The surrogate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Surrogate was all about incest, the rape victim was a minor belong to a tribe from a far flung place in the Philippines.



INCEST CASE 001 (“The Surrogate”)

Let’s call her Baby. A twelve (12) year old, but wasn’t so sure because her mother did not gone to school same as she. Naïve, tall, skinny, wavy hair and has a fair complexion. She and her family were natives from a far flung place in the Philippines. They belong to a tribe that has traits and traditions which they had depended their way of living. No proper hygiene, cultivate the ground when they have nothing to eat, early marriage of which the man could have the woman that he liked; and  rules that he has to give the family’s demand like money, land, or anything what came  into  their mind especially when the woman is still a virgin. In short it’s like a business.  Part of their culture is transfer to one (1) place to another. Started living in the shore; a family member died they left the house and bury the dead person under the house; believing that it’s a bad luck. Then will transfer a few meters from the previous house until they reached the pick of the hill. 

Baby was a victim of incest rape by her surrogate father Dino; a fisherman and the lived-in-partner of Beth (Baby’s mother).  Dino and Beth met each other in the lake wherein Beth was usually doing her laundry. After a while they were together. Dino also bought Beth for twenty (20) pesos, cheap in our mind but has a meaning for them. Maybe you have questioned in your mind why was it twenty (20) pesos?, because she was not a virgin anymore and she had different partners from her past.  Funny isn’t it? Baby has three (3) siblings from different fathers. They were Sonny, Robin, and Jon the son of Dino. Dino and Beth decided to lived together because of Beth’s pregnancy. First quarter of their relationship, Dino had been responsible and determined father for Beth’s children. However, during the last quarter of Beth’s pregnancy; Dino started to be a drunkard and like a mad dog when he was angry.

It was early in the morning when Beth gave birth to her youngest child Jon. Three (3) days later, Dino asked Beth to go out to vend the shrimps that he caught from fishing and Baby was asked to stayed at home to take care of her younger siblings. “ So Baby you know what to do, take care of them while I am not around ok”; Beth’s parting words to Baby before she left.  Baby busy playing with her younger siblings, loud voice disturbed them.  That was Dino “You lazy girl” let them play by themselves and come here you BASTARD. Baby frightened went unto him. Dino was in their common room with no division and a bamboo flooring that has spaces in between.  He was lying in the floor wearing short pants. When Baby asked him; what do you want? Dino harshly replied rub my back with the oil (native coconut oil) I’m so tired from working. Baby was shocked!  And about to leave when Dino quickly grabbed her hands and pointed a knife at her side. “Don’t scream Baby, otherwise I will kill you”. All you have to do is take off your shorts and underwear and lay carefully at my side”. Dino tried so hard to penetrate Baby’s private part which was the vagina, after all Baby was still a virgin. Dino put his hand on Baby’s mouth and the other hand was holding knife. “Son of a Bitch widen your legs!” (spit saliva on his hand) put it on the clitoris while he pushed hard to the maximum level.  He successfully raped Baby. Dino threatened Baby,” don’t you dare to say anything to anyone otherwise I will kill all of you”. Few droplets of blood on her underwear, painful vagina and lower back, nervousness she felt after.

When Beth came home from vending shrimps, she saw Baby’s crying and looked frightened. BABY; what happened? Why are you crying? Why your siblings looked so dirty and hungry? Baby just stared at her and didn’t say anything. Upstairs, Dino was busy cooking and acted as if nothing happened. “Did you know why Baby cried? Beth asked Dino; Dino replied sarcastically “I just told her to get up and cook rice for lunch, she laid for long period of time and you were nearly be home. Then she made face and went downstairs”. 

Three (3) days passed by and its Saturday when Beth permitted Baby to with Dino in the mountain to collect wood for cooking. Dino simply smiled with lust in the corner (zipping coffee). “Baby use your head while in the forest only took the dried stems of wood, and is not lazy to carry those when you come back. Help your step-father! Baby still tongue-tied and politely obeyed her mother (Beth).

 In the middle of the forest just finished collected wood around twelve (12) o’clock in the afternoon and about to leave the place. Dino grabbed Baby’s hands and pushed her towards the tree. He wrapped Baby’s hand around the tree. Only the anterior part of her body was exposed. He smashed the breast and licked the nipple up and down. “You son of a bitch don’t scream, don’t you see this knife ha? I will hack you like a wood if you will do anything nasty!” He rolled over his eyes in the surroundings and pulled Baby’s underwear when he noticed that nobody was around. He pulled out his penis and penetrated Baby’s vagina (spit  saliva on his hand) put it on the clitoris. He fingered for couple of times then he fucked her. Back and forth penetration of his penis to Baby’s vagina until he reached his climax. “Urrrgggrr… “Fucked you were one of a kind” Dino said. When they reached home Dino whistled demonic hymn. He looked so happy. “I’m in heaven “Dino said. Beth recognized Dino “ you looked not tired unlike before when you got home  came from the mountain you right away shouted so loud and threw some things over; but now it’s different”. “Why is there something wrong to be happy and feels like in heaven?” Dino replied. Suddenly Beth saw Baby sitting on the table with no reaction at all. “Are you sick Baby?” I find you all the time not in yourself. Is there a problem? Hmnnn..maybe you only like to join your friends in the shore. Then Dino secretly signed to Baby while holding the knife.

It had been a routine already when Dino raped Baby. Stolen moments when Beth was out to vend shrimps and during Saturday when they went to the mountain to collects wood. Six months later, and it was dawn “Beth make sure that the rice is already cooked when I arrived” Dino’s parting words. Baby woke up because of the strong voice of Dino and stared at him sharply. Dino came back from fishing, again; a loud and disturbed voice “Beth! What are u doing there? Go down here and get these shitting shrimps. You must be happy to vend these shrimps and you will have money. Beth quickly went down; your food’s ready there. Where’s Baby? Dino asked. She is still sleeping.  I see. Beth left home to vend shrimps, Dino ate his food. Baby and her siblings were in the ground playing. BABY, BABY, BABY; the whole area was almost disturbed because of the loud voiced of Dino. ”Baby frightened awkwardly, come here you son of a bitch!  Sonny Baby’s younger brother stopped to play and stared inquisitively at her “okay Baby no worries I’l take care of Jon. Baby solemnly went to Dino. Dino was sitting at the corner holding a bolo, you know Baby how sharp it is? Baby (sigh) and about to turn to fast but Dino was faster than her. He grabbed Baby’s hand and laid her forcedly. That time Sonny and his youngest brother were under their house. Sonny witnessed the raping of Dino. He barely saw it through the small spaces of their floor that made up of bamboo. He was shocked. After the terrible raping, Baby was not able to come back to her siblings; she sat on the stairs. “BABY look how great I am to crawl at this tree” Sonny said. But Baby had no reaction (poker face) as if she didn’t hear her brother.

Meanwhile Beth arrived home from vending shrimps, she looked happy carrying the pale full of rice and some cans of sardines. It must be a good lunch, Beth and her family preferred sardines instead of having a native chicken on the table. Not so practical but this was the way how they brought up as part of their traits. The night was over, “Beth woke up, I will go for fishing now Dino said. Why is it so early? Beth answered; Dino shouted at her. You are really stupid Beth of course to catch more shrimps! You knew how it goes there in the lake and I’m not the only who would like to be there for fishing stupid! Dino went out. Sonny woke up when Dino left.  Sonny gracefully went to his mother and said “Mother, there is something important that you should know. What? Beth replied. Sonny started to confess what he witnessed. Suddenly Beth cried as Baby was listening of her brother’s confession. Beth hugged her so tight “Oh my Baby why don’t you tell me about it?” I am just at your side. Baby cried out loud. Baby disclosed about the long-time raping of her surrogate father. At first Beth was nervous of what she should do but she was brave enough of her decision. Beth literally didn’t know how to read and write.

Sunrise, Beth finally decided to vacate the house together with her children. A neighbour acknowledged that they were busy packing hastily.  She approached Beth and asked her what was going on. Beth narrated what happened. Fortunately the neighbour had become a concern citizen. She had an idea about the law and she was a Barangay Councillor ( Barangay- is the smallest administrative division in the Phil. is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward). She helped Beth and referred to the proper agency which was the Social Services Office in town.  Beth and her children were house in the centre of the said office “Bahay Kalinga” ( a centre which specialized for temporary protection and custody for the victims of abuse).

Beth supported Baby all throughout; they went to the Police station to file a case against Dino the (surrogate father). A week later, the Social Worker from the centre advised and warned Beth and her children that somebody saw Dino often roaming around the centre. Baby abruptly cried and scared, “Baby why are you crying? Social worker asked; I remember how Dino threatened me, he will kill us all if I said anything against him. The Social Worker decided to transfer them to the same office but far from the place where they lived at the moment.  

In the new centre, Beth and her children taught about the proper hygiene like hair combing after taking a bath, tooth brushing, shampooing, table manners such as correct usage of fork and spoon, drinking and putting water in a glass and proper dish washing. Likewise Beth and Baby underwent for a tutorial sessions that had been conducted by the Social Worker. Beth bored of studying; after she learned how to write her children’s name she complained of boredom. But baby showed so much interest at her studies. She knew how to write her name. Familiarized the Philippine alphabet; the difference between vowel from consonant, counting numbers from one (1) to one hundred (100), and the correct pronunciation of words per syllable. The Social Worker found her job challenging; in fact she made a progress report every week to see any development in Baby’s psychological and mental behaviour. The tutorial had ran well. The Social Worker and the rest of the staff were commended because of the job well done. Beth and her children stayed in the centre about half a year because of the due process it takes for Baby’s case.

 Baby was brought to the dentist to validate her age and she had been found at the age between twelve (12) to fourteen year  (14) old. Seven (7) months later, and it was May, when the Social Worker came to informed Baby that the subpoena had been issued to Dino and they can freely back to their place. However, during the discharged conference Baby approached the Social Worker that instead of going back home maybe she can continue her studies in school. The Social Worker coordinated with the network NGO ( Non-Government –Organization) for Baby’s educational assistance and Beth and the rest of her children went back home, with the Financial Assistance from the government  intended for the livelihood project that she proposed.

 On the other hand, the Social Worker over viewed the  problem of Baby’s schooling; if she will pass and be qualified to enrol at the public elementary school as grade 1. Baby was determined to pursue her studies. She had been thoroughly practiced how to read and write. After; Baby took the written and oral exams and luckily she passed. She was enrolled in grade 1. She had fun on her first year of school and because of her good conduct and considered the tallest among her classmates, she was asked to be an assistant to her class adviser. Baby had two (2) awards at the end of the school year as the most behave and most honest.

 With the due process of law in the Philippines, though it was really long way of waiting; finally Dino was in jail. Dino denied the accusations that he raped Baby “I am innocent”, Baby and I have a relationship she was my girlfriend. Please bring her back to me! I don’t need my wife (Beth) and my son; only bring back Baby to me”. Dino’s attested his sentiments; while grasping the willow barrels as a detainee.

As per interviewed with the Social Worker of the NGO where Baby is; she disclosed that Baby was doing well in her school and she is now in Grade-III.


Republic Act No. 8353

  • An act expanding the definition of the crime of Rape, reclassifying the same as a crime against persons, Amending for the purpose Act No. 3515, as amended, otherwise known as the revised penal code, and for other purposes.
  • Anti-Rape Law 1997.







Submitted: October 29, 2013

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