i hate what we had

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i had the most perfect thing going for me then i ruined everything becasue feelings stopped coming. i hate thinking about it and i hate that i hurt her.

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



i need to get over what we had

everything there has now turned bad

i love you forever that is true

i need to get over you

in the dark you are there

right next to me

i dont expectyou to see or believe

that when i say

i hate what we had.

i got so close

my gate dropped down

and now i lay waiting to drown

i left i know but you need to hear

what i have to say is loud and clear

i hate what we had

a perfect match

my heart was yours

then you said those words


is all it took for me to take just one good look

that you were not good

i hate what we had

i fell so hard

i let you take charge

and ruin my heart

you kill thats what you do

your smile draws in your pray

and then quickly we try to run away

i love you forever this much is true

but i still hate what we had.

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