Really Media...? REALLY?!?!

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Everything in the media is part of the reason teens are the way the are now. -_-
And here is my reasoning and thought process.
Just puttin' it simply x.x

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



Just to put it simply, The media has so much goddamn influence on teens. 
And the influence each generation starts younger and younger.
10 year olds think it's okay to have boyfriends.
Girls are losing their virginity at the age of 13.
Teens 12 and up are constantly getting fucked up about their looks and their weight but in reality (USUALLY) There is nothing fucking wrong with them.
The damn magazines and TV shows and all the shit they put on the internet is fucking with our minds.
I used to be like that.
It used to be really bad.
Crying at night in my closet wishing all that stupid fat would go away.
Wishing i looked like Beyonce or even Vanessa Hudgens.
Cutting my wrists from depression of how ugly i thought i looked.
I mean. It's not that bad anymore. I grew out of it..

Just like yesterday when i was on the phone with my boyfriend! 
This is what was said

Me: Hey Did you hear about the new song Ray Jay came out with? Talking about he had Kim Kardash first? He was making fun of Kanye and Kim being together.
Him: Yea. Kim and Ray made a sex tape. If i was her father i would have beat that ass for being a porn star.
Me: I mean, i gotta hand it to her, she has a
nice body.
Him: No. I don't think she's beautiful at all. Just knowing all the shit she's done automatically makes her unattractive to me.
I wish i had her skin complexion. She's really pretty.
Him: No.
Me: She has
big boobs too.
Him: No.
Me: I like the way she looks. Not what she does.

Him: Still. No. You're perfect the way you are..

I mean, I'm not into the whole "OMG I'M FRIGGON UGLY I DON'T LIKE THE WAY I LOOK I'M SO FAT" Thing.
It's totally not me.
It USED to be.
But It will never be me ever again...
I know I'm beautiful.
But because of the Media, Teenagers, and even younger, are starting to judge themselves when they need to realize that they are perfect the way they are and there is no need to change a goddamn thing about them.

Even a person who has an extra nose is beautiful.
Or even 6 fingers on one hand. 
A tumor covering half their face
I can't help but to smile at the people who have defects. Usually the first thing i would love to let come out of my mouth is "You're beautiful." Without even a  "Hi" Or "How are you?"
I just want people to know they are fucking pretty.

Having all these goddamn celebs flash their money and use it to look any fucking way they want to, and then showing commercials on how you can look this way and that. Or you can BE this way and that doesn't' help anyone's goddamn self-esteem.
A LOT of fucking people don't have the damn money or even the time to get these things so they can be "ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL". 
And i guess the media doesn't see that.


Everyone is beautiful and the Media is corrupting our mind to make it seem like we aren't.
We ARE beautiful.
No matter who you are.
And, sweety...
I'm just putting it simply.


Lol I know this isn't what i usually write but this fits in with my depression and self harm units ^_^
It goes with the package.

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