For those who called themselves a friend

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love had and lost

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



4 those who called themselves ‘friend’

I've seen what it was that I cherished

Recognised the love to be oh so futile

For you had my love locked within

And you rendered me and mine useless

To have you was to know you

And to have had you is to have known

To have seen and experienced all of you

And now that I have, I am but a shell

I recognise and realise the input you had

Now that I don’t have, my world is destitute

Without you I am only a part of me

No longer am I part of you and yours

I am a single being an atom not a compound

I am me, nothing special just a lone rider

Yet I know that you are not what I need

And what you have to offer I do not desire

So why do I sigh, because that is me.

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