A Love Lost In The Wind

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Reminiscing ......

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



5 months is all it took to come full circle.

Our season came to an end all too soon.


Delicate and intricate am I,

Innocent and alone.

You took me to my peak,

Showed me how to reach for my goals.

I'd never known a care so tender and fragile,

One that had me rocking on my toes.

With every second of every day I loved you more,

The more I loved, the more I broke, the more you made me strong.


Every mistake we ever made had me grasping for your arms,

A constant stream of tears.

But we had our fights, our battles,

Nights of wonder if we would make it through,

I knew you didn't feel for me anymore,

And I couldn't let you suffer with me.


So we loved and I lost,

I cried and I hated,

I got up and forgave you ??

WHY ???


Why would I forgive you for tossing my life into turmoil ?

Why would I forgive you for sending my face into unforgivable ugliness ?

Frownlines, heavyily ladden eyes, 

A face weak from pain and longing.


Yes .. I let you go.

Yes .. it was my desicion.

You didn't pine for me,

Or ask for me to return,

Not even an explanation did you require.

You just ..... let me leave ......................


I forgave your words, your harsh mannerisms,

Because I knew, you were worth even more to me than my life itself.


Not a day passes that I don't reminise on our life together,

Your face flashing across my mind,

And your touch, your kiss,

I still feel them, almost as fresh as the first yesterday.


I miss you ....

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