine

Those beautiful brown eyes looked into my teary eyes that were blue

Then those words, ones I had been waiting to hear, yet forgot about once I got there.

Baby, I love you. Sealed with a kiss then finished off with a nervous laughter.

I smiled so big those words music to my ears

I looked him dead in the eyes and whispered Baby, I love you too.

I giggled quietly to myself, yet a serious look was planted on my face

The only thing I had been waiting for was the reaction once he heard my answer

I knew I was going to get to see him, yet I didn't know for this long

My main goal was to walk in, give him a hug, a quick kiss, and say baby I said yes.

His reaction was all I had wished to see, I wanted to know what he would do when he heard that answer from me.

Yet so much more I had gotten.

He looked into my eyes once again, extremely nervous, yet so calm

A smile broke across his face, yet his voice held such seriousness

Don't you want to hear my answer I uttered so soft

Honestly, I was afraid to ask, afraid to hear, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the answer. He stated openly, yet so full of seclusion

Five years at the most, yet that's the minimum, are you willing to wait that long?

He said with hope, yet understanding if I was not

It's okay if you want to move on. Sadness filled in his voice, yet curiosity came through

But please baby, he uttered so scared, if your going, to let me know now, because I am damned if I don't fight this thing till the end.

Jokingly was how it was meant to sound, yet so full of determination

The question still remains are you willing to fight with me? Hope shined through, yet fear dwindled slightly

Those are several long cold lonely nights, I am use to being alone but I know how you don't like to be. A final plea bargain

I am with you in this all the way, we are going to fight till the very end, we will get through this. I said with what sounded like a statement, yet it was a huge leap of commitment.

With that being said, he said in finalization, yet obvious movement,
 he grabbed the back of my neck, pushing me towards him, and looking me dead in the eye

yet he finished with

Baby, Will you Marry Me?

Without even thinking, yet there was no longer a question

Yes baby, I will marry you, of course I will marry you, you should of known that by now. Making my own half ass attempt to keep from breaking down in tears

When really it was cuz I finally knew what I had been saying all along

The same voice I kept silencing because a part of me wasn't ready to hear

His laugh filled my ears, ahh finally I could hear

His smile appeared, yes finally I could see

His lips pressed against mine, ahh the salt I could finally taste

His deep look into my eyes calmed me enough to figure out what it was I had thought

The happiest I had seen him in a while, yet the worry of what may happen could still be seen

All of this was so worth while, yes so much was gained

Many years we have still to go before he finally gets to come back home

Many nights we have to fight so once again we can finally be together

And though I am sure there will be times I wish he was here

I am just happy I have what I have, yet for some reason I realize it is just that much more then what we had before

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