Dear Annie

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A loving letter written to a daughter and sister. I entered a competition with this, didn't win but here it is anyway!

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011




Dear Annie,


It’s Daddy. I remember watching the morning light filter through the cheap plastic blinds of the hospital, it cast strips onto your face. It glittered and merged with your blonde hair. It was crazy. How beautiful and broken you looked that day, you were fragile laying there precariously like you were frightened. But you weren’t you had a faint smile, it created slight dents on your cheeks. Annie, I wanted to hold you in my arms that moment, but I couldn’t, I wanted to smell your hair, stroke your face, because the night you disappeared it took away my life, my hope, my faith. I was frightened. Frightened touching your scintillating face would be a lie. I didn’t like the ugly hospital gown they put you in, it was a shade of blue I wasn’t familiar in and the material was hard and rough, it washed you out, made you look pale and lifeless and dead. Death. The word had become a friend in our family Annie. Imagining you- chalk white, lips blue, light bruises decorating your face like a patchwork quilt…it was unbearable but I had to bear with that vision everyday when you disappeared. Disappeared. I looked it up, you know Annie. It means cease to be visible. But you were visible, I could see your face. Day after day, plastered on the news like you being gone was the only thing that had happened. But girls go missing everyday, one minute they’re then the next they’re gone- like a changing season, a perpetual change – a universal moment. You were visible. I saw you, you know. In my mind all the time. That’s why I touched you. I wanted it to be real…but it wasn’t.


Hey Annie! It’s Oscar. I don’t really know what to write…I mean, its kind of weird- writing to you like this- Don’t you think? I was never good with words, you were though. So I’ll try and keep this short. When you disappeared it felt like a great, big hole in our lives. Its crazy how much change it caused. No more of you singing out of tune or making the rooms smell of that stinky perfume you loved so much. None of that. I didn’t realise how much I missed all those things till you went. It was like…when you disappeared a piece of us disappeared. I miss you so much not just as brother and sister but as best friends too. I love you and miss you. Please, please wake up Annie. I promise if you do I’ll be the best little brother ever, I’ll never bother you and you can have first pick of films…just- just come back to me. Mum said your in a coma and cant wake up, it doesn’t look like that though, it looks like your just dreaming a really, really nice dream. I’m glad.


Annie. My darling. It’s Mummy. My pen is running out. My paper nearly full. But my letter will never be over. My letter to you, my baby girl. The letter you’ll never get. The wings form and the gates are opening for you Annie. Life continues but yours has ended kind of like this letter, I guess. I just want to say I love you. That will never change. I’ll find your missing teddy and find its missing ear. I’ll caress your hair and love you like a summer back when I was ten. I’ll enfold you in my arms, caress your hair, murmur reassurances. Then I’ll stay. I’ll never disappear.


Forever Yours,

Mummy, Daddy and Oscar.

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