Love: More Than Imagination

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Just a short Spoken Word poem that i wrote about two weeks ago that i'd like to share with my audience. ^_^

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



I remember when i was a little girl.
I looked at the world for what it is
But i never wanted to believe it.
I just thought everything was supposed to be like love
amazing and beautiful and way more different then life itself.
I let my imagination take over my thought process, eye sight, and hearing just so i can sculpt the world the way i wanted.
Like love.
Love was and i believe it always will be my way of seeing the world even at the age of 50
Even when things go bad to the point of suicide.
But I'll never do it because I'm scared of the thought of me not seeing things as love anymore.
The way i want my life to stay. It's definition can mean a million just like the word Fearless can be worded in a good or a bad way.
I know i brought up suicide and I'm absolutely positive that everyone in the world has thought about it.
Not everyone thinks about it towards them self, but it's still in their minds.
Just like sex has always crossed a mans mind.
Just like the way we look crosses a womans mind.
Just like it's in my mind when i say "hey.... My life is turning into shit"
But then i think of Love.
The thing that makes the world look so amazing. Fresh. New.
The thing that makes me see everything the way it's supposed to be.
Not giving a damn if i got robbed on this day or the next.
Not giving a damn if i ever got into an accident and almost died.
But as long as I'm still alive
Then I'll always have my love.
The thing that has always kept a positive note.
The one thing that has kept me up and awake to say "Pfft. No problem. I'm good enough i can do this."
Cause that old saying "When life kicks you down, get up and look life straight in the eye and say you hit like a..."
Bitches always tell me "Love is over rated."
Or "Love is stupid."
And tell me to give up.
There's no reason to give up when i know at the end of this race, Even when i win or lose i can always have love.
Imagination to keep me going for what i believe in.
And when people tell me that life is ugly.
I look at them and scoff because my imagination blinds me.
And i don't mind.
I have and will always see the most horrifying shit in this world.
But nothing can beat the number one thing that was meant for the people on this world... This earth.
Nothing can beat the beauty that compliments everyone's life.
And that beauty is.....

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