To me, we are all beautiful.

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I wrote this quite some time ago. I have suffered with confidence issues for as long as I can remember and I wrote this at a stage were I wanted to swallowed up into the sadness. But not anymore and I want everyone to know whatever you go through you can get through matter how hard or how long.

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011





I pulled him away. Then I ran and ran.

Boiling hatred simmers beneath hot skin.  It courses through me. Ravaging at my very being, it crawls and sinks its way into my soul till its black, dark and dead.

It grows and grows and I cannot stop it. I won’t stop it. In that very moment I am dead. Creeping shadowing bones paint a pretty picture; they smile and pose then decompose like a haunting.

Haunting me, haunting my body, haunting my heart. Scream my beautiful death till you bleed. I am death and I cannot stop it.

The iron gates open for me, they offer a hand, I take it and walk in. They are polite, gracious and kind. Can I ask for anymore? Yes.

I want them to drag, uproot my hair from my scalp. I want them to swear at me, yell derogatoriness’ till I cry then start over and over again.

Yank the tongue I once used to speak- drag it from my throat, scratch out my pupils and use them as sailing boats and sail wide till I reach my comeuppance. I have been bad.

Destroy my anarchy. Beautiful people make me ugly with your beauty. I need punishment for my deeds. I need my hatred in my veins. I need to feel the pain I’ve inflicted.

What is this I feel? Its not hatred. No. It’s different. It moulds the hate and defuses the burning and vexness. But deep within, I’m still paying, still getting what I deserve.

I feel nonchalant and mellow. I feel feelings. I feel and feel and feel. Hades has left me. The red heat has been extinguished.

I feel nothing but salt water and feelings and feelings and love and hate and greed and happiness and jealousy and pain. I feel them all and they are all mine.

Then he pulled me to him. Held me tight and whispered, so low I barely heard: "To me, you are beautiful."

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