All She Does is Whine

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I can honestly say I've not read this.

This is the second of two pieces I've written for/about my muse, the one who forces me to write. This was typed with me blacked out, so its purely her ^_^

Meet Caitlynn.

Submitted: August 09, 2007

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Submitted: August 09, 2007



all she does is moan about me
"caitlynn's being a pain
caitlynn this
caitlynn that"

i'm sick of it!

what harm can a woman do
sitting calmly in a leather chair
with leather clothes to match?
what harm can a muse do
when all she wants to do
is get across her pain?

all she does is moan about me
but without me
she wouldn't be a writer

i want to choose another
but only she forgives me
when i get angry and make her
write about killing a lover

i have never left her
i wouldn't do that to her
she is mine to use and abuse

i never wanted to die
i did have a choice
i lost my husband
to a pointless war
oh so many years ago
but i cling to the pain
so my words have more depth
and meaning to everyone

so please, my darling
allow me a chance
to prove myself to you
without you whining
that i can be
the one you want to be

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