12 Days of Love

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Charlotte Malone has never been a fan of Christmas. She has never cared about the carols or the presents. It's a time of they year that she thinks everybody could live without. But all it would really take to change her mind is a truely amazing Christmas. And her secret santa has just the right idea in mind. (This is for Ryder Stokes It's Christmas contest!)

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Charlotte MaloneDavid Hayes



'You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vi-'

I immediately hit the power button. Well more like viciously slammed the power button. I hated Christmas music with a powerful fury. Now I'm not Scrooge, but I'm not Santa's little helper either. In my opinion Christmas and it's music are a waste of time. Most wonderful time of the year my ass. Christmas doesn't exactly bring me or my family good fortune. Seeing as one year my parent's announced their divorce on Christmas day and another year my Grandfather, who I was extremely close to, died. Since then I've never bothered to care about Christmas. Today really isn't a good day either. You see I'm a senior and my first class of the day is usually late but today all of the seniors at my school are picking secret Santa's and attendance is mandatory. Not that I care my person will most likely get a $5 gift card to McDonalds. I chuckle to myself. "Way to get into the Christmas spirit Charlotte," I think while I pull up to my school.

The first thing I hear when I walk in is two girls talking about how excited they are for Christmas. I pull out my phone and check the date. December 12th, only 13 more days of hell. I walk to the auditorium where all of the seniors are supposed to meet. I spot my friend Sofie and walk up to talk to her. "Hey," I greet. "Ohmigosh Char! Aren't you super excited?" She ask-squeals. "Eh I guess," I say for her benefit. "I hope David Hayes gets me," She starts but I drown her our right away. David Hayes is the most popular guy in the school. I really don't get why but I guess he is sorta attractive if your into that type of guy. Him and my brother were the best of friends last year before my brother graduated so I know a little bit about him. Though me and him haven't had any real conversations so I doubt he knows a damn thing about me. Oh and another tidbit about me, I'm a cursor. I got my potty mouth from my dad. It just comes naturally for me to talk like that.

"Ahem we are now passing around the name basket. Take one and only one name," The principal said. The basket slowly made it's way around. When it reached me and Sofie she eagerly pulled out a name. Her smile slowly fell when she read it. "Who did you get?" I asked while grabbing a name myself. "Franchesca stinking Boyd," She sulked. I couldn't help but laugh. Franchesca was the school slut. "Well you could get her a new thong," I giggled. "It's not funny. Anyways who did you get?" She asked me. I unfolded my paper. "John Dean," I read aloud. Sofie made a gagging sound. John was a mega nerd. I had absolutely no idea what he would want. "Maybe I'll get him a cape for his cape Fridays," I joked. Sofie burst out into laughter. Ever since Freshman year John was trying to catch cape Fridays on. It clearly hadn't worked seeing as no one wore capes. "I think we should start on confusion time," Sofie suggested. "Okay, see you later," I waved before watching her walk off.

Confusion time was the time when people got to go around and get gift ideas. No one wanted to be straight forward so they went up to a bunch of random people and pretended to be their secret Santa. I, being the loner I am, decided to stand in the corner and wait. "Hey Charlotte," I glance up to see a completely unexpected face. "Oh, hey David," I say knowing that he is just here to confuse me. "Well I take it your excited to see me," He joked. I shoot him a fake smile. "So how is your brother," he awkwardly asks. "He's doing good," I reply trying to hurry this up. "Are you excited for Christmas?" He asks obviously not taking my hint to leave. "Listen not to be rude but why are you talking to me?" I bluntly ask. "I'm just trying to be friendly," He smiles. "Fine let's be friendly then," I give him another smile, this one is even more fake then the last. "What's your favorite Christmas song?" He smiles. "I don't like any," I state flatly. "You mush have one," he urges. "I guess 12 Days of Christmas," I say trying to get him to leave. "Mine too," He says. I can't tell if he is leaving or not. The bell rings and I leave as fast as I can not even bothering to say goodbye.

I only have 4 classes each day. Spanish 5, AP Calc, Choir, and Physics. I have enough credits to pass but I just take these to get ahead for college. The only class I really like is Choir. I'm in the best one, Chorale. I've been in it since sophomore year when I could first audition. Today is the day when the teacher announces who got the solos. I auditioned for my first time to have the solo in silent night. I really hope I got it but I'm a little bit nervous that I didn't. Our concert is on Christmas day. It's a little bit weird but it's a school tradition. I only have to get through two periods before I can find out if I'm a soloist.

Spanish and Calc breeze by. I've always been good in those subjects. Slowly I walk to the choir room. Most of the members have told me that I have Silent Night in the bag but the other auditions were good too. I open the door and take my place by Sadie, a fellow soprano and good friend. "Good luck," She whispers to me sensing my nervousness. I shoot her a grateful smile before class begins. We run through all of our songs. She announces the two other soloists, Carrie, an alto, in Jingle Bell Rock and Marie, a soprano, in Carol of the Bells. They both have pretty voices and the deserved it. "Now can we run through Silent Night?" The teacher asks. Everyone nods. "Congratulations to Miss Charlotte Malone on getting the solo," She continues. My smile is huge. We all start the song. I practice my solo and then class is over. "See you all tomorrow ladies," The teacher dismisses us. I walk up to my final class feeling extremely happy.

I forgot that I have Physics with David. He casually sits next to me as if he had done it forever. "Well hello there Charlotte," He flashes me a smile. "Hey," I smile back. not even he can put a damper on my good mood. "Well someone's feeling better this afternoon," He laughs. "Well events took a turn for the better," I tell him. "How so?" he asks. Is he really interested. "I got the solo I wanted in choir," I say assuming he will get bored. "That's great Charlotte. When is the concert." He asks holding up his phone to mark the date. "Christmas day at 7," I tell him suprised. "I'll be there," He says sliding his phone back into his pocket. "Why are you suddenly being nice to me?" I ask curiously. "I guess I just realized how little of the seniors I know," He shrugs. "And by the way, call me Char, everyone else does," I tell him before taking out my notes. When I look back up he is smiling at me. I smile back.

That night I go home to my mom yelling at my sister. My sister, Allie, is a Freshman and she is trying to be cooler then she is. She is hooking up with seniors and it's just plain creepy. I'm used to mom yelling but she never gets this angry. "Mom what's wrong?" I cautiously ask. "Your sister is pregnant," She sobs. I look at my sister silently asking if this is true. She hangs her head in shame. 15 and pregnant wow. Who would have guessed it? "Allie who is the father?" I ask. "I- I don't know," she wails. Has she really slept with that many people? I'm still a virgin and I'm an effin senior. "Wow Allie, just wow," I mutter before running upstairs. I just want to sleep all of this drama away.

Instead of waking up to my normal alarm I am awoken by a strange chirping sound. I wearily open my eyes. Holy Shiz it that a bird? In a tree? I get up and put my glasses on. It is. Why is it in my room? I run out my door and frantically call for my mom. "Why is there a bird in my room?" I ask her. "Read the note that goes with it," She tells me before going back to sleep. I let out a frustrated sigh. Is it that hard to tell me the answer? I walk back into my room and grab the note.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: A partridge in a pear tree!

Love, Your Secret Santa :)

Weird. Why on earth would my mother let it in here and who on earth wrote it? I re read it. Love?! It has to be a friend, doesn't it? I Suppose I will have to find out. I just hope there won't be more.

For the next three days I receive more gifts. on the 14th I find two turtle doves in my locker. On the 15th I find three French hens in my front yard. And on the 16th I find four calling birds in my first period class. All of the items have a note with them. They all say the verse they belong to then love your secret Santa. I really don't get the love part. Today is the 'five golden rings day' and I'm actually kind of excited to see if my secret Santa pulls through. I'm in Choir when the package is delivered. "I have a delivery for Charlotte Malone," the guy says. I walk down to grab the box. I open it quickly and what do you know. In the box are five golden rings. They each have a word engraved in them. The first says I, The second says Love, the third says You, the fourth says Charlotte, and the fifth says Malone. The other Choir girls aw and I find myself blushing. I read the note and see that it's the same as the others. Only this present eliminates my hypothesis that it is a friend. I just wonder who it is.

It's the 20th. Also known as the last day before Christmas break and the day we find out who our secret Santa's are. I ended up getting John a cape and Sofie got Franchesca a mani-pedi gift card. I'm really excited to see who my Santa is, because as of now I have no clue. Yesterday I got a note to go to the schools fountain and I found 7 swans in it and the day before I had to chase off 6 geese that were nesting in my tree. This person must be truely dedicated. I can't help but wonder if they really like me or if they are just doing this for my gift. I shake the thought away. I see John and quickly go up to him. I just have to get this over with. "Suprise," I jump in front of John and hand him his present. He quickly unwraps it. Seeing the smile on his face I knew I made a good choice. "Wow Charlotte thanks," He takes me by suprise by hugging me. "It's no biggie. Just enjoy it," I tell him. "Thanks again Char hope you get a good gift too," He says. I smile at his kind words. Maybe I misjudged him and maybe Christmas does have some magic after all.

The unveiling was over and my Santa hadn't come forward yet. I am starting to worry but that ends when I step into the hall. There are eight cardboard cows and eight girls pretending to milk them. I laugh at the sigh and quickly grab the note.  

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 8 maids a milking!

Love, Your Secret Santa :)

P.S. Be patient Charlotte, my gift won't be complete until Christmas and then you will find out who I am.

Really? I have to wait until Christmas. I sigh and head off to my classes for the day. Physic's is my last class and David isn't bored of me yet. "Hey Char, who was your Santa?" He asks. "I don't know. I won't find out until Christmas," I sigh. "Oh, Hey what's with the ring are you getting married?" He joked. I glanced at my finger. I forgot that I started wearing the Charlotte ring. "Secret Santa gift," I tell him. "It's pretty," He comments. When class is over he wishes me a merry Christmas and walks out the door. Hmm maybe David is my secret Santa. No I shake the thought away. He probably just misses my brother.

 I am woken up on Christmas morning by Allie. She still loves Christmas even at her age. She has decided to get an abortion, which I don't agree with but it is not my choice. "Present time," She sings. "Ok I'm up," I give in and climb out of bed. Today is the day of the concert. I also find out who my Santa is. As much as I dislike Christmas this one is shaping up rather nicely.

It's 6:30 and time for me to leave. I am wearing my black Chorale dress and black character shoes. My hair is curled and I have on some make-up. I look really pretty if I do say so myself. I'm nervous yet excited for my solo. "Are your ready Char," My mom calls. "As I'll ever be," I reply back spraying on my perfume and running down stairs. "You look beautiful honey," My mother hugs me before hauling me into the car.

The concert flys by and before I know it it's time for the last song of the night which happens to hold my solo. We sing the first verse then I step down. I try to find a familiar face to look at. I spot David who is smiling. I take a deep breath then sing.

'Silent night, holy night. Son of god loves pure light. Radiant beams from thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace. Jesus lord at thy birth. Jesus lord at thy birth.'

It is over before I know it and the audience is clapping. I stared at David's face the whole time. We go in for the big finish and I do my smaller solo. When we are done that audience claps and we are free to go. The choir members compliment me and I head to get my stuff.

I walk out to my car and hear the loud sounds of drums. My secret Santa! I run towards the noise. The music is drawing quite a crowd. "Hey," David grabs my arm. "You were great," He smiles. "Thanks," I say but I am glancing around for my Santa. "What are you looking for?" He asks. "My secret Santa," I say quickly. All of the sudden the drumming stops and I hear someone singing. "On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 12 drummers drumming." I turn to see David singing. He is really off key and I am distracted from finding my secret Santa. "It's me Char," He takes my hand. "I'm your Santa." I show my suprise. "Wait you love me?" I ask. He nods. "I- I love you too," I suprise myself by saying. Before I can think David grabs me and pulls me in for a kiss. The audience whoops and cheers. "I've had a huge crush on you since I met your brother and when I drew your name I was determined to let you know," He says when we finally come up for air. "Wow," Is all I can say before he pulls me in to kiss me again. I guess Christmas Miracles do happen after all.

Author note: So did you like it? I enjoyed writing it. Oh and Merry Christmas!!

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