Wake Up! And Be Free!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
When a person is tired of his day-to-day routine, a girl comes and sets him free from is all.

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



“Wake up! Wake up!”

Every morning it is the same thing over and over again. Some officer coming into where we sleep and telling us to get up it is time for work. And every morning we all do the same thing… work until they tell us to stop. I guess back in the old days people would work from morning to the sun sets, since we can’t see the sun, not in this vault.

Over 100 years ago the planet was pretty much destroyed. By what? No one really knows. All that we know is the vault keeps us safe from the toxic air outside. The Golden Rule: Go outside you will die.

After I get out of a bed that feels like it is made out of stone. I begin to walk to work. Every day this place seems to get grayer and grayer, not the atmosphere, but the walls and what people where. There is not on color other than gray in this vault. I feel like a drone, as I walk done these walls of gray. The only thing that could make this better is-

“Hey Noah!”

Speak of the devil. I turn around to see Sally running towards me. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole vault. Why she has a thing with me I have no clue.

“Hey Sally.”

“Do you see anything different about me?” She spins around slowly, making me check out her whole body. But I noticed it before she even asked me. Her hair is curled. She just loves breaking all the rules here. But I have to act like I don’t notice it, I don’t why I feel like I need to do that I just do.

“Wearing more gray today?”

She begins to laugh so hard I thought she was going to fall over.

“No, you silly! I curled my hair.”

A looked at her and whispered, “You know that is against the rules. If the Head Office see you that will-“

“They will what?”

“Never mind.”

I begin to walk away when she grabs my arm and pulls me in and begins to whisper to me,

“Meet us in the service room at midnight tonight.”

Then she walks away. I have never seen her so serious in my life. Throughout the whole I was thinking about what she said to me, and it is pretty easy to think about other things when my job is cleaning up other people’s shit. Why does she want to meet me? And who is us? I need to go!




As I walk to the service room I notice that the gray walls look even grayer at night. I open the open to see sally and about thirty other people in this room. Sally walks up to me and says,

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I looked at her with a confused face.

“Ready to leave this place! Ready to go above! Ready to leave this controlling government behind us and start anew!”

I looked at her and all the other people.

“There is no why the Head Office is going to let you do this! And plus the air is toxic! Once you step outside those doors you will die! Why would you risk that?”

She begins to laugh.

“We are ready to fight for this. We are ready to die for this. The Head Office is not going to stop us. We will make it.”

“What about the air?”

“This air is not toxic. They lied to us. To keep us trapped.”

“Why would they do that?”

“The powerful people want to keep their power! If we go above then there power is gone.”

Everything she is saying makes me question my life. Can all of this be true? That the government looking over us is trying to keep us here?

Sally walks up to me and asks,

“In or out?”





Thirty minutes we are walking to the front door. I have never been to this side of the vault, mainly because we are not allowed to. I walk up to Sally and asked,

“Where are all the guards on duty?”

“They are at the front door waiting for us.”

“So we are really about to fight them?”

“Yes, it is the only way out of here.”

We walk up to the front door were it looks like all the guards are just waiting for us. The leader of their group yells out,

“Return to you sleeping areas now and no one gets hurt!”

Sally steps up and yells,

“No way! Attack!”

Everyone starts running towards each other except me. Until Sally grab me and pulled me to the fight. This is nothing like all the other books that I read. There was normally some kind of buildup to the fight, well I guess not this time. The guards were easy over powers. It felt like they wanted us to just leave.

Sally opens the front doors to the vault and I see it. I see the sun and breathing air. It was beautiful and the best part about this is that I am not died. I look at Sally and I knew right then something great is about to happen. It feels like for the first time I am wake and free.

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