Learning over the years

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Information on what i learned about MY Kind over the years...
The kind that have been thrugh the bad and the acceptional good..
And something i did last night made me realize..

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Last night i went to a concert...
And being there made me realize more than i already had about my kind.

Me and other Teens like me listen to certain Heavy metal that talks about not giving up. And at concerts, they usually give a speech to the damaged and their supporters about how they shouldn't give up while going though their struggle.
A lot of the people who listen to this music are the ones who use their music as a extra push in life.
It gave me a lot of thought...
I was that person.
Who would stay up all night crying and contemplating on what i should do and how i should act.
If i should kill myself or just let the suffering continue.
And when i opened my gate to these bands and people like them..
They made me think.
This isn't my end and i MUST be here..

"Not All Heroes Wears Capes"
Rock stars and heavy metal singers decided to say this about themselves because fans started calling them heroes. Every single singer that i know of has suffered from something that Teens suffer from every day.
Self Harm,
Attempting suicided,
And singers like these only look for the best intentions. They continue to make music to at least help stop whatever is hitting us teens hard.
You will never understand unless you were in our shoes.

Don't get me wrong. Not all teens are like this.
But a lot are.
And I'm not saying that most of them are heavy metal white kids.

It's all types.
But i realized at this concert last night..
That i was saved. And i never had the opportunity to thank any of the band members that i have met in the last two years.
And i believe that every person who has gone through what i have gone through that have called their favorite singers heroes, should do what i do and make sure they KNOW that we are thankful. ;3

I plan on going to a concert this summer called "Warped Tour"
A tour all around the US that is the number one things teens like me look forward to.
And i plan on telling all 20-30 bands how thankful i am.
Want proof?
Go to www.Tumblr.com And type in Warped Tour or a specific band name...
You will come to a realization to what i mean...

This... Is honestly just putting it *Simply*

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