The Boy With His Heart In a Box

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What would you do to take back what's rightfully yours?

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011









In a town so small and unknown, an old man and his lovely wife lived. This lovely and beloved wife had developed heart cancer, and became frail and sickly. After several months, she passed away.

Heart-broken and grief-stricken, this old man adopted a boy. When he held this boy, he felt as if he was hugging his deceased wife. So he had surgeons extract the boy’s heart and place it in a box for him to keep eternally.

Every day the old man would sit by the open, roaring fire in his den. Every day the boy would ask for his heart back.

“Father, may I have my heart back?” The boy would ask.

The old man would shake his head sadly and look at the boy’s chest. A zipper where they took out his heart lay there.

“No. We must keep it in the box.”

The old man wore a key to the box around his neck, and he would never take it off. The boy tried countless times to get the key, but wouldn’t succeed. Even in the night he could not get it, since the old man was such a light sleeper.

The boy attempted to get to the box in which his heart was held,  but he couldn’t. It was stacked high up a on a shelf he couldn’t reach, and every time the boy climbed up to get it, the old man would bring him back down, though carefully, in case the boy would grab the key.

The boy couldn’t even cry every time he failed in getting his heart. He had no emotions.

One night, the boy had a plan. After the old man tucked him in and wished him a good night, he stayed awake for a few hours, waiting for the old man to fall asleep. The boy slipped out of his warm bed and crept to the den, about to do what he’d never thought he would. He pushed the old man into the fire, and he burned and died.

The boy took the key and climbed the shelf. He brought down the box and set it down next to fireplace where his dead father was.

He unlocked the box and looked down at his heart.  Unzipping his chest, he placed it where it belonged.

He felt so happy, so unbelievably happy that he had gotten his heart back!

But he was also upset and sad. The only person who had loved him, had burned.


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