the night i will remember

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a night they wanted to remember....

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



it was two years now that Trevor and I were together. He wanted to do something romantic for me this year, i begged him not to. Im not big on the gifts and romance like he is. it makes him happy though and i want him to do what he wants so i let him, but this night i should have chosen the romantic part.
we drove to a empty lot with three street lights, just bright enough to see each other. he takes my hand "Tesha ive wanted this night to be a night that you would rememeber." smiling back at him i squeeze his hand tighter. "this night will be one i will remeber." "i dont think you are understand tesh i need this night to be a night you wont forget." he unbuckles his seat belt leans in and BANG!BANG! BANG! three shots rang out from the path just 20 feet from us. we ducked in out seats and then we hear feet. quiet and not moving. i can hear his heart pounding in his chest as i hold tighter to his hand he mouths i love you. tears begain to fall from my eyes. a shadow creeps up the side of his 97 pick up and stops. the breath of the person outside is now on my side of the window. again we hear BANG! BANG! BANG!  then the breath moves to the back. trevor's hand is cluching mine so tight it is turning purple, but i dont care i want him to hold me tight. as the foot steps fade and the shadow clears, trevor peeks up. then shoots back down again. my eyes grow huge he knows i need to know what he saw and his breath gets heavy and his face turns pale. i start to get up and he shakes his head no. the sounds are gone, quiet peace fills the dark cold nights air. he sits up, still holding my hand and looks at me, motions me to sit up slowly. we stare out the window. he opens the truck door and steps out. i move to the driver side and sit with my legs out of the door. he walks to the path. he touches the girls body. her hair is blood stained and her shirt is torn. we waves his hands for me to come. as i step out of the truck i feel a sharp sting in my left leg. trevor stands up. i scream as the pain gets more noticable. then i scream again but not for me for him. she has stood! the girl motionless body has stood. i scream loud "trevor run!' he turns and she has already grabbed his arms. his cries are so painful and scared. she draggs him down the path. i hear him screaming "i love you tesh forever" i scream back but nothing comes out i scream hard and still quiet. finally i am still. the night has fallin quiet and i am still. i am alone. with blood soaked clothes. and tear stained face. i walk to the truck and curl up in the seat, in his seat. i shut the door and cry. i scream out his name and the fade to a silent sleep. his phone buzzed and i sit straight up. its me calling. i answer but am quiet. he screams, but his scream seems close. i look behind me and hes running. i start the truck and drive to him. i pull him and and race to the closest place that we can get help. his breath is quiet and his body is weak. we pull into a hotel lot and i sit him up and kiss him. i kiss him long and tell him i love him over and over. then he whispers there going to come back. i push the gas hard and drive. i have to clue where i am driving to but i drive. i find a hospital and we rush into the doors. im yelling for help and a nurse rushes over to us. i keep saying killer killer killer. and the woman looks at me and asks "where" i tell them to call the police. trevor was takin back to get help. i waited all day in the waiting room for him to come. they wheeled him out in a chair. he smiles and will you remember this night.

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